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Feb 12, 13 4:12pm

Pokemon "third versions". The trend started with Pokemon Yellow, altering the original...

InsanityS blogged
Nov 4, 12 5:44am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

So I headed up along Route 6 eager to see what it held. A strange pokemon crossed paths with me and a couple of sagely guys popped up out of nowhere to talk about it before leaving. ...OK, whatever.

The pokemon on this route were largely uninteresting but as pure coincidence left several of them near death anyway I still opted to catch a few for my collection. Defeating more trainers was also on the agenda. On the way my Flaffy decided it was time to evolve into its final stage.

I met up with Cheren, who gave me the surf HM and encouraged me to explore as much as I could. Certainly I decided to do so, relying on my herdier to ferry me across the waters of the route. In addition to grabbing some items in areas otherwise inaccessible I also found an entrance to a cave.

The cave was dark, so I got my Ampharos to light the place up with flash. There were various trainers and pokemon to fight as I explored. Strangely there was one entranceway I couldn't go through because some guy stood there like a doofus and wouldn't budge an inch. I made my way up to the top of the cave, thinking of the various people that spoke of a legendary pokemon. At the top, in the farthest chamber, I found... nothing. *sigh* Oh well, I did get a useful TM and a Axew I caught looked good so I added it to my team.

So next stop was Chargestone Cave. My charming stalker Bianca appeared here too. "Research" she said. Of course. Kinda sad she didn't have a present this time though. Instead she just rattled on about how I can move floating stones. Anyway, I set about making my way through the cave. None of the pokemon appealed to me to fill the last spot though, but it was good training, especially when I found the doctor who was happy to heal my team after I defeated him. My Pignite even managed to evolve into Ganon Emboar.

It was kinda strange travelling through a cave with electricity and floating rocks, but it was also interesting. Other trainers challenged me here and I dealt with all sorts of electrical difficulties but nothing my elite team couldn't handle. I crossed paths with my stalker again shortly before the exit too.

So I was in Mistralton City, where I met Professor Juniper for the first time and the gym leader Skyla. Eventually I end up with a choice - do I get on with my gym challenge first or follow Professor Juniper to Celestial Tower?

Well, the gym was closer so I thought I'd head there first. Well, I healed my team at the pokemon center first and then headed for the gym. I must say, having the gym at the end of a plane runway was rather odd, but that was nothing compared to the interior. Seriously, her gym is set instead a freaking wind tunnel? Health and safety clearly mean absolutely nothing here. Still I couldn't let that put me off. I beat the trainers and skillfully dived from one hiding spot to the next. My Axew managed to evolve in here too, which did give me a little surprise. I know I gave a little favouritism to get him caught up with the rest of the team, but that was a lot of levels. Eventually I reach Skyla and the battle began.

Her Swoobat was met by my Krokorok. Though her pokemon put a good dent in my pokemon's health, the crunch sent back was more than enough to deal with the problem. I didn't fancy hanging around to see what that Swanna wanted to do though so I called in Ampharos. As it turned out this one was all I needed for the rest, easily taking out both Swanna and the followup Skarmory. Compared to Elesa and Clay, this fight felt like such a step down.

Oh well, I accepted my prizes from Skyla, who also made a request of me. She wanted me to go fetch Professor Juniper for her. Well, I was going to head for Celestial Tower anyway so I agreed. I headed to the pokemon center to heal up.

Current Location: Mistralton City.
Current Team: Emboar (Lv37), Ampharos (Lv37), Krokorok (Lv37), Braviary (Lv36), Fraxure (Lv38), Herdier (Lv21).

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InsanityS blogged
Oct 31, 12 1:05pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Though I had skipped it earlier, I decided to head back to the Desert Resort just to see if anything worthwhile was there. There were certainly quite a few trainers to defeat and that was nice experience. A few scattered items were also added to my ever growing collection. Relic Castle was here but most of it had been buried by the sand so I didn't find much in there. The most notable thing in the resort was a couple of wild pokemon appearing with some kind of cool effect. They didn't look shiny in their colour but I decided to catch them anyway. With that done and nothing else of interest I headed back to Nimbasa. When I checked the pokemon I had caught I noticed that they had the trainer data of of trainer called N.

Alright, I didn't need those pokemon on my team so I headed to the northwest exit of the city. Along the way I bumped into Hugh and a bunch of Team Plasma grunts. Naturally I leapt into action to help Hugh clear them out and forced them to flee. When Hugh also left I continued onto the next route.

Bianca stopped me before I got too far and gave me a HM for Fly. Now that should be handy. She also introduced me to the concept of hidden grottos and led me into one. I decided to catch the pokemon in there too before leaving.

Just before the bridge there seemed to be a trainer itching for a fight. A big crowd had gathered making it impossible to get past. Instead of simply shoving everyone aside I opted to take on the guy Charles in a triple battle. It was an interesting fight, but obviously I was the better trainer. Though one of my pokemon fainted during the battle, I was able to defeat the whole team. After that everyone moved away, allowing me passage across the bridge and into Driftveil.

Shortly after entering I came across a pair of weird guys fighting. After chasing the aggressive one off the other one introduced himself as being part of Team Plasma. Well, former Team Plasma was more accurate. He invited me to visit where he was staying, where I got to meet some sagely guy. After a quick battle (which is practically like saying hello at times) they explained their situation; how they split from the other Team Plasma and dedicate themselves to caring for pokemon to make up for their previous misdeeds. The sage guy even asked if I would take care of the Zorua. Apparently though I needed an empty spot in my party.

I rushed to the pokemon center, made a free spot in my party and rushed back. When I got there a Zoroark was waiting for me and rushed towards me. What followed was a little hazy, but it seemed to be memories from another time. I saw members of Team Plasma talking about caring for pokemon or trying to make it big. Another guy who seemed to be the mysterious N character appeared after and spoke to himself about how others are working towards noble goals in their own way.

When the memory eneded the house was empty. Unnerved I exit and then re-entered and suddenly everyone was back. I went and claimed my Zorua (who would subsequently get boxed, of course). I checked around the town a bit before setting up my team and heading for the gym.

The gym involved lighting up dark areas and the use of lifts, mostly to get a better view of the surroundings. I dispatched the various trainers that were scattered about the place and explored every part of the gym. During the battles my Sandile evolved too. Eventually I stood face to face with Clay. I must admit, I was a tad worried, as out of my four core members two were weak to ground and I had nothing super effective against such a type. Nevertheless, I headed into battle.

Leading with my Braviary turned out to be a fortunate move, as my opponent's attempt to intimidate was met with a defiant attack boost. Thanks to that I was able to easily take out the Krokorok. When Clay wanted to try Excadrill I thought this would be an ideal chance for Pignite to storm through. I was sadly mistake, as my pokemon fell to a single bulldoze. I decided to bring out my own Krokorok. What followed was an exchange of attacks with metal claws and rock smashes (for lack of a decent ground move) flying back and forth. I admit to using healing items too, partly to counter Clay's own potion use. I managed to take out the opponent without abusing my healing supplies too much and had one last pokemon to deal with. With my pokemon hurt, I decided to bring Braviary back out. Sandslash went for Crush Claws, inflicting defence drops each time. Each one also activated Defiant, leading to a victory for me.

Clay gave me a badge for the victory and a useful TM. I thought that would be it, but Clay had something he wanted to show me. He led me outside where Hugh was, and together the three of us headed for the southern part of the place. Here I was introduced to the PWT (Pokemon World Tournament), a new attraction for Driftveil. I was invited, along with Hugh and Cheren who had popped up out of nowhere to participate. Sure, why not?

The tournament was different than usual battles as I was limited to three pokemon and could not use items from my bag. Not that it mattered that much. My Braviary was my lead pokemon once again and swept through both Hugh's and Cheren's teams by itself. When it came to the final though I found Colress to stand before me, and the guy led with Magneton. While I could have tried with rock smash, I decided instead to switch out for Krokorok. A wise decision that saved me from a thunder wave. A followup bulldoze and then a flame charge from Pignite sealed the deal. The following pokemon of his team were also dealt with using clever combinations of my team, like switching to Krokorok to negate a psybeam and allowing bulldoze to eliminate the final pokemon Klink.

Victorious we left the PWT facility. The place seemed like fun, but I really should focus on my current goal before returning. Outside a Team Plasma member dashed by. Hugh gave chase, and Cheren and I followed. We ended up on a boat that was apparently a base for these guys, resulting in a load of them popping up. Of course, they were kind enough to take it in turns battling us, so we were able to wipe them all out. A different kind of sagely guy appeared to find out what all the commotion was and ordered three mysterious guys to kick us off the boat. Huh, people who didn't rely on a pokemon battle to get rid of us? That's a new one.

Well, nothing more to be done about it. Hugh left and Cheren mentioned heading to route 6. I headed to the pokemon center to heal my team, ready to move on to the next destination.

Current Location: Driftveil City.
Current Team: Pignite (Lv30), Flaffy (Lv29), Krokorok (Lv30), Braviary (Lv30), Herdier (Lv21), Lillipup (Lv4).

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InsanityS blogged
Oct 28, 12 2:03am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Well, after my third gym victory I had thought to go visit the home town of Touko. Even though it would take me away from the gym route I thought it might have been a worthwhile detour. Sadly, workmen picked this moment of all moments to do a check on the bridge and wouldn't let anyone past. So those plans had to be scrapped.

I headed towards route 4 instead, only for that weird guy from the sewers to appear before me again. The guy called himself Colress and asked if I'd entertain him with a battle. I agreed and he opted to meet me further in route 4 for it. I headed further into route 4 and meet up with him near a bunch of rocks. Well, apparently those rocks were pokemon and, upon Colress's direction, left the area. We had our battle too, which I easily won. The guy left, muttering something about bringing out pokemon potential.

I continued further in and checked out the ruins scattered about. Trainers challenged me as I looked around and I was able to grab a few items here and there. One kid even offered me a trade, but I couldn't even remember seeing the pokemon he was asking for in the wild so I had to decline.

Around the rear of one of the buildings was a strange creature. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was a Braviary that was practically begging to be caught. The battle proved a bit tricky though as my lead Sandile's ability dropped its attack one stage, only for its own ability Defiant to immediately boost it back up two stages. Oh dear. Fortunately with good co-operation between several team members I was able to weaken it and catch it in a great ball.

My team was full at the time, but this seemed like a pokemon destined for my team. Eagerly, I cycled as fast as I could back to the city. On the way I was surprised at the pokemon breeder challenging me again. I guess she can't get enough of fights so I beat her again and got to the pokemon center. I took the opportunity to heal my team and then accessed the PC. Patrat was exchanged with Braviary. Now I was ready.

I raced back into the ruins area and continued to look around. Soon I reached a fork in the road. I opted to head to Nimbasa for now. I was shocked to stumble into something called Join Avenue and was given responsibility for attracting shop keepers and customers. I spent a little time doing this, ending up with a beauty parlour and an antiques store and boosting the popularity of the place a bit. I soon moved on and entered Nimbasa properly.

My, this place had lots to offer too. I found a trainer called Nate chatting to some strange guys in front of what I would learn to be the Battle Subway. I agreed to help this Nate in a doubles battle. I must say, those weird guys were tougher than I thought they might be, but our team were able to win. I even got a vs recorder for helping.

Exploring around showed a lot of other things too. A snooty Battle Institute that I apparently wasn't good enough to attend. Like I wanted to go in there anyway. I did visit the court and stadium buildings. Even though the teams were practising they didn't seem to mind trainers wandering around down there taking on some of the players in battles. Strange.

Then their was the Pokemon Musical. The guy running it spoke of Touko having been there and gave me the props she had used. There weren't actually that many, leading me to think that she didn't really care for it, but others spoke highly of her. I gave it a go myself, letting my Pignite demonstrate its elegance. I ultimately came to the same conclusion that I didn't like it either and left.

After a almost unsettlingly ride on the ferris wheel with a guy who complained the entire time I found the gym. Or I thought I did, but what used to be Elesa's gym was now just an attraction for the park. I did get some experience in there though and soon found the location of the real gym.

Inside there was no puzzle layout. It was pretty much a long catwalk leading up to a stage where Elesa was entertaining her fans. I fought off the three trainers leading up before I took on Elesa herself.

I must say, this fight was indeed tougher than the gym battles I had faced before. I opted to bring Flaffy out first and it used Echo Voice to take out both her Emolga and Flaffy. I decided to give my Flaffy a rest since it was suffering from paralysis and sent out Pignite to deal with Elesa's final pokemon Zebstrika. While its Pursuit did little to affect Pignite, its Volt Switch was a lot more damaging, making the battle a lot closer. My usage of Flame Charge did help my pokemon to outpace it and just managed to get the final blow in. I do think if the battle had gone on any longer I would have needed to switch.

With a victory I could be proud of acquired, Elesa awarded me her badge and gave me a TM. I was now roughly halfway through my journey. Elesa even had me appear on the big screen too. That was pretty cool. I left the gym and healed up at the pokemon center.

Current Location: Nimbasa City.
Current Team: Pignite (Lv27), Flaffy (Lv27), Sandile (Lv26), Braviary (Lv26), Herdier (Lv20), Lillipup (Lv4).

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InsanityS blogged
Oct 21, 12 11:37am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

The captain was more than willing to get me and Hugh across to Castelia City, and at no cost too. Not sure how they manage to stay funded like that, but then I don't remember much from the trip either. Before I knew it I was standing at the harbour at Castelia City. Hugh dashed off while I entered the city at a far more leisurely pace. As I approached the city I was in awe. My home city wasn't exactly some tiny town in the wilderness but it was small compared to this place. Some guy invited me to go track down some buddies as an optional quest I guess and gave me a free bicycle, but I had other things on my mind for now. I headed for the rightmost path that would take me north and started exploring.

One of the more notable buildings I barged in on was one for these Game Freak guys. They looked like they were involved in some project or other, but some of them were taking a break and indulged me in battles. That leftovers Clefairy was certainly an annoyance but experience is experience. As I continued on I chatted to more people and picked up some loot, passed by the fountain and headed along another northern road. I arrived at what seemed like the exit. While Castelia City no doubt held far more for me to do, I was intrigued by what pokemon may exist just outside the city. I decided to have a little peek without going too far, just to see if there would be any new creatures I would want to add to my team.

As I passed through the gate Bianca popped up behind me. I began to wonder if she was stalking me, as it was very strange that she would keep popping up wherever I was. She gave me a dowsing machine and gave me tips on assigning items for quick access before leaving. I continued out the gate and found myself in a desert region. The climate seemed so much different within the city limits that it was hard to believe the change. I spotted pokemon nearby and jumped right in with the violence. A lot of them didn't seem like good options for the team, but one of them caught my eye. This Sandile had quite an intimidating look that meant business and the type combo looked great. I called upon the help of my herdier to weaken it and then caught it with a pokeball, adding it to my ever growing team.

Satisfied I headed back into the city, past the fountain and down the next road leading back to the harbour. There were more buildings to explore here and I even got to buy an ice-cream from a street vendor and there was an art gallery too. A guy in there wanted to see a ground type as inspiration. What a coincidence that I just caught such a pokemon and had it with me, earning me a berry as a thank you. An odd way to offer thanks I guess but I'm not going to turn down a freebie. I headed back to the pokemon center and healed my team.

There was a lot of other places for me to visit too. There was the offices where the staff were apparently encouraged to battle random trainers. The fact that their CEO was a kid much younger than myself probably went some way to explain that though. It was crazy but I thrashed everyone soundly. Another building had a couple of interesting floors too. The Medal Office gave me some advice on the whole deal, but it was more or less what I'd already figured out. The next floor had someone called Fennel running some dream experiments and I was encouraged to use Game Sync. Maybe another time, as I still had stuff to do.

I arrived at the gym, only to find that the gym leader had wandered off. At a loss as to how I was supposed to earn my next gym badge, a girl called Iris came up and spoke about it. She seemed surprised at the mention of Team Plasma, but had an idea and sprinted away before saying another word. I guess it's up to me to follow her.

Well, I did, but also got a little sidetracked too. Sidetracked to the point of checking out the Passerby Analytics building and taking a boat to Liberty Garden. Nothing really of interest at either though, so I made my way over to the pokemon center. I healed my team and continued on, seeing Iris urge me to follow her. It seemed she had an idea of where those Team Plasma grunts may be heading.

Uh-huh, she had an idea all right, and I soon realised why she dragged me along. Sewers. Yeah, princess too-good-for-sewers wanted me to go in there. Hugh didn't seem to mind and rushed right in. *sigh* Guess I have no choice. I followed Hugh into the sewers.

Hugh tagged along with me and we took on the wild pokemon 2 on 2. Hugh even offered to heal our pokemon after every battle, so I just went wild and crushed any wild pokemon foolish enough to pop up in front of me. Well, someone had to bear the brunt of my pain of being forced into the freaking sewers.

Things went from bad to worse though, because somehow I managed to walk right past where I was supposed to go and ended up in an area further along with a couple of rooms. One was empty and the other had some crazy scientist lady experimenting with poisons to create medicine. She even offered me some after a "successful" experiment. So yeah, I accepted it because clearly there's nothing sketchy at all about a lone scientist working alone in a sewer with no equipment in sight.

Anyway, after being a little lost (and subsequently levelling my pokemon a few levels because of it) I wandered back and found the path I was supposed to take in the first place. Two Plasma grunts challenged us so I beat them silly. Oh, I also defeated their pokemon in battle too just to rub it in. Naturally they fled right past us afterwards. I guess they're good at losing fights and dashing away. The gym leader of the city appeared and told us that no more Plasma grunts were back there. Some weird guy appeared and muttered something about bringing out the best in our pokemon or something like that before leaving. Honestly, I just keep bumping into the strangest people.

Hugh departed after this, giving me a HM as he left (wait, where the hell did he pick this up from?) and was followed by Burgh. I briefly checked out the Relic Passage, but didn't find much other than a few trainers and items. Eager to leave, I swiftly headed out back to where Iris was, who suggested I should challenge the gym. Well, yes, that was my original goal before I was sidetracked here. I healed my team and headed for the gym.

So apparently, Burgh had decided to change the layout of his gym since Touko started her journey. The place was now covered in webbing and coccoons that served as a strange method of transport. Approaching an opening in one of them sucked me in and took me to another coccoon. I didn't really want to think to much on how that was actually working so I just went with it.

There were several trainers scattered about, including some weirdo who seemed to have been waiting inside a coccoon purely for the chance to jump out at challengers. None of them were able to put up much of a fight though, with my Flaffy and Pignite easily defeating their teams. The puzzle of finding my way to the gym leader wasn't too hard either and was simply of matter of trying openings until I got there.

I must say, compared to the mostly grey appearance of the lower area, Burgh's room at the top was simply awash with colour. I guess it was his way of expressing himself as an artist. I paid it no further mind though and challenged Burgh to a fight.

Sadly, the battle was a bit of a disappointment. Pignite and Flaffy dispatched the Swadloon and Dribble with little effort. I opted for a Charge and Thundershock combo against the Dribble to avoid the possibility of Burgh dipping into his supply of potions. Eventually he brought out his prized pokemon Levanny... who was dispatched by a single Flame Charge. Really Burgh?

Whatever, I defeated the gym leader and earned my third badge. Satisfied I headed out of the gym and healed up at the pokemon center.

Current Location: Castelia City.
Current Team: Pignite (Lv23), Flaffy (Lv22), Sandile (Lv22), Herdier (Lv20), Patrat (Lv10), Lillipup (Lv4).

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InsanityS blogged
Oct 16, 12 11:14am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

So I made my way to Route 20 and met up with that odd hiker who felt it was his duty to stop people without badges from passing. He couldn't say no this time, but he did decide to show off by challenging me to a fight. Well, tried to show off anyway, but he fell like all the others. I continued onward only for Hugh and Cheren to catch up to me by some dark grass. There was a neat explanation of the potential for encountering pokemon that attack in doubles here and that is would be tough. Bianca also showed up and gave the pokedex an upgrade, showing what pokemon lived in each area I had visited, which I thought was an excellent addition.

I let Hugh play around in the dark grass and continued on my way, defeating more trainers on my way. I got to sample my own first doubles battle too, through which I soundly defeated them. The area wasn't offering anything else of interest though so I headed into Virbank City. Upon entering the city I saw an argument between two people; something about causing trouble for people and duties. Whatever. Annoyingly though that guy was hogging up the attraction to the north so they wouldn't let me in. I looked around and chatted to the people in the city. I did come across the gym, but opted not to go in just yet. Someone made a remark about the Virbank Complex and catching magnemite there. I didn't really care for a magnemite since I already had a good electric type in my team, but I figured a little exploration before my gym battle couldn't hurt.

When I walked in some guy asked me to go motivate his workers. With pokemon battles of course. Quite why he was the supervisor and wasn't doing this himself was a mystery, but it was a chance for experience so naturally I decided to go for it. I must say though, I think Health & Safety organisations would go crazy upon seeing a place like this. Parts of the complex were only accessible by walking along dangerously narrow pipes high above and the guy running the place just expected a youngster to do this without any safety equipment. I really should have reported the place to the authorities but, you know, experience. So I went all around the relatively small place and defeated the various trainers. It seems there were others in here too. Were they also sent by that supervisor guy? Honestly, what a terrible person he is.

Sadly, this area also marked the first time a member of my team fainted and it was such a lousy moment too. I had calculated the flow of a battle against one of the random trainers quite well and figured that my Mareep would just manage to defeat their Lillipup. Or would have if the critical hit gods didn't decide to smite my poor sheep right there. Of course, Tepig stormed in and wiped the floor with that dog afterwards, but it was still a stinging result. I eventually found and defeated all the workers and returned to the supervisor to pick up a nice new TM. Not sure how much use Rock Smash is going to be but it was still a nice bonus.

Before heading to the gym I did a little training to bring my levels around equal. I had long since stopped training the Patrat so I had a core team of three. During this training my pokemon learned some strong moves (Lillipup gained Take Down and Tepig learned Flame Charge) and two of my pokemon evolved too (Lillipup again and Mareep). I was feeling pretty confident now so I healed my team at the pokemon center before heading for the gym. My second badge was waiting for me in there and I was going to get it, despite once again going in with a lack of type advantage.

Apparently Roxie didn't care for a puzzle layout for her gym, as it was an underground club instead. I have to say though, I have no complaints. Especially as that music was freaking awesome. I decided to chill a bit first. After all, I've been so busy since leaving my home that I haven't had much chance to rest. Nobody would serve the "special" drinks to me though, but I chatted to people and listened to the music.

Eventually though, I knew I had to get a move on. I headed onto the stage, noting just how little care the band had for personal safety. First off, I challenged Roxie's two band mates. I was kinda impressed at how well they were able to keep jamming along as we fought. Less so impressed by their actual battle skills, neatly ploughing through their poison pokemon. With the warmups over with I approached Roxie.

As expected, the gym leader is a step above her pals. My Tepig and her Koffing duked it out, exchanging attacks well. As her pokemon neared defeat she used a super potion to keep it going. Not to be outdone, I gave my prized fighter some fresh water to even things up, leading to a victory. My Tepig continued the fight against her Whirlpede and continued on to take the victory there too. My Tepig stole the show and even evolved at the end of the battle. Roxie gave me a new badge and a TM too.

It seemed that my activities in Virbank were far from over. A man approached me and indicated that I was destined for stardom and invited me to head over to the Pokestar Studios. Intrigued I healed my team at the pokemon center and then headed for the studios. I was given a neat tour of the place and watched the movie that the ship captain I saw earlier starred in. It was hilarious, even though I don't think that was the intention. Still, it looked interesting and they let me give it a shot. The movie I starred in was mostly the same kind that I had just seen, but I was determined to shine. Using the rental Riolu they gave me, I acted opposite this guy Brycen and acted my heart out. Afterwards I checked out the result and it looked pretty sweet. I even had a fan already. Maybe I'll return here eventually to do more.

However, I had places to go so I left and headed towards where boats were docked. On the way I saw Roxie and Hugh getting into a conflict with some suspicious looking people, so naturally I dived in too. One of them thought they were all that, but my Flaffy quickly set the record straight. These members of Team Plasma (who shall be referred to as Plasma Grunts from here on) fled past us. Naturally we gave chase onto Route 20. I fought one of them myself and beat them again, only for her to dash past me again. I guess I'm not as good at catching people as I am pokemon. badumtisssh

Oh well, I couldn't get all down about that. I headed back to Virbank at Hugh's urging. Next destination is Castelia City.

Current Location: Virbank City.
Current Team: Pignite (Lv18), Flaffy (Lv16), Herdier (Lv16), Patrat (Lv10), Lillipup (Lv4).

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InsanityS blogged
Oct 14, 12 7:59am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black/White and Black 2/White 2. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Oh wow, the time has finally come. My mom had a call from Professor Juniper asking if I wanted to begin my very own journey into the world of Pokemon. Of course I did! I'd already had so much excitement from Hugh alone with his pokemon. Juniper's assistant Bianca was supposed to be somewhere in Aspertia City, so I wasted no time in dashing out to meet her (well, as close to dashing as I could get - if only I had some shoes that enabled running ;_; ).

I met Hugh and his sister along the way and he tagged along. Together we made our way to the lookout spot where Bianca was. Hugh hung back while I tried to contain my excitement. After a brief conversation I chose Tepig as my started. Touko had chosen Oshawott as her starter during her journey, but I didn't want to perfectly emulate her and I'm not all that big on pure grass types. I also got a pokedex, as did Hugh. To mark the occasion Hugh and I engaged in a battle. Technically my pokemon was at a type disadvantage, but being at low levels that didn't matter. What did matter was Hugh scoring a critical hit, making me think I was about to lose. Fortunately, lady luck smiled on me and granted me a battle winning critical hit too.

Bianca offered to give me a few lessons, like showing me around the pokemon centre and showing me how to capture a pokemon. I kinda felt I already knew these kinds of things, but I didn't want to be rude to her so I allowed her to deliver her lessons. In fairness, she was pretty good at it. It's pretty obvious she was doing well with her role as a professor's assistant. Before I truly set off on my journey I received running shoes from my mom and two town maps from Hugh's sister. It seems the hothead had dashed off without getting one. Oh boy, guess I'll deliver it to him.

Before I progressed too far I did a little training in Route 19. I also caught a Patrat and Purrloin, although I opted not to train the Purrloin. I got the Patrat up a few levels before progressing on to Floccesy Town. Just before I entered the town a strange man leapt down from the cliff face and offered to aid me in my growth as a trainer. That's fine, I'm sure there's nothing suspicious about waiting on cliffs ambushing young trainers offering help. I followed him a bit, but the topic of me having two town maps popped up and the guy (who introduced himself as Alder) suggested I should deliver the map first. So off I went into Route 20.

Here I fought a bunch of trainers as well as wild pokemon. It was the first chance I had to take on trainers other than Hugh and it gave a strong sense of what awaited me. Still, they weren't very difficult. A man stopped me from going too far because I hadn't earned any gym badges yet. I considered convincing him to move aside with fire, but thought better of it and heading north to the Floccesy Ranch.

Hugh was here and challenged me to another fight. He hadn't managed to progress as far as I had though and I easily beat him. I managed to hand off the map too. Hugh offered thanks but didn't seem to think he needed one in the first place. A couple headed up to us, apparently drawn by the sounds of our battle. They mentioned that one of their herdier had disappeared, causing Hugh to volunteer our services in finding it. Of course I don't mind helping, since it gave me a chance to scout out the wild pokemon too.

During my exploration of the ranch, I was able to add several new pokemon to my collection. Mareep and a Lillipup got added to the active combat team. Another Lillipup was kept in the lineup too due to its useful pickup ability. Finally a Riolu was caught. I trained my active team while I searched around for this herdier. Eventually we found it with a strange individual who proclaimed themselves part of Team Plasma. Huh, is that the same Team Plasma from two years ago? The outfit isn't anything what I'd heard about and I thought they had disbanded. Whatever, this guy's only action was to moan and then give me a free TM before leaving. Certainly a strange fellow. Anyway, we recruited the pokemon with its owner and then left.

I had no idea where Hugh had gone, but I had a meeting with a strange man. I went back to Alder, who remarked that I had already become strong and invited me to challenge a couple of kids. So naturally I stomped their pokemon into the ground (well, shocked and burnt respectively). After that Alder suggested I head back to Aspertia City to challenge the newly opened gym there. As I left to do so another strange guy was waiting for me. He gave me a medal box and said that upon clearing certain tasks I would gain medals. Cool, so with that done I headed to my next destination.

Back in my home city I headed for the trainer school after healing my team at the pokemon centre. I had a brief look around the educational materials but most of it covered stuff I already knew. With that done I headed through the door at the back. A guy called Clyde greeted me and then the gym leader Cheren. He had been on a journey before and was now taking up a post as a gym leader. This will be my first serious challenge. Before I could fight Cheren I was required to take out his two apprentices. They were no match for me though, as I soundly defeated them with my own team. Soon enough, I stood before Cheren and challenged him to a duel.

Fortunately, Cheren did not prove to be particularly difficult. I had opted not to bring that Riolu with me, despite the opportunity to exploit a type advantage. Instead my Lillipup and Tepig challenged his team and took the victory. My pokemon worked hard and took their share of injuries and stayed strong. Of course, I think Cheren's decision to spam Work Out repeatedly in the last phase of the battle made an impact too. It's no good boosting stats if you end up not getting an attack in. Regardless, I had earned the basic badge and was one step closer to challenging the league. Cheren even gave me the Work Out TM as an extra reward.

When I exited the trainer school Bianca was waiting for me and gave me the Return TM to keep. Cheren stepped out too and recorded his Xtransceiver number in my device so I could contact him anytime. Bianca recorded the numbers for herself and Juniper in there too and the four of us engaged in a four way conversation. It kinda felt strange though, especially with three of the participants right next to each other. I kinda juts let the others do all the talking and went along with the flow.

And that was that. Hugh rushed in and challenged Cheren to a fight. The pair went to the gym to fight it out, although Hugh clearly had an air of impatience about him. I had other things to worry about though. Now I had a gym badge, that guy certainly couldn't say no to me passing by. This is only the beginning of my journey.

Current Location: Aspertia City.
Current Team: Tepig (Lv11), Patrat (Lv10), Mareep (Lv12), Lillipup (Lv12), Lillipup (Lv4).

»Part 2

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InsanityS blogged
Oct 13, 12 1:15pm

Two years, although it feels closer to 1 year 7 months. The chronicled exploits of the trainer Touko became well known where she not only challenged the Pokemon League, but thwarted the plans of Team Plasma and befriended many pokemon on her journey. There were no doubt many things she accomplished that went undocumented too. Rumours circulated about such achievements, though it was hard to believe them all. Could one trainer really do so much? Who knows.

Well, that's simply something that'll reside in the past. The tales serve as powerful inspiration, but a new journey awaits me today. If I am to truly admire Touko and her exploits, my only choice is to establish my own mark on history. I've no idea what awaits me in Unova, but I'm going to give it my all. Many trainers have likely walked this path already, but I won't let that deter me. The secrets and challenges of Unova await.

Continue to Part 1.

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