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Sep 5, 12 12:20pm
Picked up my Keldeo today. :D PokemonWhiteVersion
InsanityS blogged
Mar 25, 11 3:06pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Yes, I decided I wanted to rechallenge the new improved Elite 4. To do this though I needed some preparations, as I severely doubted a Lv60 team would be good enough. So I did some grinding at Giant Chasm with the lucky egg. Without boring you with all the details I got everyone into the 67-68 range. It's also worth noting that I did retrieve a few items from routes 17 and 18, with the only real notable things being the Waterfall HM and Thunderbolt TM, the latter of which my current team couldn't use effectively.

Once ready I commanded Pidove to fly me to the League. I stocked up on potions and headed for the challenge. Unlike before I decided to go fight Marshall first. Being the only E4 member whose speciality I didn't possess a single super effective attack against I figured if I could beat him the rest shouldn't be a problem.

VS E4 Marshall

I led with Galvantula while Marshall sent out Breloom. Bug Buzz hit hard but could only drop Breloom to just below half HP. It's Sky Uppercut did some damage but not enough to scare me. Another Bug Buzz finished the job. Sawk came out next and I launched a Thunder at him. It wasn't enough to OHKO but thankfully the following Stone Edge missed, allowing me to finish with another Thunder.

Conkeldurr was next and I sent out Samurott. Sadly this round didn't go as planned as while Samurott hit hard with Waterfall it couldn't bring my opponent within KO range. Meanwhile that Hammer Arm was deadly enough to drop health low, allowing for the followup of Stone Edge to KO my pokemon, but not before a valiant effort to do more damage with Waterfall. Excadrill came in to finish the job with Earthquake.

Mienshao was up next so I pulled out Darmanitan. Fake Out stopped my first attack but the followup Flare Blitz sealed the deal. I sent Galvantula back out to deal with the incoming Throh. Thanks to one of my Thunders criticaling and an Earthquake missing (iluvulaxincense) I saw him off. With Toxicroak being the final opponent I brought in Excadrill to EQ it out of the field. Victory!

I left Marshall and healed my team mbefore moving onto Caitlin. I felt confident heading into this next battle.

VS E4 Caitlin

Caitlin leads with Musharna while I send out Zoroark disguised as Darmanitan. I opt for Night Slash which KOs in one hit. Reuniclus comes out next and I fire off another Night Slash. A predictable Psychic gets stopped dead, letting me Night Slash to victory. Metagross is next so I decide to switch out to Excadrill. I fire off an EQ to OHKO.

Caitlin opts for Sigilyph next, so I bring out Galvantula to the field. A Thunder attack crashes down to secure another OHKO. Bronzong is next which makes me wary. Playing it safe I bring out Darmanitan. I strike with Flare Blitz, which delivers a OHKO. The final opponent is Gothitelle, so I switch back to Zoroark. Night Slash weakenes her and she fires back Flatter to confuse. From here both sides decided to heal as I cure my Zoroark's confusion while Caitlin uses a Full Restore. Deciding to take advantage of my special attack boost though I unleash Night Daze that knocks my opponent out easily.

While better than before, Caitlin's team was still struggling to compete with the Illusion ability. I left, healed the recoil damage Darmanitan had received and then headed for the next member.

VS E4 Grimsley

Galvantula comes out first and is faced with Sharpedo. Its defences can't cope with a super effective Bug Buzz though and it goes down. Darmanitan switches in to deal with the incoming Scrafty. Fire Punch still leaves over half HP but thankfully Head Smash misses. I use the chance to use Flare Blitz, depleting the rest of its health at the cost of some HP.

I call in Samurott to fight Krookodile. Waterfall does over half HP damage. Since the Earthquake doesn't KO I follow up with another Waterfall to finish the job. Excadrill comes in as Grimsley sends in Drapion. Earthquake does enough damage to OHKO though.

I switch back to Galvantula for the Liepard. Fake Out stops my first attack but it isn't enough to save it from another Bug Buzz. Finally Darmanitan comes out again to face Bisharp. One Flare Blitz later and the battle is won.

I left, healed up the team and headed for the last member of the Elite 4.

VS E4 Shauntal

Cofagrigus comes out first and I send out Zoroark. I waste no time striking with Night Daze. It's not enough to OHKO but the Will O Wisp misses. Shauntal tries to heal off the damage but followup Night Slashes finish it off. I switch to Samurott to fight Golurk. A combination of Waterfall and Aqua Jet defeat this monster, with its Hammer Arm only able to drop Samurott to half health.

Galvantula comes out next to take on Drifblim. I aim a Thunder straight at it for a OHKO. Undeterred Chandelure comes out next so I bring in Excadrill. It couldn't withstand an EQ and faints. Zoroark comes in for Jellicent. Night Daze fires off and OHKOs, but Cursed Body activates and the move becomes disabled.

Doesn't matter as I switch to Damanitan to fight Froslass. Fire Punch is all that is needed to knock it out though, leaving Shauntal defeat.

I left, healed up and headed down below ready to face the Chammpion.

VS Champion Alder

Accelgor is first, so good job I led with Darmanitan. It managed to fire first with Focus Blast but it doesn't KO and Fire Punch does the job. With Bouffalant up next I send out Excadrill. Sadly, my own EQ is countered with another EQ and Excadrill goes down. Darmanitan comes back out and launches Flare Blitz to finish the job.

I keep my pokemon in for Escavalier and FIre Punch OHKOs easily. Samurott comes out next to face Volcarona. It tries a Quiver Dance so I hit with with Waterfall. It doesn't manage to KO and inflicts a burn back. I keep going for Waterfalls to finish it off before it can do too much damage.

Druddigon is next and I try an Earthquake with Excadrill, but a fired back Superpower KOs my pokemon. I bring in Sammurott to finish the weakened pokemon with X Scissor. I then switch to Darmanitan as Alder bring in... Vanilluxe? ?_? Whatever, I go straight for Flare Blitz, not wanting to take any chances. It may have been overkill though as my opponent goes down without a fight.

Alder congratulates me on the victory and take me to the Hall of Fame, where my team is recorded for all time as victors. At long last, I fought and defeated the Champion of Unova. There are still things I can do in this land and many challenges to face, but this here marks the completion of a primary goal.

Thanks for following my adventures this far but I feel it best to leave things here. Even though I still have pokemon to catch, sages to find and other sidequests to indulge in, I don't feel like tracking all of them in blog form and I worry those things may be more boring. So for the last time in Unova, the last update of my current location, team and stats:

Current Location: Nuvema Town
Current Team Detailed:

Samurott, Lv69, Jolly, Torrent, Mystic Water
Waterfall / Aqua Jet / X Scissor / Retaliate
Met Lv5 Nuvema Town

Darmanitan, Lv70, Jolly, Sheer Force, Lax Incense
Fire Punch / Flare Blitz / Superpower / Headbutt
Met Lv18 Route 4

Gallade, Lv100, Adamant, Steadfast, Wide Lens
Close Combat / False Swipe / Mean Look / Hypnosis
Arrived Lv100 Johto

Galvantula, Lv69, Timid, Compoundeyes, BrightPowder
Thunder / Energy Ball / Thunder Wave / Bug Buzz
Met Lv24 Chargestone Cave

Zoroark, Lv68, Timid, Illusion, BlackGlasses
Night Slash / Night Daze / Grass Knot / Retaliate
Met Lv25 Lostlorn Forest

Excadrill, Lv71, Lonely, Sand Force, Soft Sand
Earthquake / Metal Claw / Rock Slide / X Scissor
Met Lv13 Wellspring Cave

Touko, Lv??, Timid, Parasol Lady
Attack / Pokemon / Bag / Run

Vital Stats:
Adventure started - 4th March 2011
E4 Rematch cleared - 25th March 2011
Pokedex status - 292 seen, 102 obtained
Time played - 55 hours 24 minutes

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ds gaming related unova pokemon
Mar 22, 11 1:40am

If you're even remotely aware of video games then chances are you've heard of Pokémon....

InsanityS blogged
Mar 21, 11 4:15pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

I had made my way back onto Route 13 but there wasn't much more to this route. I battled a few more trainers but with nothing more of interest I found my way to Undella Town. It appeared to be a small coastal town. I healed up at the Pokemon Center and received a Prism Scale for a guy inside. Outside a girl gave me HM06, allowing me to dive in dark patches of water. I popped into the nearby house to find the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia inside. She offered a battle but I took the opportunity to refuse. I've heard of Cynthia and I doubted my team were anywhere near ready to take her team on just yet.

I checked out a few more places but nothing stood out. There was a mansion with some kid around where the rich guy inside seemed ready to boy old crap for lots of cash. Shame I didn't have any old crap in my bag. I moved on to Undella Coast and decided to make use of my new Dive skill to go underwater where I found some ruins. I swam around down there completely oblivious to the need to breath collecting various pieces of junk before a sudden surge of water pushes me out to the surface.

I made my way back to the town, thinking how that underwater experience was easily one of the most boring things I've ever done. On the plus side the rich guy bought some of the junk off me for high amounts so it wasn't a total waste. I soon left to go through Route 14.

Sadly, route 14 wasn't that interesting. A bit of fog spread around but otherwise it was just some grass and trainers to deal. It wasn't long until I arrived in White Forest, a fabled place said to hold many wild pokemon. Or should have done, but while there were plenty of tress there were no wild pokemon and the only buildings were the pokemon center and a lone house. Aside from a few triple battles there was nothing else of interest so I moved on.

I found myself on Route 15 once again. I looked around and found some more trainers to fight that I skipped last time I was here. Aside from there I went and traded the Ditto I caught in Giant Chasm with a woman in exchange for a Rotom, which was nice. I headed back up to the transfer lab ready to pull Pidove out of the PC. Nothing else worth looking for around here so I made preparations to move onto the next destination.

Current Location: Pokemon Transfer Lab
Current Team: Samurott (Lv60), Darmanitan (Lv59), Galvantula (Lv60), Zoroark (Lv60), Excadrill (Lv60), Gallade (Lv100).

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ds gaming related unova pokemon
InsanityS blogged
Mar 19, 11 9:47am

In the pursuit of understanding the full extent of the options in the game I decided a bit of battling other human opponents was in order. However, since I don't really have any battle ready Gen V pokemon at this time I decided to transfer over a selection of Gen IV pokemon with movesets that would permit them entry into random battles. What you see here is a record of my experiences of the few battles I opted to enter.

Random Battle Singles

Touko's Team: Flygon, Kingdra, Espeon
Karl's Team: Ditto, Dusknoir, Alakazam

I must say I was surprised at Karl's choice of leading with Ditto. I opted to use my Flygon and attacked with Dragon Claw. I had expected Ditto to be faster and transform (perhaps holding an item that would allow it). This wasn't the case and Ditto got itself OHKOed.

Dusknoir came up next and proved to be more of a bother. Dragon Claw did less than half damage and Dusknoir opted for confuse ray. Given the damage levels I didn't play the risk and decided to switch out to Kingdra. A fortunate move as Dusknoir hit the switch-in with ice punch, which would surely have been deadly. Kingdra's Surf wasn't quite enough to seal the deal and I was left suffering from confusion again. Due to Kingdra's typing I decided to go for a risk and successfully attacked with Dragon Pulse. Dusknoir went down.

My final opponent was Alakazam. I foolishly tried switching back to Flygon, thinking I'd U-Turn out before getting KOed. Alakazam proved faster here though and ruined my plan. Espeon came onto the field and performed a yawn/wish combo. Probably didn't need to though as 2 Shadow Balls finished off the opponent while its Energy Balls failed to 2HKO.

First battle victory was mine. :D

Random Battle Doubles

Touko: Flygon, Kingdra, Feraligatr, Gallade
JPN Trainer: Tyranitar, Dragonite, Metagross, Haxorus

Time for a round of doubles. Unable to read Japanese I don't know the actual name of my opponent though. My double team of dragons Flygon and Kingdra hold the front lines while my opponent sends out Tyranitar and Dragonite. OK, I'm confident with the type matchups.

Flygon once again dives into U-Turn, hitting Tyranitar super effective and then switching with Feraligatr. Kingdra decides he doesn't like the look of Dragonite and OHKOs with Ice Beam. Tyranitar tries to counter with an Ice Beam of its own, but the poor mon was aiming at Flygon so Feraligatr takes the attack like it was nothing.

Next pokemon out is Metagross and I opt for a gamble. I allow Feraligatr to do one turn setup with Dragon Dance while Kingdra fires off a surf. While Feraligatr also takes damage from this it did allow me to wipe out Tyranitar and notably damage Metagross. Said pokemon tried a Meteor Mash, but against Kingdra's water typing it wasn't that damaging.

My opponent sent out Haxorus for the final slot. But this isn't enough. Feraligatr uses its booster power to Aqua Tail Metagross, knocking it out, while Kingdra goes for the Dragon Pulse and KOs Haxorus.

Sadly, a "communication error" occurred here and my win, while obvious, was not counted. I guess my taking down three psuedo-legendaries without a single one myself was too much awesome for the connection to handle. =D

Random Battle Triples

Touko: Feraligatr, Flygon, Gallade, Espeon, Houndoom, Kingdra
Daniel: Dragonite, Archeops, Hydreigon, Landlos, Flygon, ???

Triple battle here. Funny how this trainer has the same name as my real life name. I opted for Feraligatr, Flygon and Gallade on the frontlines in that order. I was quite worried going up against Dragonite, Archeops and Hydreigon. Worry I didn't need, because this team wasn't as strong as expected.

I decided to U-Turn Flygon out of there by striking Hydreigon and switched with Espeon. Gallade finished the job with a supper effective Close Combat, defeating Hydreigon. My Feraligatr OHKOed Dragonite with Ice Punch, leaving my opponent with only one pokemon on the field. My choice to switch out Flygon proved smart, as Espeon took the hit of Dragonbreath with very little damage thanks to its high special defence.

My opponent switched in Landlos and a shiny Flygon next. A legendary should have spelt disaster but again my team we were on top form. A combination of Espeon's Psychic and Gallade's Psycho Cut knocked out the Flygon before it could move and Feraligatr's Ice Punch dealt with Archeops. Landlos attempted a Fissure but failed spectacularly.

Alas, that battle ended there. Another "communcation error" occurred, and unfortunately I didn't note down Daniel's entire team during the preview so now I don't know who the last pokemon was. Even though I wasn't officially awarded the win, I think it is easy to see who would have emerged victorious there.

Random Battle Rotation

Touko: Kingdra, Espeon, Houndoom, Fearligatr
Red: Dragonite, Milotic, Volcarona, Thunderus

Though the one storyline Rotation battle I fought didn't seem too good I nevertheless opted for one of these challenges. My opponent had quite a healthy team up and running. Round one had Kingdra and Dragonite.

I fired off ice beam which totally wiped out the opposing Dragonite in one hit. I can only assume that my opponent wasn't anticipating such a move and was hoping to counterkill with a dragon move. Thunderus came in to replace.

For this turn I rotated to Espeon and tried to Yawn. It would have worked, except for Thunderus's Discharge inflicting paralysis, which caused Espeon's Synchorize it inflict it back. Oh well.

Rotate to Houndoom and fire Flamethrower, totally expecting the opponent to switch to Volcarona. My guess worked as that happened, but as an addeed bonus my opponent tried a fire attack instead of bug, which got nulled by Houndoom's ability and boosted special attack.

However, with that Milotic one rotate away I considered it far too risky to keep Houndoom there, so I rotated to Kingdra and attacked with Dragon Pulse. As expected, Milotic switched in and tried to surf me away. Hah, double water resistance is go!

I keep Kingdra in for a Rain Dance but find Milotic is packing a Dragon Pulse! Kingdra is hanging on and I assume I can stay in for one more attack, so I opt for surf to take advantage of the rain despite the opponent's resistance. While the attack hits hard, the enemy's critical hit Dragon Pulse sends Kingdra packing. Well played, Red.

Unfortunately for Red, Feraligatr was waiting in reserve and enters the fray. I command the use of Aqua Tail. Red tries a switch to Thunderous, but such a move was pointless as Aqua Tail, under rain's benefit, OHKOs.

Red switches back to Milotic in the hope of wearing down my battler with Dragon Pulses, but a Dragon Dance, Aqua Tail and Superpower combo prove too much and Milotic faints.

All due credit to Red for seeing the battle through to the end and rotating Volcarona in. As could be seen though, one Aqua Tail more was enough to seal the victory. A well fought battle and I earned another victory.

Random Battle Wonder Launcher

Touko: Feraligatr, Flygon, Gallade, Espeon, Houndoom, Kingdra
JPN Trainer: Serperior, Hydreigon, Garchomp, Milotic, Jigglypuff, Zoroark

Once again I can't read Japanese so I don't know the actual name of this trainer. However, this was another thrilling battle.

I sent out Kingdra, Flygon and Gallade first. My opponent's lineup was Serperior, Hydreigon and Garchomp. This looked tough. I opted to U-Turn Flygon out, although rather silly of me to aim this at Garchomp instead of one of the other two. Houndoom replaced Flygon, which proved a fortunate move as Hydrgon attempts to fire a flamethrower, which Houndoom helpfully absorbed. Gallade's Close Combat wipes out Hydrgon in one hit too, causing Kingdra's Dragon Pulse to aim at Garchomp instead, resulting in a critical hit and another KO! Serperior aims a leaf blade at Kingdra to cause some damage too.

My opponent sent out Jigglypuff and Milotic next. With my superior numbers I decide to keep Houndoom in despite the water type on the field and fire a now boosted flamethrower at Jigglypuff, which turned out to be Zoroark in disguise. Didn't do it any good though as Houndoom OHKOs. Gallade tries to knock out Milotic with Psycho Cut but it could only drop its health below half and it strikes with Hydro Pump to down Houndoom in one hit. Serperior and Kingdra opt to exchange blows with Ice Beam and Leaf Blade respectively, with neither able to KO the other.

My opponent is forced to bring out the real Jigglypuff as their last resort while I replaced Houndoom with Flygon. Flygon quickly uses U-Turn to finish off the weakened Serperior, switching with Espeon. Gallade manages to secure the KO on Milotic with another Psycho Cut. Finally Kingdra cleans up by wiping out the Jigglypuff with Dragon Pulse.

Another battle hard fought and another victory earned. How funny though that despite being a Wonder Launcher battle we both totally ignored the option. XD

WiFi Battle Singles

Touko: Feraligatr, Flygon, Gallade, Espeon, Houndoom, Kingdra
Gary M: Rhyperior, Suicune, Venusaur, Volcarona, Haxorus, Zoroark

Time to pick a fight with someone on the forums by exchanging friend codes. Gary M was kind enough to challenge me.

My first opponent was Rhyperior and I led with Flygon. I was confident in striking with an Earthquake, but it did less than half its HP in damage, which took me by surprise. Rhyperior took the opportunity to set up Stealth Rock. This will make switching around harder. I did another Earthquake but failed to 2HKO (my opponent must have some serious physical defences). Fortunately, Rhyperior's next attack missed though, allowing me to follow up with Dragon Claw to finish the job.

Next up was Suicune. No way did I want Flygon hanging around in there so I U-Turned out and switch with Feraligatr, and as expected Ice Beam was fired off to cause little damage. I decided to Dragon Dance one turn but I wasn't expecting a powerful Hidden Power to come out. It left my pokemon near fainting. Relying on my stat boosts I struck with Superpower, which was enough to knock out Suicune.

Venusaur is next. I decide not to switch out Feraligatr since I doubted it would survive a switch in later and went for it with Ice Punch, wiping out half of Venusaur's health before it revenge KOed with Return. I replace my pokemon with Gallade, hoping to go for Psycho Cut, but Venusaur was faster than expected and put my pokemon to sleep with Sleep Powder! I didn't want to risk waiting out the turns so I switched again with Houndoom while Venusaur opted to buff itself. An unfortunate choice as Houndoom counter-KOs with Flamethrower.

Volcarona is next but I'm not too worried. I use the chance to Nasty Plot up my special attack 2 stages, while Volcarona opts to give itself some stat boosts. Not enough I'm afraid, as Flamethrower strikes again with devastating results.

Haxorus takes up the field. I keep Houndoom in and opt for Will O Wisp, aiming to cripple my opponent's physical attack. The move works but not enough to save my pokemon from a super effective Earthquake. Ouch. Kingdra takes the field and strikes with Dragon Pulse, knocking the opponent's dragon out before it can do any further damage.

Finally it is Zoroark, who goes to Nasty Plot up its special attack as my Houndoom had done earlier. Kingdra opts to Rain Dance in order to boost its water STAB and benefit from the speed boost with Swift Swim. From there it takes one Surf to ruin Zoroark's plans.

It was a well fought battle and Gary did very well. I managed to walk away with another victory and more experience with me.

I had fun fighting these battles. Yes, even those disconnected ones. Once I have finisheed exploring Unova I hope to EV train a team specifically tailored to the Gen V environment. These battles made my realize that ingame simply isn't enough to prepare you for human opponents and here I am certain I was barely scratching the surface. With much to learn I look forward to further challenges.

ds gaming related unova pokemon wifi
InsanityS blogged
Mar 18, 11 12:37pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Looking at the map and no current rumours to go off I decided exploring those Eastern routes was the best thing to do. Even though last time I went a bit backwards through there I decided to go through the proper order this time and so commanded my poor Pidove to fly me to Opelucid City. After resorting my team it was time to move onto route 11.

As before, I found my team to be at a bit of a disadvantage in terms of levels and it was only thanks to many of the opponent’s pokemon being unevolved that I was scraping through. Route 11 itself was also pretty short. I did notice some waterfalls and lower areas but couldn’t see any immediate way to access them. Perhaps another HM is required.

Next stop was the Village Bridge, where residents had built their homes into the large bridge stretching over the water. I first explored the lower areas and found some items. There was also something of an outdoor cafe that specialised in sandwich sales. After the chef decided to warm up with a battle against me she asked if I wanted to work as a waitress there for a bit. I agreed, thinking that it might be interesting and hopefully yield an awesome reward like an uber TM. Completing the task was easy, since three of the four customers basically ordered the same thing, but alas my only reward was one measley lum berry. What the hell? What about minimum wage? Disgusted I left and explored around some more, but only other place of interest was the house at the end where the resident was more than willing to let me crash there for a while.

Route 12 was a pretty simple location too but it did offer some training opportunities with more trainers. Good job I had rested up earlier. I took some time out to catch a few mons lurking about and soon made my way to Lacunosa Town. I had a look around but it wasn't really as interesting as I had hoped. A little creepy with some of the undertones though. Still, that wasn't what was on my mind. I recall my map pointing out a location north of the next route that got my interest. I rested at the Pokemon Center and then made my way to Route 13.

Actually making my way north proved a bit more challenging than I had first thought. The initial route was blocked by a pit and a boulder on the other side. My explorations took me to the lower watery areas and at first seemed similarly fruitless. A couple of guys decided to offload stuff they'd picked up. In mym younger years I may have gone "ew" at the idea, but these things seem to sell well at pokemarts.

Eventually I managed to find a path that took me north. I passed that boulder I saw earlier and decided to push it into the pit, using it as a shortcut back to the pokemon center to heal up. When ready I headed back and continued north and found what looked to be an entrance into a cave. The debris on the floor made it look like something had smashed through the wall rather than being a natural entrance though. I put that thought aside and entered.

I was able to spot an exit lower down but didn't want to risk sliding down to it. Besides, there were tunnels twisting around that I wanted to explore. I end up going around the whole area counter-clockwise and picked up some valuable items (seriously, who drops these things in such random places?). When finished I went around to the steps I spooted earlier and descended to the exit.

I found myself in a central outdoor area with a fair amount of mist and a lot of grassy areas. At first there didn't really seem to be any value of being there. I added a few more pokemon to the collection, including a Metagross that really didn't want to be caught. Other than that I spotted more steps I couldn't reach.

In the center of this area was a small pool. I didn't really see any significance in it but with nothing else to do here I figured I'd take a closer look before leaving. When I approached though a roar filled the air and snow began to fall. Before I'd even realized it the whole area was buried in snow. I didn't quite know how I had avoided being buried with everything else though. A strange thought crossed my mind though and I headed north as swiftly as was possible. Sure enough, the snow allowed me to reach the steps I saw earlier. I used them to enter another cave.

Inside the cave a rare creature waited for me - one I would get to know is Kyurem. I could tell just by looking that this creature was powerful and worth capturing. Without a moment's further hesitation I sent Gallade out into battle. I was confident in an easy battle but truth be told I was not prepared. This pokemon not only sported an attack that lowered the target's speed but also had a nasty trick to instantly drop Gallade's health to its own. With an unwillingness to join easily to outmatch that of the earlier Metagross I found myself going through multiple potions just to keep Gallade alive until finally one of the dusk balls clicked closed and Kyurem was added to the team.

Time to make my way out of here. Unova won't explore itself.

Current Location: Giant Chasm
Current Team: Samurott (Lv55), Darmanitan (Lv58), Galvantula (Lv58), Zoroark (Lv56), Excadrill (Lv55), Gallade (Lv100).

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InsanityS blogged
Mar 15, 11 4:55pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

I wearily dragged myself out of bed and got myself ready for the day. The room was in a much better condition than when I left it after that starter battle. Still, it was still hard to believe everything that had happened the day before. Simply defeating the Elite 4 would have been more than memorable but all that chaos with N and Team Plasma too was still whirling around inside my head. It was just as hard to think that Zekrom had sided with me (apparently not realising he would be doomed to sit in the PC forever after...).

I went downstairs and for a moment thought I was still asleep as my mother was having a conversation with herself. As it turns out though, one of them was merely an investigator called Looker. Putting the creepy tone of the disguise choice aside it appeared the sages of Team Plasma had escaped (not sure how, given the gym leaders supposedly had them outnumbered back at N's Castle) and he decided to enlist my help in tracking them down. I guess saving the world isn't enough, now they expect the hero to pitch in with the cleanup work afterwards too. The "payment" was outright odd - a fishing rod? Even mom seemed confused, but offering nothing resembling a proper explanation Looker left.

After talking with mom I left too and found my friends waiting outside. Sadly, more bad news as Cheren informed me that Ghetsis had also escaped. Still, not much to do about it now. Cedric Juniper appeared and decided to upgrade our pokedex's to enable national mode. Cool.

I decided that, with the chaos over, now would be a good time to explore those places on the map that I hadn't seen during my league challenge. The first place I really wanted to check out was a place marked on the map as the Poké Transfer Lab. Technically this meant going a bit backwards around the remaining routes but rumours I had heard got me interested. I just hoped no natural obstacles would screw me over.

I had to cycle to Accumula Town so I could withdraw Pidove from the PC and fly to Nimbasa City. After switching pokemon back I cycled East. Last time the place was blocked off but fortunately the guys had cleared out and I was granted access to Marvelous Bridge. Unova sure does love bridges. There wasn't a whole lot to this one if I'm honest. My cycle across it was interrupted partway by the Shadow Triad. They admitted to freeing Ghetsis and told me that the guy wanted me to have three orbs he was holding before vanishing. I have to say that such a development has to be one of the oddest things ever and I was unsure what to make of their intentions. I decided to put it at the back of my mind and continued on towards Route 15.

A girl in the building at the other end of the bridge asked me if I wanted to do a rotation battle and I almost regretted it. I thought my team was pretty tough, but when you face a trio that is about 12-15 levels higher than yours then those thoughts vanish quickly. Thankfully, my opponent was a complete idiot that had decked out her team with pathetic attacks and oddly decided that using Lock-on and then not following it with an actual damaging attack was somehow a good idea. Repeatedly.

Route 15 seemed a bit daunting and getting dragged into a battle with pokemon of similar levels to that scary rotation battle was worrying, but the enemy team consisting entirely of unevolved pokemon made it a breeze. Past that I explored a bit and managed to find the lab without too much trouble.

To say that the scientists inside were exciteable would be quite the understatement. One of them tried to explain some equipment to me but it was full of gaps and I didn't understand half of it. So naturally I did the one thing any sensible person would do and used the device anyway. Worst that would happen is it blowing up in my face... or tearing a hole in time and space. Whatever. What I found was a strange game where I shot pokemon with pokeballs. These pokemon were then transferred to my PC. How odd. I checked through these new additions and couldn't help feel a sense of familiarity with them. A Gallade caught my eye, with a moveset that seemed ideal for catching new pokemon. While the idea of carrying a Lv100 pokemon around might seem a bit cheap I still opted to add the guy to my team and duly replaced Conkeldurr with him.

I left the lab satisfied and reached in my bag for the mmap to see where to head next. As I did my hand brushed against something. I pulled it out and recognised the Liberty Pass immediately. I had picked it up from a deliveryman very close to the start of my journey but with all the events with Team Plasma I had forgotten about it. Quickly switching Pidove into my group I flew to Castelia City. I changed my party back and headed for the docks. The boat was about to leave for Liberty Island and I made it just in time.

Things weren't peaceful at the island upon arrival. Another tourist grouped were kicking up a fuss and it soon transpired that some Plasma grunts were after a pokemon on the island. I could only assume these guys were doing an indepedent operation here given that they apparently hadn't heard of their group disbanded and they tried to fight off my Lv49 Samurott with pokemon less than half its level. I made my way to the basement of the lighthouse and found Victini.

Not much to say about the battle. I opted to be really cheap and send in Gallade, using one false swipe to drop its health instantly to 1 and putting it to sleep with Hypnosis and throwing ultra balls. The little guy tried its best to fight back, but really there's not a lot you can do when faced with an opponent 85 levels higher. Victini was captured. Professor Juniper met me when I stepped outside and explained the significance behind the pokemon before leaving with the now arrested grunts. I took the boat back to Castelia City and pulled out the map. Time to plan my next destination.

Current Location: Castelia City
Current Team: Samurott (Lv50), Darmanitan (Lv50), Galvantula (Lv51), Zoroark (Lv53), Excadrill (Lv51), Gallade (Lv100).

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InsanityS blogged
Mar 13, 11 9:43am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

When I first set foot into the castle I was greeted by the sages of Plasma, although Ghetsis himself was missing. They threatened to take me all on at once despite N's wishes, but I was saved from time wasting here when the various gym leaders of Unova arrived to fend them off. Quite a cool big damn heroes moment. I went on ahead to find N. A few Plasma grunts were around but didn't seem interested in fighting. I guess with the caslte and Reshiram they feel that they've already won.

One of those creepy ninja guys appeared but didn't seem to want anything bad. He actually pointed me to a place where I could rest up. In the room I was shown to I met two girls - Anthea and Concordia. Anthea helped to heal my team and both girls revealed interested information about N's goals and thoughts. As expected, his innocence had been manipulated by that weird freak Ghetsis.

I continued through the castle and came across a PC that allowed me access to the storage system. I opted to keep my team as is though and carried on. Another room was said to be N's, although it seemed rather immature in appearance. Bright colours, a train set, boxes of toys. Did this reflect the inner self of the one I must now face?

I ran across Ghetsis again and he rambled on about world domination or something. Like I needed that speech to understand what kind of twisted nutter he is. I left him behind to face N.

In the throne room he faced one another, but Zekrom wasn't responded. Frustrated and perhaps even disappointed N summoned Reshiram, which crashed into the room and stood before me. In the face of such power though, the dark stone finally stirred and Zekrom awakened. The pair made a mess of the room but that didn't mmatter. Time to end this. I challenged Zekrom in the hope of adding its power to my own.

Zekrom proved to be a powerful beast, so I opted to hit with Thunder Wave straight away and then switched to Excadrill. As a Steel/Ground type it would resist everything Zekrom could throw at it. X Scissor was used to lower its health into the red and then several ultra balls to secure the capture. Zekrom was mine and without a single casualty.

I decided not to set Zekrom against its other self though and left it in the box. N graciously healed my party before we fought. Time to end this.

Unfortunately, having my Galvantula up against Reshiram wasn't an ideal start. I decided to Volt Switch out and brought Samurott in. This, however, was merely a ploy so I could then switch in Excadrill and not worry about him eating a super effective Fusion Flare. The plan worked and Reshiram attempted a hyper beam, both being ineffective and leaving it wide open! Good job too, because Reshiram was apparently faster and would have nuked Excadrill if not for the recharge needed. I brought out my Darmanitan against Klinklang. A fire punch revealed it to really be a Zoroark (how sneaky and impressive). Alas for N, Fire Punch still wiped out a lot of health and his Focus Blast couldn't OHKO. N tried to heal off the damage but what can you do when the damage is near defeat? Zoroark fell. Galvantula switched in to Carracosta and fired off a super effective thunder. Despite Sturdy activating to let it hang on paralysis set in and it couldn't move. A Signal Beam finished the job.

I kept Galvantula in for Archeops, opting to rely on Thunder again. This time it was a clear OHKO. The real Klinklang came onto the field, and so did Darmanitan to do what was originally intended. There was no way that steel typing was going to stand up to a fire punch.. or so I thought but it hung on and fired back a paralysis-inducing thunderbolt. Both sides being near defeat, I opted to switch Conkeldurr in. Despite the enemy hitting with both Flash Cannon and Hyper Beam my pokemon held out to strike with Brick Break. Last up was Vaniluxe that I sent Excadrill against. There was a certain aptness to his final team member being ice-cream mon. It managed to survive my first Rock Slide and unleashed Blizzard to bring Excadrill close to defeat, but one more slide sealed the deal and N was defeated. All that without a single legendary on my team. =)

N seemed to begin to accept views other than his own and even seemed happy. Perhaps a great burden had been lifted from him? However, this happy moment was not to last. Ghetsis burst in and rejected this ending. Alder and Cheren arrived behind me and for all of us to hear Ghetsis spilled the real goals of Plasma - to rule the world. Like we didn't know that already. To realise this Ghetsis challenged me to a battle. Fortunately, my pokemon were healed beforehand (though who did it? Nothing mentioned it...).

Ghetsis sent out Cofagrigus against my Galvantula. No time to waste I fired off Thunders to down my opponent, suffering Toxic in the process. Next up was Bouffalant, so out came Conkeldurr. A couple of Brick Breaks knocked it out but left my pokemon weakened. Worse is that Hydreigon was up next. Undeterred though I sent Excadrill out. However, this was a brutal monster that outpaced my entire team and could hit most of them for super effective damage. I somehow managed to beat it but I lost half my team and sadly ended up having Samurott PP stall by constantly healing until it only had surf left and counter attacked with X Scissor.

Ghetsis sent out Eelektross next and I pitched in Galvantula. I immediately using Thunder Wave, hoping to buy some time so I could repair my team. A flamethrower encouraged me to Volt Switch out to Darmanitan and I continued to restore my party with revives and potions. Good job I stocked up.An unfortunate critical hit knocked Darmanitan out again though, so Excadrill came in and finished the opponent off.Seismitoad was up next so I sent in Zoroark. Though not at full health, it only took a single Grass Knot to tear through that 4x weakness. Excadrill was brought back to take on Bisharp, striking with an earthquake to knock it out in one go. Somehow, I had defeated Ghetsis.

The man continued his derangeed ramblings but was soon escorted away by Alder and Cheren. N asked to speak with me and spoke of how he was surprised when, at our first meeting, my pokemon spoke of me in a way he did not understand. As he travelled he became more unsure of his goals and seemed to understand why he lost. N soon left with Reshiram, and with that our way of life with pokemon was saved.

And so the main journey has come to an end. The League was conquered and Plasma defeated. Fear not faithful readers, for there is more to the adventure of this trainer. Many discoveries to make and new places to visit. But until then, thank you for sticking with this tale for so long. I've come a long way since Nuvema Town, and I'm sure I've still got a lot waiting for me.

Current Location: Nuvema Town
Current Team Detailed:

Samurott, Lv49, Jolly, Torrent, Mystic Water
Razor Shell / Aqua Jet / X Scissor / Slash
Met Lv5 Nuvema Town

Darmanitan, Lv49, Jolly, Sheer Force, BrightPowder
Fire Punch / Flare Blitz / Superpower / Headbutt
Met Lv18 Route 4

Conkeldurr, Lv50, Jolly, Sheer Force, Shell Bell
Brick Break / Bulk Up / Rock Slide / Strength
Met Lv13 Pinwheel Forest

Galvantula, Lv51, Timid, Compoundeyes, Rocky Helmet
Thunder / Volt Switch / Thunder Wave / Signal Beam
Met Lv24 Chargestone Cave

Zoroark, Lv51, Timid, Illusion, Lucky Egg
Night Slash / Shadow Ball / Grass Knot / Retaliate
Met Lv25 Lostlorn Forest

Excadrill, Lv51, Lonely, Sand Force, Soft Sand
Earthquake / Metal Claw / Rock Slide / X Scissor
Met Lv13 Wellspring Cave

Touko, Lv??, Timid, Parasol Lady
Attack / Pokemon / Bag / Run

Vital Stats:
Adventure started - 4th March 2011
Main story cleared - 13th March 2011
Pokedex status - 135 seen, 49 obtained
Time played - 34 hours 35 minutes

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unova pokemon ds gaming related
InsanityS blogged
Mar 13, 11 7:57am

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Oh boy. Compared to the relatively easy time I had experienced earlier, it seemed the game caught on and was trying to crush me now. Pokemon in route 10 were hitting a lot harder to what I had become used too - both trained and wild - and I found myself dipping into my medicines supply to avoid dashing back to the pokemon center. Hopefully this is an indication of what is to come.

Before I could make it to the end though I was stopped by Cheren and Bianca. Cheren challenged me to a battle who what I assume was to test me to see if I was ready. Given the challenge I was already facing, Cheren's battle was certainly no more difficult and I emerged victorious. Bianca apparently didn't want to join in this time but did give me items. Both wished me the best and left, leaving me to face the journey ahead of me.

The badge check gate I came across certainly wasn't what I expected. It was a series of eight gates - one of each badge - and the area beyond each gate resembled that of the gym I had beaten to earn that badge. It brought back fond memories of the challenges I had overcome to get here and it made me think of just how far I've become since selecting Oshawott to be my partner for this journey. I wonder what awaits me further on? If I succeed here, where do I go next? Such contemplations filled me with excitement and, with those thoughts in mind, I entered Victory Road.

Perhaps "road" is misleading. It's more of a mountain consisting of a series of internal cavernous chambers and external walkways. At the top awaited the Pokemon League. where I would have to challenge the elite of Unova.

Making my way through this place it seemed the enemy pokemon weren't interested in letting up. Durants especially proved resilient and fast enough to be bothersome against anything that wasn't a fire type, and being so far away from a center meant I had to continue to dip into my potion supply. Thankfully the place wasn't as confusing as I first feared and I was able to make my way up through the various chambers without too much running around in circles.

I eventually stepped out at the top and headed down the pathway to the league. The structure was certainly imposing, towering over everything. I headed to the makeshift pokemon center nearby and had my team healed up. I then made sure to stock up on supplies.

Feeling ready I exited and spoke to the guard. I entered the central chamber and found myself locked in. Guess there was no turning back from that point. Curiously, the statue in the middle had an engraving that basically told me what types each member of the Elite 4 used. It felt like them sticking on a sign saying "Please crush our teams". Or maybe they were just that damn confident in victory that it didn't matter if I picked on their weaknesses or not. I opted to leave the one with fighting pokemon for last, considering I didn't have anything to hit them with for super effective damage.

I entered the south-west doorway, intending to battle the ghost user first. The room was just as crazy as some of the gym layouts I had seen, and what I could only describe as ghostly powers took me up to where Shantal, the Elite 4 member here, awaited. Battle 1 was about to get underway.

Cogagrigus was my first opponent; a pokemon I was confident in my Zoroark in defeating. Both sides exchanged shadow balls - I move I chose to use to avoid the effect of the opponent's ability. Zoroark won while sustaining some damage. Next was Golurk, who I choose to send out my valuable partner Samurott against. The enemy looks imposing but we weren't about to run. Besides, it took only one Razor Shell to down my opponent. Galvantula was called upon next to take on Jellicent, a ghost that looked rather creepy in an unusual way.Opting not to take any risk I struck with Thunder, but was surprised to find my opponent still standing (...well, floating). A followup Thunder finished the job but my pokemon had taken a noticeable hit in the process. The last pokemon was Chandelure, who I sent out Excadrill against. A risky move of course, since both sides could hit for super effective damage. Nevertheless, I placed my faith in Excadrill doing the job with earthquake. It was a smart decision, scoring a OHKO.

After my victory I used the warp panel to return to the main chamber and noticed a spot had lit up. I guess that is how they track who I have defeated thus far. I healed my team with potions and headed to the north-west doorway. The next room was akin to a fancy mansion with elegant lighting and carpets that wouldn't be out of place in some gothic horro adventure. The spiral escalator was a bit strange though. I used it to reach the next Elite 4 member Grimsley and began my second battle.

My first opponent was Scrafty so I sent out Conkeldurr. His attempt at a sand attack was irritating but I managed to use a combination of bulk up and brick break to knock him out, though not without taking some damage. I chose to let Samurott take care of the following Liepard, which might seem odd but not when my buddy is packing X Scissor. I didn't quite anticipate Attract screwing me over so badly though, so while I managed to knock it out it came at the cost of potions. Despite the obvious type advantage over Krookodile I decided to bring Conkeldurr out due to Samurott's low health. I bulked up a few times and hit hard with brick break to OHKO the opponent. For the final opponent Bisharp I sent out Darmanitan. I opted to strike with Superpower just to take advantage of the opponent's double weakness and finished the fight with another OHKO.

I left the mansion room to return to the central chamber and healed up. My next opponent would be a psychic user but if anything that is the type I am most well prepared against. The room at the north-east had a space style setting to it and a psychic power transported me to the next member, who apparently had been in bed (what?). I engaged Caitlin in battle.

My first opponent was Reuniclus but my Zoroark wasn't scared of him. It survived the first super effective Night Slash but it was amusing to see it try and fail to hit with Psychic. One more Night Slash did the trick. I opted not to switch when she brought out Sigilyph. Caitlin apparently isn't too bright though, as despite allowing her an attack she still tried to hit with Psychic. *facepalm* Gothitelle was next and while she didn't try to hit with a non-effective attack her Calm Mind usage really was totally wasted. Musharna was next and suffered the exact same fate as her other pokemon. Did Caitlin make it into the Elite 4 based on her looks alone?

After that rather disappointing battle I left and headed to the south-east doorway of the central chamber. If any battle here would give me lots of trouble, this is going to be it. I entered the room and found a rather technological looking room that seemed to be steam powering something. A cart took my up to what looking like a ring at the top. Here Marshal greeted me and my battle against the final Elite 4 member began.

Galvantula comes out first and is faced with Throh. I waste no time firing a thunder in his face, following up with a second to defeat him. Sawk is next and I risk sending Darmanitan in. A fire punch does a lot of damage but the stone edge counterattack brings my pokemon down to 2 HP. Fortunately, this does not affect performance and a few more attacks (due to Marshall using Full Restore) finish the job. I decide to bring my own Conkeldurr out to fight the opponent's one. I used bulk up a few times to buff my pokemon while the opponent merely tried Hammer Arm. After two buffs and one of my opponent's attacks missing I decided to hit back with combinations of Strength and Brick Break. Since Shell Bell had kept my health high I kept him in for Mienshao and was able to counter-KO with one Brick Break.

Following my victory I returned to the main chamber to find the whole area around the statue glowing. I healed up and entered the light. Examining it cause the statue to descend to the lower depths, serving as a lift for me. Down below showcased a long set of steps and an impressive building. I entered and continued on to find Alder, but N was also here! From their conversation it seemed Alder had lost. Just then the Dark Stone I was carrying began to respond to something. N claimed that it was not a suitable place for a dragon legendary battle to take place and commanded a castle to rise around the League grounds (that's some construction work). He then left, intending to carry out his plan of liberation. I knew without anyone saying that I had to stop him.

Cheren arrived but it seemed purely to offer words of advice and Alder also pitched in. Not that I needed the encourage. I bravely ascended the new staircase to enter N's castle. I feel even tougher battles await me but for all those I care about I cannot fail here!

...sounded heroic, didn't it? =)

Current Location: N's Castle
Current Team: Samurott (Lv48), Darmanitan (Lv49), Conkeldurr (Lv49), Galvantula (Lv49), Zoroark (Lv51), Excadrill (Lv50).

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InsanityS blogged
Mar 12, 11 3:22pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

After dragging pidove out of the PC and using it to fly to Nimbasa City I hopped on the bike and cycled down to route 4, swinging a U turn around (no, not the attack) to get onto the path towards the Desert Resort. I had to hop off the bike when I hit the sand though as it wasn't the easiest to cycle across.

Since I had already defeated the trainers in this area before I was able to make my way to Relic Castle with no interruptions. When I got there Cheren caught up and informed me that Alder was already inside. I put aside the question of how he could have known if he arrived after me and went inside. The path that was previously blocked off was now available so I descended into the depths of the castle.

Suffice to say that my trek through their was pretty typical. Having to drop to lower floors by sinking into quicksand was certainly very bizarre and batting away the Plasma grunts was easy. Eventually I made it to the lowest floor, with Cheren magically appearing behind me as well. It seemed Alder and Ghetsis were already talking so we joined Alder to listen to the silly ramblings of pokemon liberation. It became rather obvious the more Ghetsis spoke that he, and the whole of Plasma, were massive hypocrites that didn't really have the well being of pokemon in mind. He soon left and then we discovered that the stone we had come to search for wasn't there.

It was suggested and agreed that we would discuss the matters outside, since the cave was hard to breathe in (quite how talking in a freaking sandstorm was any easier was not made clear). We were kinda at a loss though until I received a call from Professor Juniper telling me to head to Nacrene City immediately. Alder flew off ahead of me while Cheren decided to keep looking around the castle. Unfortunately, having stuff the pidove back in the PC I had to trek all the way back to Nimbasa City just so I could fly to Nacrene. I did so, cursing myself for not keeping the fly slave in my active team.

Seemed a noticeable crowd of familiar faces had gathered around the Nacrene Museum when I had arrived. It turned out that the stone we were looking for was there all along. This probably explained why Plasma were there before. Lenora gave me the stone but we were still left with the question of how to use it to awaken Zekrom. A suggestion was made to visit Opelucid City, where some people might have an answer.

I flew back to Icirrus City, dumped Pidove back in the PC and made my way to route 8. The rain was coming down hard now but I paid it no attention. The only thing it meant really was that my Darmanitan was harder to use in battles. Along the way I dropped into Moor of Icirrus but didn't really find anything interesting. I left and continued along the route.

Before I was able to step through the gate to the next place Bianca arrived on the scene, seemed to trip over her own words but managed to drag me into another battle. Still, the poor girl doesn't really seem to know how to put a strong team together and so none of her pokemon troubled me at all. She soon left, seemingly a bit upset. Did I go overboard? ...nah.

The trip across Tubeline Bridge was an unusual experience, with the trains whizzing past beneath my feet, but it was an otherwise unremarkable trip. I was soon in route 9, with more trainers to defeat. The one thing of interest here was the shopping mall. Sadly, there really wasn't anything I needed to buy from there, but I did note the vitamins counter on the top floor. May be useful another time.

Exiting the route I found myself in Opelucid City. I was quickly greeted by Alder, who took me over to the place where Ghetsis was giving yet another silly speech. What disturbed me is that some people seemed to actually consider his words seriously. What nutters.

When Plasma left I came across Drayden and Iris. Alder left for the league to challenge N. The three of us remaining went to Drayden's house, only for them to not know how to awaken Zekrom. All they could do is rely the story of their origins, which was nice and all but hardly helpful to the current predicament.

Whatever. I guess the only thing to do is head for the league myself, but for that I needed the last gym badge. Iris was selected to be my eventually opponent and so she went on ahead to the gym. I took a quick look around town, including getting involved in some triples battles, but then rested up and headed for the gym.

The layout of this place couldn't match up to some of the previous gyms (but then how exactly do you top launching trainers via cannons?) but it had an interesting quirk of jummping onto switches to move the dragon's heads to shift pathways. I wasn't having too much trouble with the trainers in there sadly, aside from a couple of enemy pokemon managing to avoid getting OHKOed. I made my way to Iris, ensured my team were in top condition and laid down the challenge.

I must say, my battle with Iris was more interesting than expected. While her first pokemon went down to a single earthquake, her second pokemon gave my Galvantula a bit more trouble and I'm sure a critical hit is the only reason my bug companion didn't get knocked out. Then her Haxorus proved to have more staying power than expected, but a few Bulk Up buffs on Conkeldurr allowed for a spectacular finish. I had earned my last badge and could now challenge the league.

I left the gym to find Professor Juniper waiting for me. At first it seemed like she had discovered something about the stone but disappointment loomed there. Instead she just provided a guide to the gate to the route I needed. I told her I didn't regret starting my journey, which certainly pleased her and she gave me a master ball. Hopefully something I won't ever needed.

I quickly went to the pokemon center and healed up before going through the gate. I was on route 10 and ready to make my way to where the strongest trainers in the land supposedly were.

Current Location: Route 10
Current Team: Samurott (Lv43), Darmanitan (Lv43), Conkeldurr (Lv43), Galvantula (Lv45), Zoroark (Lv42), Excadrill (Lv44).

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ds gaming related unova pokemon
InsanityS blogged
Mar 10, 11 4:02pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

My travels took me back to the strange narrow walkways of the next route. Instead of heading into the tower through I carried on west and followed the path to a mountain that would take me to the next gym. But of course, before I could even set foot in there Cheren popped up and wanted a battle. I briefly considered commanding Darmanitan to aim its fire punch at Cheren's head, but settling for wiping the floor with his team. Because hitting the trainer and not the pokemon would just be cruel, wouldn't it?

After the battle the regional champion Alder appeared form a ledge up the mountain and commended us on a battle well fought. Always nice to get compliments, although Cheren just seemed confused by it. Not like I care. I headed into Twist Mountain.

I must say that the inside of the mountain wasn't quite what I expected. Suspended walkways attached to a hollowed out center and various contruction vehicles clearly visible at the bottom. I have to wonder what kind of nutter was leading this construction job when descended the mountain involved going through twisty internal tunnels. Was a few ladders too much to ask? I did at least find some Cubchoos to catch that I didn't expect to see until winter. I even saw a Cryogonal, but it sadly got OHKOed by a measley aqua jet. :( Plasma grunts showed up near the exit but Cheren had beaten me to defeating them and they left.

Exiting the mountain I had arrived at Icirrus City. Professor Juniper's father made another brief appearance and mentioned that he was going to check out the Dragonspiral Tower. Not sure why he felt the need to inform me though. Maybe anyone would have done but I was there.

I explored the marsh lands nearby once he had left and caught a Stunfisk - a pokemon that caught me by surprise as I expected a water type and it was electric/ground instead. I rested at the pokemon center and headed to the gym.

This gym had a neat sliding floor puzzle element with a twist that curved corners would literally take you for a spin. There was definitely more of a challenge to figuring out how to go here than in some of the earlier gyms, so I had mym hopes up as I progressed up to where the leader Brycen waited, even though the random trainers posed no challenge.

Sadly, my expectations were crushed. I already knew his team were going to be held back by their own ice typing, but to destroy his team so easily. Here I thought Skyla was a walkover. This guy was a joke and none of his team even got one attack off. I took my new badge and a TM from him and promptly made my way to the exit.

When I got outside I was greeted by Cheren and Bianca. The gym leader himself had followed me out as well. He made some remark about someone showing themmselves and suddenly those weird guys from Chargestone Cave appeared. They said that Ghetsis and N would be waiting at Dragonspiral Tower and then vanished again. With nothing better to do everyone rushed towards the tower. Cedric Juniper was waiting for us and informed everyone that Plasmma had smashed into the wall of the tower. Bianca chose to wait with Cedric while Brycen, Cheren and I stormed the tower.

Inside I took the opportunity to catch a few more mons and climmbed the tower. There were holes in the floor everywhere that made me think either the place was falling apart or had one wacky architect working on it. It wasn't long before I spotted Brycen and Cheren fighting Plasma grunts and apparently being slowed down by them. Geez, guess I'm doing everything myself, huh?

I quickly made my way to the top, batting away the annoying Plasma teams that foolishly tried to impede my progress. I didn't quite understand why though - I thought they wanted me up here? Bursting onto the top floor I saw quite a magnificent sight - a striking white dragon was there and so was N. He made a speech about pokemon liberation once again and encouraged me to find Zekrom, the other dragon of legend, before flying off.

Brycen and Cheren finally caught up to me but by then the events were over. We left the tower and returned to Cedric and Bianca. Alder himself joined us and we pondered over N's words. Alder suggested that Relic Castle might have something to do with Zekrom. Guess that poor Pidove will be giving me a left back to Nimbasa City so I can reach the Desert Resort again. Everyone bar Bianca left and I decided I should start making my way off soon to. Next stop, Nimbasa City.

Current Location: Dragonspiral Tower (Outside)
Current Team: Samurott (Lv41), Darmanitan (Lv41), Conkeldurr (Lv40), Galvantula (Lv40), Zoroark (Lv40), Excadrill (Lv41).

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ds gaming related unova pokemon
InsanityS blogged
Mar 9, 11 2:33pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

Just as I was ready to leave Driftveil City Bianca popped up out of nowhere and challenged me to a match. The poor girl really has no clue but her determination is great so I happily crushed her team. She did give me the Fly HM afterwards though, which will make revisiting old places easier. Even though the only pokemon I have at the moment capable of learning the move is a small Pidove. That bird is so going to regret not running as fast as it could.

I headed onto route 6 and made my way to Chargestone Cave. Aside from thrashing trainers I came across some research building where one of the scientists wanted to see a Deerling, so I took a quick break to go catch one and show him, totally expecting a reward and not getting said reward (please note that all reports of destroying the building in a fit of rage are totally unfounded).

When I arrived at the cave Clay arrived (spookilly good timing I must say) and used his pokemon to destroy the web. He then left after handing me the TM I should have gotten at the gym. Strange guy. Thinking no more on it I went inside. Immmediately some strange guys surrounded me and provided a short escort to N. The guy mentioned something about waiting for me and left. A bit confused over that but whatever.

With that over I took a look around. With the electrically charged environment and floating rock puzzles I thought I'd stumbled into another gym for a moment. I caught a few more pokemon for the collection, but one caught my eye. I agonized over it for a while and eventually decided to switch out Munna for Joltik. Thanks Munna for all your hard work. Now have fun in the PC with the rest of the abandoned mons.

Back to the cave I got about halfway through when Bianca showed up again, but this time joined by Professor Juniper. This was quite the surprise visit and even more so when she gave us a lucky egg item (would have been nice to get this earlier though). She mumbled something about researching Klink, but I couldn't have cared less why she was there. All I knew was that I was heading to the other side.

When I reached the exit N was waiting as promised and challenged me to a battle. As before, his team consisted entirely of local creatures and this time took nearly no effort to defeat them. I had to wonder if he was really trying and then he got in a mood about battles being no good and left. It seemed Juniper wanted to leave as well, and it wasn't as if I wanted to stick around either.

Out of the cave I headed into Mistralton City. I ran into a man that quickly upgraded my pokedex before I could say anything. Turns out he was Professor Juniper's father and a seemingly eccentric chap. The girl with him was the local gym leader, but she left for some tower to see a sick pokemon and couldn't accept my challenge during that time.

I took the opportunity to look around the city. It had a nice landing strip for aircraft but talking to the people around suggested it was barely used once a day. What a silly waste of space then. I noted that there was a family that could help pokemon delete and relearn techniques, which may be useful in the future. One guy in the center claimed he could sense the hidden power of pokemon, but who knows how much of that can be taken as fact.

Bored I decided to head onto the next route and look for that tower the gym leader mentioned. It would surely beat hanging around town doing nothing. The next route had the usual grass and trainers, and I used the chance to add a few more pokemon to the collection. There were some funny wooden thin walkways as well, which were unique but a bit strange. Who the heck would build something like that for what seems like no reason? Anyway, this route also served as a point of evolution for several team members, eventually resulting in my entire team being in their final stages at this point.

I soon arrived at Celestial Tower, which seemed to be something of a resting place for deceased pokemon. I made my way upstairs to find wild pokemon and trainers still eager for battles. Strange but I'm not one to decline. Defeating trainers and catching pokemon I made my way to the top floor, where the gym leader Skyla told me she had healed the sick pokemon and it had gone already. I suspected she was just fishing for an excuse to goof off but I said nothing and let her continue. She invited me to visit the gym and challenge her. Naturally I headed straight back to the city, healed up and went to the gym, which was a hanger on the airstrip.

Elesa's rollercoaster gym had seemed "out there", but that seemed totally normal compared to Skyla's gym, which expected challengers to climb into large cannons and get fired around the place. There wasn't much of a puzzle here aside from one cannon where you had to enter it from a different direction than expected, so it took no time to reach the gym leader. I readied myself and challenged Skyla.

Unfortunately, this proved to be the easiest gym battle so far. I'm pretty sure my Galvantula could have soloed her entire team, and the only reason I sent out Excadrill was to give it some of the experience. It was quite disappointing really. Still, a win is a win and one that netted me another badge and a new TM. Now I'm only 2 badges away from being able to take on the Elite 4.

I left the gym to find N waiting for me outside like some kind of stalker. He "spoke" to my Galvantula. I thought he was just being a nutter but he picked up details he shouldn't have known. Well, not unless he really is a crazy stalker that's been on my tail since I left home to go on this journey. He did remark on me being a kind trainer though but it seemed he was still set on his liberation scheme. Anyway, I healed up at the pokemon center once he had left. It seems my next destination is Icirrus City.

Current Location: Mistralton City.
Current Team: Samurott (Lv38), Darmanitan (Lv37), Conkeldurr (Lv36), Galvantula (Lv39), Zoroark (Lv38), Excadrill (Lv37).

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InsanityS blogged
Mar 7, 11 4:01pm

Please note that this will contain spoilers to the story and events of Pokemon Black and White. Leave now if this is a problem to you.

I managed to push through the hustle and bustle of Castelia City to meet up with Bianca at the exit gate. It seemed Iris had been helping her train and she wanted to test her skills on me. However, even the aid of a gym leader isn't enough to allow Bianca to compete with my team. Still, I admire her determination, especially after what just happened.

Once Bianca left I went onto Route 4 ready to carry on to the next gym location. Cheren was waiting out there for some reason and opted for a battle. His team was soundly defeated by mine and he went on his way. At this point I took the opportunity to explore the area for items and trainers, although the sandstorm proved to be an issue as it chipped away at most of my team's health whenever I was fighting.

When I reached the north end I had a choice of two routes. I opted to go left and ended up at the Desert Resort (an odd name since I wouldn't call it much of a resort) which then lead to the Relic Castle. Nothing too significant there except a NPC offered me a fossil after a battle. Not one to turn down freebies I accepted, but with nothing more to do here I went back to route 4 and took the right hand exit. This led me into Nimbasa City, a city whose size felt smaller than Castelia but felt infinitely busier.

The man that ran the daycare was here for some reason but was being hassled by Plasma grunts. These guys and girls were getting annoying so I decided to beat them up a bit. The losers fled towards the funfair area, so I gave chase and ran into the mysterious N. Due to events that would take too long to explain we somehow ended up taking a ride on the big wheel together, where N rambled more about pokemon liberation. The plasma grunts had appeared when we stepped off, but before I could crush them N stood between us and occupied me with a battle. It was quite interesting that his team seemed to be made up entirely of pokemon from the local area. Did this guy not hang onto his own pokemon or something? He fled afterwards too, leaving me wondering what to do next. Still, the daycare man did give me a lovely bike as a thank you.

I headed back into the city and bumped into Bianca, who mentioned something about pokemon musicals before she headed off north. Not really interested immediately as I had another task on my mind. I withdrew the Raikou I had transferred over in the previous city and headed onto route 16 to the east. After a quick trip into the trees I wound up in Lostlorn FOrest, where a woman came racing out of her camper van and attacked! It was really a Zoroark in disguise, who seemed to have a dislike of Raikou. I used my team to fend it off and then captured it. No doubt this Zoroark would be a valuable member of the team.

I headed back into the city and explored the various buildings. The sports domes had the same lack of actual security most buildings do, allowing random people to walk onto the fields and courts without so much as a query. There was a building with special battle facilities but the setup seemed a bit advanced for my current progress.

I had intentionally ignore the musical building and tried to have a peek at route 5, after hearing about some performers gathering. However, Bianca was having none of that and dragged me (kicking and screaming) to the musical building, where we got an introduction to the concept. Essentially sounded like the middle phase of those Sinnoh contests, but I decided to give it a whirl. My Dewott got the makeover treatment and we went with the Forest Stroll theme. It was interesting to look at but I did feel like I had little involvement with the events.

I left the building to find Bianca's father had managed to make it here and was trying to force her to go home. I tried to cut in to defend her but then a strange woman spoke up. It was amazing that she was able to convince Bianca's father to allow her to continue her journey. Either this woman was very convincing or he was really weak willed. Haven't figured out which one it is yet. The woman introduced herself as Elesa, the local gym leader, and encouraged us to visit her gym.

I rested up at the nearest pokemon center and headed to the gym. Inside I was met with a bizarre rollercoaster system that I guessed was this gym's "puzzle". Not that flicking switches to change tracks was much of a puzzle. The trainers were a bit more sneaky than I thought, bringing in Emonga's to counter my ground type. Soon enough though I reached Elesa herself.

This gym battle was probably one of the trickiest to deal with due to Elesa abusing Volt Change to the extreme. Zoroark was able to handily put some dents in though, and efforts by Drilbur and Munna sealed the deal. With Elesa defeated I took my 4th badge and agreed to meet Elesa by the bridge. I left, healed up and headed for route 5.

Of course, what would a location transition be without at least one of my rivals appearing? Cheren challenged me to another battle. I guess his defeat a mere 1 route ago wasn't enough for him, so I gladly wiped the floor with this team too. That done we both headed to the bridge and crossed paths with the champion himself, with atypical crazy spiky hairdo as standard. It seems he understood Cheren's motives for training so hard and encouraged us to participate in a doubles battle against a pair of pre-schoolers. Not sure why they are getting involved in battles at such a young age though.

Afterwards we carried on to the bridge, with Cheren grumbling along the way. Elesa contacted someone on the other side to get the drawbridge lowered, which made me think how horribly inefficient it was to require one gym leader to contact the town on the other side just to allow for travel across it. In any case, we crossed the bridge and arrived at Driftveil City.

The gym leader Clay met us with a rather weird attitude, made some remark that almost suggested our crossing the bridge was responsible for several Plasma members escaping and then practically demanded our help. Gee, what a nice way to greet visitors. Before I bothered to look I went around the city checking out the buildings and the market. Nothing of particular interest though. I headed south to the Cold Storage area, fighting trainers and adding a few more pokemon to my collection. One of the containers down here held an interesting collection of ice and more containers. Here we found the Plasma members hiding out in an ill-thought out plan to hide. Cheren and I thrashed the grunts and Clay arrived just in time to escort everyone off to incarceration. His thanks was to allow us to challenge his gym. Yeah, OK, whatever.

I headed to the pokemmon center to rest up, but I also contacted another trainer to perform a tradeback so my Gurdurr (evolved from Timburr) could evolve into its final form. I also managed to pick up some eggs in exchange for pokemon I possessed, which will save me from having to trade for them later. Resting up I went to the gym, only for Clay to free the prisoners when Ghetsis turned up out of nowhere. The vanished as quickly as they appeared and I was left none the wiser as to why they were there at all. No matter, my 5th gym challenge was waiting.

Clay's gym interior consisted of a series of elevators and girder walkways. It wasn't hard to figure out the correct order to use them in so it wasn't long before I made it to the central elevator that took me low down into the very bottom of the chamber. Clay waited for me.

Compared to the Elesa battle, this one didn't quite have the same bite. Two of his team fell quickly, and only his Palpitoad proved to have enough staying power to force a switch, if not enough raw power to be truly threatening. With his team down another badge was mine, but he held off on the customary TM. Instead, he asked me to meet him by some cave that I presumed was along the next route. Oh well, I got the important. I headed back to the pokemon center to rest up, ready to make a move to my next challenge.

Current Location: Driftveil City.
Current Team: Dewott (Lv30), Darumaka (Lv31), Conkeldurr (Lv30), Munna (Lv29), Zoroark (Lv30), Drilbur (Lv28).

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