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Jun 10, 11 2:48pm

There has been a long held idea that first person shooters are primarily multiplayer...

Jan 14, 11 10:10am
Going through Ravenholm with just the gravity gun was certainly a unique experience. HalfLife2
Jan 11, 11 11:40pm
Attack helicopter got a taste of its own medicine. My visit to Black Mesa didn't last long though. HalfLife2
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Feb 04, 10 4:18pm

Winner of the 54th round of Articles of Excellence. If you've heard of first person shooters then chances are you've heard of the Half-Life games. Ech0ez decides to give a close inspection of Half-Life 2 and gives us his verdict on what it does for the genre and the gamer. Why hand it such a score? Check the source to see.

 Half-Life 2     Score: 5.0/5
 Genre: First Person Shooter

 Half Life 2 isn’t merely a good game, it’s a masterpiece within
 the video game industry and whilst it certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone, it’s something that has to be experienced if you consider yourself a ‘gamer’ in any shape or form.

quote Ech0ez

“So wake up Mister Freeman… wake up and smell the ashes”
As those final words leave the G-Man’s lips you know you’re in for one heck of a game. Half Life 2 is a First-Person Shooter although with the amount of times it effectively kicks the general standards of the genre in the balls and proceeds to dance around them makes you wonder whether it’s really in a genre of its own. Either way Valve’s sequel to the original Half Life; a groundbreaking title that outright redefined it’s genre and the gaming industry as a whole would have to be something truly mind-blowing to top the original game. Packing the newly developed Source Engine (Well newly developed at the time anyway) Half Life 2 set out to redefine the industry once more, and there’s certainly no denying that it succeeded. Looking back over 5 years later, was Half Life 2 really as good as it was revolutionary?

The game kicks off with a rather surreal opening sequence featuring the G-Man talking to our protagonist Gordon Freeman in a way that could probably creep out even the toughest gamers. Following on from the events of the original Half Life the G-Man has employed Gordon and presumably placed him in some inter-dimensional stasis or something along the lines, the G-Man’s powers are never really touched upon enough to understand exactly what it is he does. Either way as the G-Man so rightfully puts it Gordon’s time has come once again, and so it is time for us to take up crowbar once again and rabidly beat things to death. Following the scene Gordon is transported to planet Earth some 20 years after the events of Half Life, and quickly discovers that the impact of the Black Mesa Incident has finally come through in full force. Portals all around earth have opened up enabling many alien species to invade and also attracted the attention of the Combine; an empire consisting of several different species that dominate planets and enslave the populations. With earth now under Combine control Doctor Freeman finds himself in City 17; the center of their empire and home of the Citadel; the Combine home base of operations. Before Freeman find himself in any serious trouble he runs into some of his old allies from Black Mesa including Dr. Kleiner and the newly introduced Alyx Vance; daughter of Doctor Eli Vance from the original Half Life. After a bit of chit chat and Gordon getting a hold of his infamous HEV Suit, providing him with enhanced abilities and resilience to damage as well as environmental hazards Kleiner attempts to have Alyx and Gordon teleported to Black Mesa East, the headquarters of the resistance against the Combine. Unfortunately things go wrong and Gordon finds himself outside Kleiner’s lab with the whole of City 17 on red alert. Having nothing on hand but a crowbar, Gordon is forced to make his way through the canals in an attempt to escape the Combine.
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  • "Coming in close for third place on my "best games" list. So much fun to run through and all the characters breathe life. HalfLife2"
    metalfox57 Dec 27, 12 4:43am
  • "A very creative game that will quickly have you on the edge of your computer chair! HalfLife2"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:43pm
  • "I don't get why people call this one of the greatest games ever. I liked the first one (which I also thought was very overrated) more. HalfLife2"
    Ecto5 Sep 06, 11 6:59pm
  • "Blah blah blah Mr Freeman. HalfLife2"
    Mouldy Cheese Jul 07, 11 8:09am
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