2 days ago
So I just managed to fool myself with my Zoroark's Illusion ability. XD PokemonAlphaSapphire
Oct 18, 16 9:48pm
Wow, 23 hours later and I'm done. Such an amazing game that I kept coming back to. HalfMinuteHeroTheSecondComing
Oct 9, 16 12:34pm
That was an epic final battle for the second campaign. More yet to come. HalfMinuteHeroTheSecondComing
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Oct 1, 16 8:58pm
Two proud parents with their little girls. BioShock2

Steam Community: BioShock 2. Two proud parents with their little girls.

Sep 25, 16 10:11pm
So getting trap rivets in a Protector Trial I naturally surround the Little Sister with them and earn an easy A+ rank. BioShock2
Sep 5, 16 1:26pm
Back from Alcon 2016. It was an amazing experience. Looking forward to next year's event.
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Aug 31, 16 11:42pm - Original dragon pokémon > everything. (Except Mawile).

Dragonite was the boss of the dragons and as far as I'm concerned he still is. They did him wrong in the first gen, though, with Dragon Rage being his only Dragon move. But now, by gen five, he's got powerful Dragon moves up the ASS and he will *bleep*.

Jul 31, 16 8:28am
If in doubt fire a huge sword beam at the problem.
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Jul 30, 16 7:53pm _Genres:_ Action, Mag

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