Oct 06, 15 10:09pm
That awful moment when you become "the guy that knows computers". ;_;
Oct 04, 15 5:24pm
Come on Re;birth2, Red needs more wifeys in the party. ;_; HyperdimensionNeptuniaReBirth2SistersGeneration PC
Sep 28, 15 8:25pm
Initial thought on seeing this game: Trying to figure out how much combat a cactus could manage. AssaultAndroidCactus PC
Sep 05, 15 8:29pm
Gentle Step! Twin Lion Fists!!! NarutoShippudenUltimateNinjaStorm3FullBurst PC
InsanityS shared a forum thread
Aug 24, 15 7:36pm

You know, I didn't even know the Pikachu Cup was a thing until about a few days before registration opened. I'd seen

Jul 19, 15 1:09am
So Trine 2 isn't the only game Lorx and I end up bypassing puzzles in. Portal2 PC
InsanityS shared a link from
Jul 12, 15 9:29am
Tried my hand at creating my own community maps. Quite happy with my first effort. Portal2 PC

Steam Workshop: Portal 2. Test your skills in a chamber with numerous different puzzle types....

Jun 19, 15 10:02am
Having to uninstall games because you're suddenly left with under 5% HD space. justpcgamerthings

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