Go figure that the demo would pit me against an ice pokémon when I picked the grass pokémon. ;_; PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS
I think I did pretty well in my first SSB online tournament, but everyone was showing some scary skills. SuperSmashBros3DS 3DS
And now the Smashing begins, as I'm sure a thousand other statuses have announced too. Excitement overload. SuperSmashBros3DS 3DS
Why is it every game that asks me to press start at the title screen I instinctively press A instead?
People seem to be going absolutely mental for an early access to the SSB demo. :o SuperSmashBros3DS 3DS
Interesting how when I have a big project to do at work my phone suddenly becomes the most popular phone in England.
I approve of your ava/sig IP. Second best magical girl!
Off to a fantastic start. Managed to kill myself in the first level off a rebounding shell. SuperMarioLand26GoldenCoins 3DS
Lorx and I are currently testing the results of using the wrong portal during dangerous exercises. Portal2 PC
I finally got around to getting this game. Enjoying it so far, despite the awkward controls. KidIcarusUprising 3DS

Doing egg move breeding, happy to take battle requests while hatching eggs. I have a team set up in the battle box already. J

Got around to picking up my Game Charizard today. :D PokemonY 3DS

So last night while I was waiting for a trade partner to get online I received a random battle request from a passerby. I fig

User registration is happening now. If you're not excited for this event then you're wrong. Or not informed - go c

Thanks to Gotenks and Lorx for making me aware of the Neoraffle. :) http://neo.ly/1tJMF0e


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