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May 18, 15 8:55pm
"We'll trust you with our accounts. Our precious families... please protect them..." SummerWars
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Apr 27, 15 7:40pm

I'm not playing Pokémon as much as I used to, but I still decided to take part in the latest official competition,

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Apr 18, 15 11:17pm
The best combos are the accidental assists. SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DS 3DS
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Apr 08, 15 6:07pm
DLC costume packs manage to be more expensive than the game itself. O_O DeadOrAlive5LastRound PC
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Apr 03, 15 9:54pm

We all know how unbalanced the game is, but there's still something to be said about taking low tier pokémon and s

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Mar 08, 15 12:18am
If all else fails, summon boxes. Trine2 PC

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