Got my HA Unova starters, Game Darkrai and HA Tyrunt, with HA Johto starters on the way. This is the level of pokémon distribution I like. PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS
Youtube suggestions sometimes come up with some really weird stuff for me.

So they're currently tallying the rankings for the Battle of Hoenn, but I'm interested in discussing the competition

Finally happened. Just had to glue my circle pad back on after it fell off during an online match. ;_; SuperSmashBrosForNintendo3DS 3DS
IP rambles about 3DS games of 2014.
Happy New Year Neoseeker!
Sometimes I can't help but think that 50:50 gender ratio is interpreted by the game as 99:1. ._. PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. :)
I think I'm finally ready for Christmas, or I could be lying to myself. We'll see tomorrow which is true. :o
National dex now complete in this game too. :) PokemonAlphaSapphire 3DS

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