_About me and my shop._ As a result of an interest in bree

Summer needs to happen already. SuperSmashBros3DS 3DS

Or at least one specific style of battling in it. I've never really made much progress in the super variants of battle

I decided I'd have a go at the Battle Maison Multi battles with an NPC partner. This was just the normal Multi battles so

For the first time in the series I actually completed my pokédex! =D PokemonY 3DS
Today I moved on from slaying pseudo-legendary teams to actual legendary teams. Video ID: WEEG-WWWW-WWW5-SYKC PokemonY 3DS

5 x Adamant Tyrunts with Dragon Dance 10 x Adamant Larvitars with Dragon Dance and Stealth Rock Offer if you want any of

That awesome moment when you face a team with two psuedo-legendaries and you win with Mienshao, Mawile and Cinccino ID: Z7YG-WWWW-WWW5-N3B2 PokemonY 3DS

So I finally got around to playing their "attraction" on the Pokemon Global Link, after which I figure the only pos

I'm happy I've finally been able to bring my Unova pokémon to Kalos. PokemonY 3DS
I'm so scary that enemies in Treacherous Tower would rather kill each other or leap into the abyss than fight me. TheLegendOfZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds 3DS


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