People seem to be going absolutely mental for an early access to the SSB demo. :o SuperSmashBros3DS 3DS
Interesting how when I have a big project to do at work my phone suddenly becomes the most popular phone in England.
I approve of your ava/sig IP. Second best magical girl!
Off to a fantastic start. Managed to kill myself in the first level off a rebounding shell. SuperMarioLand26GoldenCoins 3DS
Lorx and I are currently testing the results of using the wrong portal during dangerous exercises. Portal2 PC
I finally got around to getting this game. Enjoying it so far, despite the awkward controls. KidIcarusUprising 3DS

Doing egg move breeding, happy to take battle requests while hatching eggs. I have a team set up in the battle box already. J

Got around to picking up my Game Charizard today. :D PokemonY 3DS

So last night while I was waiting for a trade partner to get online I received a random battle request from a passerby. I fig

User registration is happening now. If you're not excited for this event then you're wrong. Or not informed - go c

Thanks to Gotenks and Lorx for making me aware of the Neoraffle. :)
Best character announcements for SSB? I certainly think so.
Kinda curious how many notifications Insanity has due to people not realising they need a second @ for my username.
Barely won vs Lorx 50-49 points. A really fun set of races. SonicandAllStarsRacingTransformed PC
Hype hype hype.

After eleven years, the Hoenn region is returning to handhelds the world over. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be arriving on US shores November 21, bringing with them updated versions of Ruby and Sapphire that also tie in to X and Y. The....


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