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Insanity Prevails
Mar 12, 13 4:41am

My only real taste of Ys previously came from the spinoff RTS game on the DS. Needless...

Insanity Prevails
Mar 11, 13 2:03pm
The Claw's story mode was fantastic. YsOrigin PC
Insanity Prevails
Mar 10, 13 6:57am
added 19 new concept art
Insanity Prevails
Mar 09, 13 1:49pm
added 2 cheats
Insanity Prevails
Mar 05, 13 2:03pm
Cleared Hugo's story mode. A character who excels at making himself unlikeable. YsOrigin PC
Insanity Prevails
Mar 03, 13 3:22pm
Finished Yunica's story mode. It was awesome, even if almost every boss killed me several times. YsOrigin PC
Insanity Prevails
Feb 24, 13 7:19pm
added 8 new screenshots
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