Innit Bled
May 17, 12 8:52pm
nothing is on my mind as there is nothing to believe in, you cant trust anything not even yourself, so heres an idea, let it go
Innit Bled
Nov 22, 11 8:30pm
Bronies FTW!
Innit Bled
Jul 8, 11 8:43pm
Tonight Spartans....... WE DINE IN HELL!!!!!
Innit Bled
Jul 4, 11 8:24pm
Innit Bled
Mar 5, 11 11:30am
Innit Bled blogged
Dec 20, 10 8:01pm

One day,(either my B-day(AWESOME)or a few days after my b-day)i had invited IJH (insert joke here) round to my house to go on teh internetz, or go on the XBOX 360, we decided to go on the internet and all of a sudden IJH asked me if i wanted to go on neoseeker and i thought i might aswell ask what he was on about so i did, and then he said he'd show me and make me a neo-profile and then the first post i made i got criticized about a picture and i thought, my sprite is awesome for a first try! why are they criticizing me! :( ,but it turned out to be my avatar which was incidently IJH's trainer which he made for Luckyman77777, and that is how i came to be on neoseeker.

xbox 360 other gaming related
Innit Bled
Dec 16, 10 4:14am
I'mma be-a pokemon ranger! A-hoo-hoo!
Innit Bled
Dec 11, 10 5:24pm
Innit Bled
Nov 24, 10 3:30am
says everybody i know is cool
Innit Bled
Oct 25, 10 5:45am
Hiding in your cupboard

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