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Jan 11, 13 3:04am

MW3 Montage from me if you care to check it out. Thank You.

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Sep 28, 09 2:39pm

Over at, my screenshot Divine has been chosen as a weekly finalist to be submitted into the monthly contest if it wins. Now my Neoseeker homies, help meh win. ;D


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Apr 1, 09 6:10am

I have recently gotten my Gears of War 2 user review accepted. If your up for it, go ahead and take a read.


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Mar 2, 09 3:10pm

Well Halo Wars comes out tomorrow for me here in America and it couldn't be a longer wait. I really can't wait to get it and hopefully start a full fledged review as well as give Neoseeker some heartwarming videos.

Now I hope you will jizz in yo pants with me after that video. D:

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Feb 13, 09 8:01am

Alright, so today I had a tennis meet. I didn't quite know what to expect out of game as I was playing doubles for the first time with a partner I had never played with. But apparently me and him had some teamwork as we quite easily made it to the semi finals. Once we made it there, we got wrecked. 2-6 and 1-6 in a best 2 out of 3 sets.

Well since we lost in the semis, we were able to compete for third place. We played another best 2 out of 3 sets and yet again got wrecked. 2-6 and 1-6 again.

But in the end 4th place isn't all that bad. And hopefully by the time the next meet roles around me and my partner will have more teamwork and be able to get at least 3rd.

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Feb 11, 09 1:48pm

Well, for those that don't know what SLASO is I will try to put it in as short of terms as possible. It's basicaly going through the Halo 3 campaign on Legendary with all of the Skulls turned on. As easy as that sounds if you haven't played, its not. It's one nightmare after another that can take up to hours of your life on one act of the campaign.

Some time back I completed one level since I knew shortcuts in the game, but the rest can only end badly. I completed Floodgate, but now it is time to move on to levels that are longer and more difficult.

Well wish me the best of luck.

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Feb 10, 09 9:12am

Seeing as I am one of the few people on Neoseeker that have all the achievements on Left 4 Dead, I thought I might share my tips on achieving some of those more difficult achievements.

Nothing Special/Stomach Upset/Do Not Disturb:
This will require at least two people to accomplish these achievements this particular way. First, get one guy to start up a game on the Dead Air finale. Everyone else that is planning to help must be at the 360 Dashboard. The guy that started the game sends invites to them all. Do not open the safe room door until everyone is in the game. Now basically from here all you have to do is go untouchables on the special infected. I found the easiest way to do this by beating down the turret until you are able to jump on it where it will bounce you up onto the escape plane. Make sure to kill off any AI this way as they will be hurt by the special infected. Everyone on the plane can just beat each other down so that if a hunter or smoker gets them they get off immediatley. Tanks will bleed out but may throw a rock so watch out. Once the plane is full run down the back of the plane by the tail and jump in.

The other way would be going back to the far corner and kill the zombies as they come to you. When the tank spawns unload on him, since the area is so open he should drop very quickly. You may also shoot the rock when he throws one just in case it were to hit a survivor.

If no one gets hurt from special infected the three that came from the dashboard will get the achievement, so remember to do it for the other guy as well. For some reason if you come from the dashboard it counts as you having played an entire game.

I found this easiest with the three AI on Dead Air. If you go to the back corner under the little building you should have a great shot at getting this. Since the area is wide open the AI can easily pick off zombies and they can find the special infected very fast. I also recommend using the pistols during this part to save ammo. Now when the tank comes the area is perfect for taking him down in about 10 seconds. If he throws a rock try to dodge it but shoot it at the same time in case it is headed straight for a AI. Right after the second tank is killed rush to the plane. If anyone has a pipe bomb or Molotov now would be the best time to use them as it keeps zombies away that much longer for you to get to the helicopter.

Zombie Genocidist:
This one is more of a leave the game on while you do other things or sleep kind of thing. Start the No Mercy Finale. Kill of the three AI and the grab a pipe bomb and head up the stairs. Chunk the pipe bomb down the hallway and the run back to the safe room. After some time a boomer should could and puke on you, calling in a horde of zombies. This is where you stand a few feet back from the door, put a rubber band around the meele button and your set. The boomer should puke non-stop so the zombies will just keep coming. You should rack up over half of the 53,595 kills in one good nights rest.

When attempting to Crown the witch, I suggest using a auto shotty. Take your time and move up behind her with the flashlight off, when she is starting to get mad and standing almost all of the way up, blast her right at the hairline. Shoot more than once because if you don't headshot her she will most likely incapacitate you. It may take a few tries but it will become easier after a few failures as you will realize your mistakes.

Well I hope that helps you. And I would like to thank many of my friends for showing me these as well as some people from over at TA(TrueAchievements).

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Feb 9, 09 2:33pm

For those that have been looking into Halo Wars and haven't gotten the time to download demo, I would suggest you find time to get it started. I've recently gotten to play it and the controls, gameplay and everything are just fantastic. The game takes about 10 minutes to get used to and from there you can really maneuver troops like a pro.

The demo includes a short campaign and a map to play a skirmish on. Both are fun and gives you a mouth watering taste for the real game. So take the time to check it out if you haven't.

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InnerDemon blogged
Feb 9, 09 1:32pm

I'm going to get the blog started by saying that I will be giving tips for achievements that I just earned and quite possibly a Neoseeker/ Youtube vid to go with them at if I find the time. If I ever get around to writing my game reviews like my Wii Sports one, I will certainly put it here for y'all to enjoy. So stay tuned and I hope to blog often. (:

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