totally forgot who the heck you were, your avatar threw me that i think bout it......XD im so silly Pokedex Entry #300 Data X It can't sto

Now I own Alpha Sapphire as of right now. I went from no 3DS to owning Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and Y. Missing X only.
Who da hell is dis secret santa blessing peeps with a free month of N+? God bless your soul and happy holidays!

Wow, it feeld good to finally be here. I know, I'm a year and a half late but I never owned a 3DS.... up until last week.

So how do you Neoseekers, move your main playable character in any direction? I used the analog stick mostly. I feel I ma

My gf bought me Pokemon Y a week after buying me a 3DS and Pokemon Omega Ruby I have a zigzagoon and I am quite content with it. I barely

What up Pokemon fellas. Nice to finally participate in a Pokemon Version forum. I haven't done so since 2003-2005 here in

Hi there my good community. Boy has it been ages since I last contributed to Neoseeker with a bit of in game information. I f

I got a 3DS and Pokemon Omega Ruby yesterday ^_^

Is it possible to RNG abuse in these two versions already. I want to get to it if it's already possible. I only seek flaw

Good evening my beloved Loungin' crew. How is your week going so far? As of late, I've been contemplating on changing

Where is my free prize I am entitled to for coming into this forum. I swear, if I don't have it by midnight that I will s

How should I start my new game? Should I not level my character up in any way? I am thinking of going with a Pyro, but don

Friendless, that's what I am. :/

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