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Jun 06, 12 2:01pm

Movies coming out this summer!

Well, as you all know, TONS of amazing movies are coming out soon, and some are already out. Here's a list of some I am super excited about.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days- I'll be honest. These are not exactly the best movies, but they are hilarious. Normally, I absolutely despise immature movies and shows, but something about Diary of a Wimpy Kid makes it okay...

The Avengers- I still haven't seen that... Quite sad honestly. I was SO stoked to see it, and then my parents were like, "Oops! Sorry, we don't have enough money to see it!"... Thanks, mom and dad. Thanks a lot. I'm pretty sure it's like the best movie ever (possibly even better than the Hunger Games), so I can't wait to get it on DVD, preferably Blu-Ray, and watch it.

Step Up Revolution- I'm a huge stickler of these movies. They're like the best things ever. My favorite character in the series and Moose, and I completely flipped out when I saw him in the trailer for this 4th addition. Seriously, I had a full-body muscle spasm and started screaming. Fangirl much? I think yes!

Men in Black 3- I LOVE these movies. Okay, MIB is intense and sci-fi and hilarious all at the same time which automatically makes it awesome. Plus, who doesn't love Will Smith who is going to be in Independence Day 2?! Seriously, Independence Day is my movie. It's just mine. Nobody is more excited about the sequel than I am... NOBODY!

G.I. Joe 2- Technically, they moved the premier to 2013, but since it's original release date was this summer, it's still included in my list.The first movie wasn't all that great, but it was good enough to put the sequel on the list. Plus, the trailer looks flippin' awesome! Although, it would have been much greater if it didn't reveal that Channing Tatum's character is killed in the first 10 minutes. Thanks for that, youtube.

Brave- Well, this comes out the day before my birthday. Several things appeal to me about this movie. One: It comes out the day before my birthday. Two: I have no idea what it's about. Three: It's Pixar. And Four: Their accents are cool. I just want to see it to find out what it's about, honestly, because the trailer hardly tells you anything.

Snow White and The Huntsman- I want to see this the most out of everything else on the list. Although Kristen Stewart wouldn't have been my choice as a warrior Snow White, she appears to be an okay actress in that movie. I could be wrong though.

The Amazing Spiderman- While Toby MacGuire was an awesome Spiderman, he just didn't capture the nerdy side like Andrew Garfield appears to be able to.

Katy Perry: Part of Me- I don't really know about Katy's upbringing which makes me want to see it, so I can know more about her.

The Dark Knight Rises- ...Who doesn't want to see this movie? Like, seriously!

The Bourne Legacy- I love me some Bourne... even though, Jason Bourne isn't even in this one since Matt Damon decided to be stupid and quit since they refused to bring one of his previous female co-stars back.

The Apparition- Two words. Tom. Felton.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Logan. Lerman. and. Emma. Watson. Enough said... Not really! It's based off of a book that I requested from the library, so I should get to read it soon. It sounds really interesting, though, which makes me want to see it SUPER bad.

Finding Nemo 3D- I love Finding Nemo.

That's it for the summer... May- September... Even though I'm pretty sure Autumn comes during September. Maybe I'll make another post about Fall and Winter movies....I don't know, yet..

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oliveoil Jun 6, 12
Not gonna lie.. I kinda like the Step Up movies as well. And Moose rocks. I wasn't sure if that was him at first when I saw the trailer for this new movie but you just confirmed it for me. It looks pretty good.

Still haven't seen MIB. I'll probably catch it this week.

I just saw Snow White and the Huntsman and I'll admit, as much as I can't stand her, Kristan did okay in this movie. She didn't seem constipated the whole time and she actually tries to smile in the film.

Brave is a must see for me. I love everything Disney and Pixar so I'l pretty excited for this. I'm already buying up the merchandise.

Sadly I'm not that excited about the new Batman.. at least not for Batman. I watch those movies for the villains. I think Batman himself is boring as hell. The Villains are what people really want to see I think. Well it's what I wanna see.

I'm actually excited about the Spiderman movie. I hated the Tobey versions and I've seen a few scenes at Wonder Con and it looks way more serious and way less cheesy. I can't wait to check it out.

And yeah I wanna see Katy Perry too.

I know this isn't out this summer but I can't wait to see The Hobbit at the end of the year
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Infinity Jun 7, 12
I know!! The Hobbit is totally on my to see list!
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