May 23, 15 9:48pm
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
Apr 9, 15 11:56am
"Deception on my lips, and there's blood on your hands."
Infinity blogged
Apr 9, 15 11:38am

Looking back through my blog posts, I have to admit that I'm mortified about what I wrote a few years ago. The only thing stopping me from being completely humiliated by it is the fact that I was 13 at the time of my more recent posts, so of course, I was immature. Still, I'm shocked by how immature I really was since at that time in my life I thought I was as close to being an adult as possible.

Clearly, that wasn't the case.

So, I guess I'm going to give all you an update on my life, though I'm certain the vast majority of you don't really care, but I feel like I have to have at least one decent post.

I'm nearing the end of my junior year of high school right now, and I'm simultaneously relieved and petrified. I don't know why I thought four AP classes in one year was a good idea, but that was my schedule this year. The work load has absolutely killed me, so I'm incredibly excited to have that off my back... For the summer anyway, since I didn't learn my lesson and signed up for four more AP classes. However, I will be going straight from the academic work load to the responsibility of finding the deadlines and requirements for different colleges so that I can begin my applications.

Right now I'm hoping for either Yale or Columbia, but I have Harvard and my state university as back-ups. If I want to get in, I'm really going to have to step up my extracurricular game because as it is, I have a zero percent chance of making it into any of the Ivy Leagues.

I'm still writing, though it isn't as much as it used to be unfortunately. My dream of becoming an author still lives, and right now my career plan is becoming a journalist (ideally for the NYT). I know that my dreams are big and ambitious and possibly unrealistic, but I know that I have the capacity to reach them. I'm fully confident in my abilities, and I really believe that if I do the best I possibly can in college, I can go anywhere in life that I want.

Right now, I'm in a graphic design phase, so I make a lot of book covers (for stories on Wattpad) via Photoshop. The other day I made one that was Game of Thrones themed, and it's essentially the best thing I've ever made. But I could be biased because I'm also in the middle of a Game of Thrones phase... and Reign... and really anything else that involves historical/fantasy kingdoms on the brink of war. I'm planning on watching and reading Outlander soon to add to that pile, so I guess I'll see how that goes.

I've been reading a lot recently, though I am a bit stalled on my current book. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is ridiculously hard to read since I'm not used to the 19th century dialect, but it is a classic for a reason. I'm determined to finish it even if it takes me the rest of spring break.

Speaking of which, I should probably end this post now. I have a project that I really need to be working on, and I shouldn't procrastinate anymore.

I'll end this post with a few more updates that refer to past blog topics:
1. I don't like One Direction anymore. That obsession died a while ago.
2. I don't like Justin Bieber anymore. That obsession lasted a few weeks.
3. The Step Up movies are still great in my opinion. What they lack in plot and acting is made up for with the music and choreography.
4. I've started over on "On the Run," but it will have a different title as well as a very different plot. And it will not be posted online because I want to publish it if I ever finish it.
5. I gave up on the Violet Manchestar Legacy. It was a rip-off of Harry Potter, and I refuse to be unoriginal.
6. If you aren't beyond excited for Avengers: Age of Ultron, I'm really, really judging you.
7. I'm just going on about nothing now, so yeah.
Nov 27, 14 12:14am
How is it even possible to mature so much in seven months?
Apr 30, 14 9:11pm
Exam season...gross.
Aug 2, 12 4:38pm
Step Up Revolution= fantastic, just fyi
Jul 30, 12 5:13pm
So...I've officially begun writing a fanfiction.
Jul 19, 12 6:27pm
As long as you love me, I think I'll be okay
Infinity blogged
Jul 16, 12 5:11pm

Well, I just had a birthday like a month ago, so I got like $100 from relatives which is a lot for me. Unfortunately, both of my parents are still unemployed, so we still rely on people's generosity to survive. I was hoping my dad would get a job, so we could see all of the movies we want to see that came out this summer, which is to say, almost all of them. I was especially looking forward to Step Up Revolution, so since my parents can't afford it, I've decided to use my birthday money on that opening day. If my parents agree to it, we might even see the midnight premier which would totally make my life. I want to see it in 3D because, you know, that'd be friggin' awesome during the dance they show in the trailer where they're dancing on bungee cords on a wall, but my mom says we can't because it would literally make her sick. Honestly, I find that ridiculous since I'm the one paying for it and that should be the parents' job, so I should get to choose which dimension the movie is in when we see it. Another example of how little my parents care about my opinions.

Anyway, I'm still going to have at least $50 remaining after that, but then I have to buy my school supplies and some things for my room...Then I'll be broke until Christmas, but then I'll use that money to go see The Hobbit. And then I'll be broke again! Isn't my life just splendid?! Maybe my dad will get a job by then, but chances are pretty slim. He seriously applied for a job as pastor at a church in Alexandria. Not Alexandria s in the town in Virginia...Alexandria as in Egypt. I for one, am not cool with that because I'm pretty sure the Egyptians don't like Americans. Plus, I just refuse to live in the desert. It's just not gonna happen. Hopefully, when he does get a job, it'll be one in the USA or in Great Britain because I honestly need to be able to do a better British accent, and I plan on going to Oxford University there. So yeah... That's my rant for the next three weeks because Lord knows when I'll post again.

Oh, and by the way, Justin Bieber's CD Believe, is perfection. And One Direction is sexy. And Thor: The Dark World is gonna be amazing. Okay, now the rant is over.

musingsthoughts movies
Jul 16, 12 4:48pm
Used to tell me sky's the limit, now the sky's my point of view!
Jun 28, 12 1:30pm
I don't know if this makes sense, but you're my hallelujah!!
Jun 27, 12 1:17pm
4:40 cannot come fast enough!!
Jun 26, 12 3:32pm
Kristen Stewart can actually act...huh!
Jun 18, 12 6:18pm
Mr. Brightside <3
Jun 13, 12 7:20pm
Your stare was holding. Ripped jeans, skin was showing. Hot night, wind was blowing. Where you think you're goin' baby?
Jun 8, 12 2:09pm
She dreamed of para-para-paradise every time she closed her eyes.
Infinity blogged
Jun 6, 12 2:01pm

Well, as you all know, TONS of amazing movies are coming out soon, and some are already out. Here's a list of some I am super excited about.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days- I'll be honest. These are not exactly the best movies, but they are hilarious. Normally, I absolutely despise immature movies and shows, but something about Diary of a Wimpy Kid makes it okay...

The Avengers- I still haven't seen that... Quite sad honestly. I was SO stoked to see it, and then my parents were like, "Oops! Sorry, we don't have enough money to see it!"... Thanks, mom and dad. Thanks a lot. I'm pretty sure it's like the best movie ever (possibly even better than the Hunger Games), so I can't wait to get it on DVD, preferably Blu-Ray, and watch it.

Step Up Revolution- I'm a huge stickler of these movies. They're like the best things ever. My favorite character in the series and Moose, and I completely flipped out when I saw him in the trailer for this 4th addition. Seriously, I had a full-body muscle spasm and started screaming. Fangirl much? I think yes!

Men in Black 3- I LOVE these movies. Okay, MIB is intense and sci-fi and hilarious all at the same time which automatically makes it awesome. Plus, who doesn't love Will Smith who is going to be in Independence Day 2?! Seriously, Independence Day is my movie. It's just mine. Nobody is more excited about the sequel than I am... NOBODY!

G.I. Joe 2- Technically, they moved the premier to 2013, but since it's original release date was this summer, it's still included in my list.The first movie wasn't all that great, but it was good enough to put the sequel on the list. Plus, the trailer looks flippin' awesome! Although, it would have been much greater if it didn't reveal that Channing Tatum's character is killed in the first 10 minutes. Thanks for that, youtube.

Brave- Well, this comes out the day before my birthday. Several things appeal to me about this movie. One: It comes out the day before my birthday. Two: I have no idea what it's about. Three: It's Pixar. And Four: Their accents are cool. I just want to see it to find out what it's about, honestly, because the trailer hardly tells you anything.

Snow White and The Huntsman- I want to see this the most out of everything else on the list. Although Kristen Stewart wouldn't have been my choice as a warrior Snow White, she appears to be an okay actress in that movie. I could be wrong though.

The Amazing Spiderman- While Toby MacGuire was an awesome Spiderman, he just didn't capture the nerdy side like Andrew Garfield appears to be able to.

Katy Perry: Part of Me- I don't really know about Katy's upbringing which makes me want to see it, so I can know more about her.

The Dark Knight Rises- ...Who doesn't want to see this movie? Like, seriously!

The Bourne Legacy- I love me some Bourne... even though, Jason Bourne isn't even in this one since Matt Damon decided to be stupid and quit since they refused to bring one of his previous female co-stars back.

The Apparition- Two words. Tom. Felton.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Logan. Lerman. and. Emma. Watson. Enough said... Not really! It's based off of a book that I requested from the library, so I should get to read it soon. It sounds really interesting, though, which makes me want to see it SUPER bad.

Finding Nemo 3D- I love Finding Nemo.

That's it for the summer... May- September... Even though I'm pretty sure Autumn comes during September. Maybe I'll make another post about Fall and Winter movies....I don't know, yet..

music musingsthoughts
Jun 6, 12 1:27pm
I have to start working out for soccer... It's gonna suck!
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