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2 days ago

Telltale wants fans of The Dark Knight not to worry about the fate of BATMAN - The Telltale Series. The game was announced in December, and since then we've been left in the dark about much of Telltale's plans. We've got the game's official title and...

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Jun 22, 16 7:19pm

Do you still have cable television at home?

Jun 19, 16 4:33pm
Picking the Cleveland Cavaliers to beat the Warriors for the NBA Championship in Game 7!
Jun 16, 16 2:45pm
call em captain obvious lol.
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Jun 15, 16 12:15pm
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Jun 13, 16 4:03pm

If you saw a spider in your house right now what would you do? It's hairy, staring at you on the wall, appears black in c

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Jun 11, 16 6:05pm

Well when you joined Neoseeker and began posting and started finding forums that you were interested in, which forum was your

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Jun 11, 16 5:19pm

When was the last time you played a game that was made in 2005 or prior? Do you play on older consoles often? By old at-least

Jun 11, 16 4:15pm
watching the X Games and it's a sad reminder that Dave Mirra is no longer with us.. Rest in peace
Jun 08, 16 7:39pm
nice one liners bro. puke
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Jun 08, 16 4:43pm

I'm sure there are tons of shows on cable where you're like WTF people watch this? How... :| What are some of thos

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Jun 07, 16 12:59am

As the years go by I see children younger and younger, like 7 or 8 with their very own smartphone.. The same with babies play

Jun 05, 16 5:42pm
"Did you take your xanax today?" "Yeah 2! I always double down, when your parents come to town."
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Jun 05, 16 5:10pm

I hate summers in Arizona and over the years it's gotten worse. Each year getting a little more hotter than the previous

Jun 04, 16 6:58pm
RIP Muhammad Ali
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Jun 02, 16 9:45pm

Okay so recently a lot of talk shows/radio shows having been discussing using leashes on young children when out in public at

Jun 01, 16 4:54pm
"I wonder when they bite me, if they teeth hurt?" - Nicki Minaj
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May 29, 16 10:21pm

So everyone's heard of the game Would You Rather right? Your asked two different questions and then you choose which one

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May 28, 16 7:20pm

Well, what was the last movie you bought? I guess rentals would count too. The Terminator The Terminator 2 - Judgement Da


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