DQ Maniac Inferno Penguin
Nov 1, 04 4:38am
bl3nd3r Inferno Penguin
Oct 29, 04 2:52am
Tres Inferno Penguin
Jul 27, 04 3:26am

Snuff Inferno Penguin
Jan 5, 04 9:43am
Alright, want to know what my rooms looks like? I'm sitting here at my computer with Winamp5 on listening to GrubNDubb. Let me look around my rooms here. I got a The Bourne Identity poster hanging up to my right. I got it free at the movies. Right above that I got a Destiny's Childs poster with the lead singer on it. I don't like there music but she looks good. I won that at Circus Circus in Reno. To the left of those are my pictures with my friends and Robin Williams and Rob Schiner. To the left of that I got a painting of some hats er something. Next to that I got a huge Scarface poster. Its a huge one. I got that one for free. A friend of mine gave it to me.

Across the other side of my room above my bed I got a Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Sopranos posters. I got all of those for 5 bucks at the same place. Below those posters are some awards I got at school when I was like in 5th grade. Next to my bed I got a dressers with a lamp and my book I read. Next to that is a shelf where I keep my books and movies. And my closet is right there. My closest is wide open cause the doors are broken. My Saxophone I played in 5th grade is still up there.

Right in front of me behind my computer I have a clown picture thats scary as hell. Above it is some of my hats I wear. I got a wooden floor with two carpets. One is a long ass black and the other is a sorta tanish one at the foot of my bed. Oh, I have a tin Bailey's can on my dresser too. Oh and on my door I have a calendar from December 2003. I got that from a friend of mine. Its a big one too. I can't take it down cause it will look to empty there. And plus my mom will see the marks I put there trying to measure myself when I was a kid.

So thats it! Thats my room!
Shadow_Fayde Inferno Penguin
Dec 24, 03 2:46pm
hey, you like LP, therefore this place is stamped by me, but anyway, your a cool guy so

Sign me back plz
starguylvl78 Inferno Penguin
Aug 6, 03 9:28pm
Hello Inferno Penguin, Nick, Nick Penguin, Inferno Madore.

Eh... Futever... You r0x0r my face!!!



rar! I WAS planning o a quick signing... but... bah.. I had to edit everything to make it 125 characters... anywho. I'll IM you tonight to inform you of the injustice that is your guestbook.

Sniper Inferno Penguin
Jun 17, 03 7:48am

"I Remember You"

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

I paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes
So that I knew you were there for me
Time after time you were there for me

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say - I remember you

We spend the summer with the top rolled down
Wished ever after would be like this
You said I love you babe, without a sound
I said I'd give my life for just one kiss
I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say - I remember you

We've had our share of hard times
But that's the price we paid
And through it all we kept the promise that we made
I swear you'll never be lonely

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
Washed away a dream of you
But nothing else could ever take you away
'Cause you'll always be my dream come true
Oh my darling, I love you

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say - I remember you
Ugochukwu Inferno Penguin
Jun 4, 03 4:16pm
Hi, it's me Hugo, thanks for replying my forum titled "The Animatrix: the second Ranaissance". Its nice to see new friends and nice things to talk about. see you soon

GTA Addict Inferno Penguin
May 31, 03 12:45am
I'm in a "Guestbook Sighning" mood.I know you don't know me but I've seen you around the Music Fourums and THPS3 Fourum and I wanted to say "Nice Linkin Park Meteora Banner and Rock On!".

P.S.please sighnthis
Serenity Inferno Penguin
Dec 31, 02 11:02am
Hey there, Its been to long I know! Im so glad we are talking again! Its been so musically challenege around these parts. I really hope your band makes it around my place. Ill sell and buy all your stuff! Leave it to me! Then we can sneak off and go watch LP and Hoobastank and steal their equipment!

Enough scariing ya. Take care sweetie!

HoofBite86 Inferno Penguin
Dec 29, 02 12:15pm

You Have Been Swanked!
Volcom Inferno Penguin
Nov 28, 02 7:59am
You poor thing, you must be devastated to have some lamer like KFC_Or_Bust win your mod position over while you were away. Tsk, tsk. You shouldn't have left.

Well, who knows? KFC might (and probably will) be demoted someday and then you'll have it back and punk rock will reign over the music forum once more.

And in case your reading this KFC, Slipknot is lame and they should do us all a favor and jump off the Eifel Tower.

Amourette Inferno Penguin
Oct 2, 02 2:49am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Sniper Inferno Penguin
Sep 29, 02 10:25pm
Well your my neo Uncle since Sonic Flash is my neo dad. So Uncle Inferno Penguin, hows it hanging man? Well Talk to you on MSN. LATERZ

GTA VC Heli Master
MandyMarie402 Inferno Penguin
Sep 1, 02 3:50am
*hey you! Its been fun getting to know you and talkin to ya(all thanks goes to Vixie!!!) You are one of the most coolest ppl ever nick!! thats why i love ya! Im here for you always if you ever wanna talk(but im sure you already knew that)!!! GO LINKIN PARK!! haha LP all the way!right on:) hehe your sucha sweetie... Love ya always~Mandy*
ps~i havent seen "our show" in a while
Hey...just thought I'd sign your Guestbook, mostly for the cute lil' note you put in my message
Oh yeah, I'd like to apologize for my stupid-ass thread.

With Hugs,
I can't believe I didn't sign your guestbook. I'm such an idiot! :: Hugs :: With much love from your neo-sister-in-law...

ozzifist Inferno Penguin
Aug 2, 02 7:41am
whats up?

i know i've been a pain in the arse dising your rules and puttin you down but you seem to be ok by me.

like i said to you before , in a few years maybe you'll let people express their opinions if their negative.

VixenDoll469 Inferno Penguin
Jul 31, 02 9:31am
Look it's the cutie from the music Forum.

Hey ya. Love chatting with you on AIM. ALthough we can't bring too many people in LOL. Keep up the great job in the music forum. And remember those screamin rockers


solomon caine Inferno Penguin
Jul 25, 02 9:14pm
sup inferno, i am going around signing all of my friend's guestbooks (which won't take long...) i just wanted to give a shout to a fellow linkin park fan.

cya L8r
Aggro Inferno Penguin
Jul 14, 02 8:14pm
hey Inpo...er...Inferno Penguin. You're a cool guy to talk to, and you do a great job in the music forum. Keep chatting on AIM brotha!

P.S. Adema Rules!!!

nemesis496 Inferno Penguin
Jul 14, 02 7:12pm
saw you were the first to sign aj's guestbook, so I thought I would sign yours!
shadow96 Inferno Penguin
Jun 2, 02 4:25pm
Hey u might not know me but i think u do remember when i said something stupid that there was no Canada level, well i just wanted to sign ur guest book and u can sign my if u want to but it would be great if u did
Avalon Gram Inferno Penguin
May 14, 02 1:37am
I got a little bored so I'm going to stamp you, hope you like it (this is a cut and paste, feel special if you like)

Bizzybone702 Inferno Penguin
Apr 28, 02 9:48am
Your so kool you earned a signature from me in your guestbook cracka:D! And your new avatar picture is kool!!!!!!!
Peace Out