Wow, I have a neo-homepage. So that's nice.

Dammit, why don't the crappy center tags work, that just sucks!
Now, what do I do....uurh....hmm...I could post some images I suppose.

Well that filled some space. Now what? Wait this one's pretty good

And now tons and tons of porn!! What? How come I can't? But they'll learn about it eventually!
Can't people go five minutes without raising a moral objection to everything I do!
I know, random gibberish! I'm good at that:

We used to own a mule; fine it was with brown teeth and leather waistcoat lined with rabbit fur. But it grew old with the burden of witholding gold in it's cloven toes and sold it's left rear leg to buy a house with no walls. At such behaviour we gave it to Maurice who used it to heard the mice he grew on his farm of perplexing inferences.
We lacked all but molten wheat from that day and feasted upon all that flew through the westering window. But the mule was returned to us after it fought with Geraint, son of Maurice, over the age of a sulphurous toad.

And so on.