banjo999 Infected Onua
Oct 25, 02 1:37am
hey thanks for signing my guest book and good luck on becoming mod your self, BTW were ya been? haven't seen ya on the SW:BH or SW:CW fourms lately,see ya.
Amourette Infected Onua
Oct 1, 02 9:57pm
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Looks like I am not the first to sign this guestbook.

I just discovered this recently, and wanted to sign yours right away, seeing that you are one of my neofriends.
Roboevil Infected Onua
Apr 28, 02 2:09pm
hey!Hope ya have a good time here,Infected onua!make sure you follow the rules and don't spam!i do,anyway!hehehehehehe... please sign my guestbook!