I luff it, yet i hate it. Yes, very confusing. TheUrbzSimsInTheCity DS
I got it for christmas 2006. YAAAY!!! YoshisIslandDS DS
Yayz! ^_^ I got it for christmas 2006. It roxz!!!!!!!!! TraumaCenterUnderTheKnife DS
it is very good. Very cool graphics. Horsez DS
It was fun at first but gets boring after a while. YoshisIslandSuperMarioAdvance3 3DS
Its an okay game. It was my first HM game. I think the graphics are cute, but I expected a bit more from Natsume HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
It looks pretty cool. Will it come out USA?? HarvestMoonIslandOfHappiness DS
I just love, love, love this game! Awsome!! AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
I really want this game HarvestMoon GBC
Pretty cool. Gets boring after awhile though TamagotchiConnectionCornerShop DS
Does not work, but was fun when it did LooneyTunesSpaceRace DC
Very scrached, but plays well. DarkCloud PS2
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