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Jun 12, 11 4:24pm

Whyyyy hellooooo thereeee everyone. Indigoboots here. After a long break away from Neoseeker I am BACK! Or at least, until the Trojan virus my computer has contracted cruelly snatches away my ability to browse Neoseeker, as it has already done with Facebook. The bastard.

Anyway, some of you may want to know why I was away for so long.

*tumbleweeds blow across the screen, crickets chirp, a single owl's hoots echo through cyberspace*

I had exams. Oh yes, my Intermediate 2s, which in Scotland are about the equivelant of the exams that don't really matter but could be integral to your carreer if you *bleep* up your Highers.

(You see what I did there? I tried to trick the Neoseeker bleeping system. Somehow a bleep really interrupts the flow of a rant.)
(I just looked over the published version. It didn't work. Damn you, Neoseeker, you have foiled my plans.)

Anyway, you would expect the exams to all go pretty mundanely. WRONG. And avid readers of this blog (*tumbleweeds, crickets, owls ect.*) will know, nothing ever runs smoothly for the nation's favourite Indigoboots. And this is where I shall start my witty anecdotes of the little things that made my exams a little brighter.


Nothing drastic here, although Scottish readers will know that in every exam where there is a Listening paper, there is a custom Overly Scottish Man attatched. British people can imagine the voice of Raven barking, "SCOATTUSH QUOLUFUCASHUNS OFORITY. MYOOOSIC. INTERMEEEDEEEIT TOOOO." white blog readers from across the pond can conjure up an image of the most steriotypically Scottish person alive (Think the man on the carton of Scott's Porridge Oats). And of course there was the excerpt of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" which has seemingly occured in every Music exam paper since 2007. Hmm.


When faced with the blank pad of paper in which to write my close reading answers, I had a moment of panic. There was a box in which you had to write "Name Of Exam".

"Shit. What's the name of the exam?!" I muttered to myself. In the end, just as the InvigilaTor announced the exam could start, I hurriedly scribbled down "ENGLISH INTERMEDIATE TWO CLOSE READING EXAM" and it was only afterwards that I noticed the blank boxes labelled "Name Of Qualification" and "Name Of Paper". FML.

It was also on my way out of the exam that I knocked over my one litre bottle of Volvic all over my chair, desk and floor. I either had the choice of sitting my Critical Essays in a puddle (which was, at least, filled with Volcanicity) or telling the Invigilators and having them look at you like you were an incontinent teenager who was in need of some Tenalady.

Readers, I did the latter.


There was, again, the bright side of the OSM (Overly Scottish Man) but otherwise there was little to report, other than the general concensus that nobody had a clue what the reading paper was about. It was on a circus. Who the *bleep* learns vocabulary that is relevant to a circus? We were told to revise days of the week, months of the year, fruits, vegetables, numbers, activities, times of day, holiday destinations, sports, colours, weather, how to ask for directions to the swimming pool, family, adjectives, the perfect, future, pluperfect, imperfect and conditional tenses, books, films and how to book a flight- the circus was probably the only aspect of French life we DIDN'T cover!


There is something to be said for Invigilators. Sure, they can be scary wee bastards when they check to see if nobody has a mobile phone ("Nobody's got a mobile, have they?" *a sea of panicked hands discreetly reach into pockets to satisfy paranoid minds- it's still in the locker*) but sometimes even they can brighten up an exam. It was a tense moment when it came to collecting in the papers- the two invigilators were working their way down the line of chairs. One exam paper left. Who would be first to collect it and take the tilte of ULTIMATE INVIGILATOR?!
The scene was nail-biting. They walked as briskly as they could to the girl's chair, trying to conceal the competiton, but everyone knew. Someone might as well have fired a starting pistol and they could have sprinted towards the exam paper. As the invigilators reached the desk, the elderly invigilator who resembled a goat snatched up the paper from under the other's frail, old, talcum-powdered hand. The winner adjusted his pile of papers and gave a small wink to his opposition. The sexual tension between them was rather painful.


OSM again. Who are you, OSM? I would dearly love to meet you and listen to stories about your life in your soft, lilting harsh, coarse Scottish accent.


This exam was a *bleep*ing walkthrough. Although the happiness was tainted a little by the prescence of our annoying *bleep*ing form tutor who came to invigilate. My friend and I shared a worried glance across the exam hall which both read "Christ!! What's HE doing invigilating?! I thought that was only done by frail, elderly people!"
The prospect of sitting an exam was difficult enough without the prospect of my form tutor staring at me. I was lucky the exam was easy, as clearly otherwise I would have cracked under pressure and fainted.


There was the joy of, halfway through the exam, one guy who worked in the kitchens adjacent to the assembly hall who began singing "ET" by Katy Perry at the top of his lungs. He screamed out the lyrics as we all tried to contain ourselves. I should point out, dear readers, that this was not the first time a situation like this had occurred. Oh, no. In the prelims a similar thing happened with (presumably the same guy) the song "Barbara Streisand" by Duck Sauce. There's nothing betther than a good old "OOHOOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OO-HOOO-OOO-OOO-OOO-OOO" to really help you concentrate during the prelims. Eventually, on both occaisions, one of the invigilators walked through calmly and then let rip "WOULD YOU BE QUIET?! THE GIRLS ARE TRYING TO DO AN EXAM!"


Readers, I will confess to you now that I am hopeless at Biology, or indeed anything that is relatively logical and science-y. The only reason I took it was becasue our school makes it compulsory to take one science, one language and one social science to Int 2. Physics was too logical, Chemistry would have resulted in an explosion not dissimilar to Hiroshima- so Biology it was.

I probably would have coped with Biology if it were not for the sheer SCALE of topics thatwere covered. Fifteen topics with at least ten parts to each. I think during my revision I studied about two intensively then just did Past Papers, knowing I was *bleep*ed by default. I quite enjoyed going into the exam hall having a basic idea of every single topic, but not knowing the intensive nitty-gritty of, for example, respiration. But come on. Respiration. One topic out of fifteen (with ten parts to each), there's a high chance it will not feature in this eam paper.

Turning over the multiple choice booklet, I instantly saw that the first page was all about respiration.

(That last one was funny for you, not me.)

So there you have it, folks. Only time will tell of the outcome of these exams. All that matters, I suppose, is if I get good results in the subjectys I take to higher, which is of course Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, thus enabling me to pursue my career as an astrophysician.

Only joking, I'm going into Primary Education. The world can sleep safely in the knowlege that another Hiroshima does not loom.

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Apr 09, 11 5:19pm

The car door shuts, the key turns in the ignition and the car springs to life. Already, I notice something's wrong.

"Look," I say, pointing to the temperature display.

"What is it?" asks my Mum.

"That can't be right. It says it's nineteen degrees. And I've not melted."

I look at the landscape out the window. People are sitting eating ice creams in shorts and t shirts, and only then can I accept that summer has finally boarded the package flight from Alacante over to Scotland (where, inevitably, it will stay for about five days and then piss off back home).

I and the rest of Falkirk are, of course, taking full advantage of this weather to the point where it's borderline *bleep*. Wee boys are playing football topless on the barren patches of brown grass outside their council flats, obese women are waddling about town in their maxi dresses. My Dad even mowed the lawn, dragging out the forgotten, unloved lawnmower out of the very back of the shed where it's resided since September.

Of course, me being me I decided I wanted to go for a picnic. Mum was fully supportive of this idea, so I went and bought mini sausage rolls, sandwiches, tarts, everything- only to return home to find we don't have a hamper and a picnic without a hamper is, quite frankly, a joke. You could bung it in a Farmfoods bag but that's like having a Corination without a crown, it just takes away from the novelty of the whole idea. So that was me sitting in the garden with a bottle of cherry tango and a pound of jelly babies, knowing that I had to get through all this picnic food somehow.

So, in short, the moral of this story is- If it's getting summery where you are, don't plan a picnic. Or if you are going to plan a picnic, buy a hamper. Without one there's just no point.

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Mar 27, 11 12:28pm

Hi people. :)

Anyway, i just wanted to do some shameless advertising for my book becasue after pitting it in my sig, getting a banner made and makings its title as long and as stand-outish as's still not getting very many comments :( This upsets Abi. Abi would like some C&C or even just the knowlege that someone is reading but not commenting. I would love to know what you think. Even if someone doesn't like it, at least they would have had to read it to know they don't like it!

So if you've got any spare time, I really would love to know what people think.

Thanks :) Here's the link.

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Mar 20, 11 1:16pm

Hello, viewers.

In the past week something has come to my attention, and by the blog title I think most of you will know what it is.

For those who don't, allow me to introduce you to the dulcet tones of Rebecca Black's "Friday".

I'm not quite sure where to start, so I think I'll introduce you to what was going on when I watched this video.

I'd heard a lot about this "Friday" malarky as it was all over Facebook and, quite frankly, I was beginning to feel left out of the joke. So, I went on to Youtube and clicked on the link.

It starts with a calander, and it's flicking through the week while a cartoon drawing of Miss Black does her little harmonies and shit. On Monday she appears to have an essay, or homework, or some-other-*bleep*ing-thing. It appears to be the same on Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday. And then comes Friday, and she's written all over the page, "FINALLY!" and "YAY!" and stuff like that.

My first thought was, "Well, I really don't see why she's so excited about Friday. Surely the thought of school would taint the excitement a little. If anything the song should be called Friday NIGHT, if not Saturday."

So then it launches into the first verse. Now, I am assuming that Miss Black has written this song herself, because these lyrics are so poignant, so filled with emotion, so RELEVANT to our daily lives, they must have been written by someone who FEELS and CONNECTS WITH the music.

Reader, here are those lyrics.

(to be delivered in a monotone voice, as if one was Microsoft Narrator):
"7am, waking up in the morning.
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs.
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal.
Seein’ everything, the time is goin’.
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’.
Gotta get down to the bus stop.
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends."

Wow. Really. Really? The fact that these lyrics were even graced with a tune and a record release is madness, let alone the fact that someone could have been paid to write thses. I write songs from time to time, and up until last week I hadn't held them in very high regard. I know consider them to be worthy of a Grammy.

So, after my inital shock, the music video moves on. She spots a car being driven by all her twelve year old "friends", who she clearly met five minutes before on set, and debates whether or not she should sit in the front or back seat.

Question One: Some seconds earlier, she announced she was getting the bus. Why, therefore, is she getting into a car which, frankly, poses health and safety questions because it's being driven by twelve year olds.

Question Two: It's obvious that the only choice she has is to be "Sittin' in the back seat" as THE FRONT TWO SEATS ARE TAKEN. Unless she proposes to sit on the gear stick whcih would just be inconvenient. Why is she even debating the choice of seat?

The video moves on to present to us the most mundane chorus in the history of music. It even ranks higher than Nichole337's chart topper, "Both of my feet hurt":

"It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

Partyin’, partyin’
Partyin’, partyin’
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin’ forward to the weekend"

There is something to be said about the achievements of autotune when, even on its highest setting, it fails to make your voice sound anything better than a dog with throat cancer barking.

Now, I presume by the first verse that Miss Black is off to school to educate and nourish her young mind. But no! She instead seems to be flying down a motorway with the city twinkling behind her. It appears to be the dead of night, despite that fact she says it's "7:45". I also feel a pang of sympathy for the brace-clad tween on her left, as Miss Black warbles

"My friend is by my right"

WHO'S ON YOUR LEFT THEN?! I can only assume that it's a random stranger or some tag- along high school geek, in which case you must expel her from the car immediately before she ruins your high school reputation.

Anyway, we get to the chorus again, and then- prepare to be mind*bleep*ed! None of our friendly young tweens are in the car, nor is Miss Black. Instead we have some rapper that nobody's heard of who looks about fifty, bumbling his way through the slowest rap in the world as if he was swimming through tar.

And then there's the chorus again, and suddenly she's on stage. All hope of school has been abandoned and she seems to be crooning to her millions of friends, all of whom seem to be lapping up the "song" which has been through more computers than a Trojan virus (ironically a computer virus would be more aesthetically pleasing than this garbage). At the end she stands there, smiling awkwardly, and she and the rest of the Youtube population are left feeling an immense sense of relief that their ordeal is over.

But I'd like to end on a serious note. When I think of all the talent I've seen in my short fifteen years, it sort of makes me upset that people like Miss Black are getting deals. I've a friend who can write beautiful songs, songs that could give bands like Jamiroquai or Biffy Clyro a run for their money. And as I sit back and watch that song it makes me sad that people like her will never be discovered, spend their whole lives waiting and performing in who knows how many shitty pubs and bars in the hope that they will be discovered and make it big. While Miss Black and many like her stamp their feet and demand that Daddy phone Universal records and get them the *bleep* to stardom.

It's actually quite sickening.

So next time you're in town and see a busker, actually stop and listen to them. Dig into your pockets, give them something, anything. They'll be glad just to know that someone has noticed them and heard them, and that they're not just background noise in the busy streets of life.

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Mar 01, 11 2:39am
Describe what you're up to? My neck in shit.
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Feb 27, 11 9:55pm

Hello there!

So I've been doing the 30 Day Song Challenge :) It's pretty fun, even though I missed a day yesterday. I predicted I'd probably miss a few days due to homework and school, so I decided to do the whole 30 days in one go just so if I did skip a day, I'd always have my little archive here :)

(I should just say now, sorry Neon Rainbow for nicking your idea of putting this in your blog :/ :L)

So without further ado, here's my list of songs!

Day 01 - Your favorite song

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL song. By my favourite band ^___^ I love it so much, can never get bored of it.

Day 02 - Your least favorite song

*bleep*ing GARBAGE. I could have picked any autotuned, poorly-written song by this "singer" but I picked this simply because of the intro. Ugh. Also it says a lot about the British Public that the "Nation's Seetheart" is a chav who won a pop contest, beat up a Nigerian toilet attendent and called her a "*bleep*ing Nigbo". [/rantover]

Day 03 - A song that makes you happy

I love the Kaiser Chiefs, and the chorus really does it for me. :D

Day 04 - A song that makes you sad

If you really listen to the lyrics, it's basically about a young guy who gets addicted to cocaine, ends up stealing to pay for his habit, ends up in Feltham Young Offender's Institution, gets beaten up, can't take it and hangs himself. It also reminds me of someone close to me, but won't go into deets.

Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone

This will always remind me of my friend Heather. We made up a hilarious dance to this in S3, and performed it with tights stretched over our heads. Plus I really like the song ^^

Day 06 - A song that reminds you of somewhere

It will always remind me of London in Summer, because I was listening to it when we were going home and getting the train to Stanstead, and all of London was just slowly disappearing behind us.

Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event

This one was tricky, but it'll have to be this song. It reminds me of when me and my friend went to see them at the SECC. It was amazing!!! Haha. I chose this song in particular because when they played it everyone went tonto and all the phones and cameras came out to record it. Me and my friend slung our arms around each other dramatically and belted out, "NOTHING LASTS FOREVERRR, EXCEPT YOU AND MEEEE, YOU ARE MY MOUNTAINNNN, YOU ARE MY SEEEEEEE!"

Day 08 - A song that you know all the words to

Christ. I could have chosen ANY Jamiroquai song but I chose this, because I know all the improvisation-y bits off by heart too. Hee.

Day 09 - A song that you can dance to

I can't dance, so I chose this. Phahaha!

Day 10 - A song that makes you fall asleep

Couldn't sleep one night so I listened to my iPod. Pretty sure it was during this song that I fell asleep :L

Day 11 - A song from your favorite band

I'll choose this one out of the 110 songs of theirs on my iPod, because it's rare and never been released. Some funky shit.

Day 12 - A song from a band you hate

I was thinking, I don't really HATE any bands. And then I remembered...

Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure

Phehehehehehe. Oh Leon, I still love you.

Day 14 - A song that no one would expect you to love

Look up to the skyyyy, is it still good to feel aliiiiive, well I can dance and talk like a hurricaaaane- without doubt the best line of the whole thing.

Day 15 - A song that describes you

Aaah, a whole song about procrastination and laziness.

Day 16 - A song that you used to love but now hate

I did love this song, until I heard it on the bus morning and night, every day without fail. *bleep* YOU, REAL RADIO, *bleep* YOUUUUU!

Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio

LOLirony. Well, since my bus driver is obsessed with Real Radio (the same 5 songs all day long!) I hear this constantly. It's not started to piss me off yet. We shall see.

Day 18 - A song that you wish you heard on the radio

It's going to have to be another Jamiroquai song I'm afraid, but this is just sooooo good.

Day 19 - A song from your favorite album

Why do I love this band so much? I made it the live version because I believe it's better than the original :L

Day 20 - A song that you listen to when you’re angry

Reminds me of one of my "friends" :|

Day 21 - A song that you listen to when you’re happy

It was a toss-up between this and "Let's Dance To Joy Devision" by The Wombats, but this won in the end.

Day 22 - A song that you listen to when you’re sad

You have to believe yourself to be happy now...

Day 23 - A song that you want to play at your wedding

Has to be another Jamiroquai one...

Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral

Had to resist the urge to choose another Jamiroquai one and pick this instead. Let's have one of the classics, shall we?

Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh

It made me LOL the first time I heard it :)

Day 26 - A song that you can play on an instrument

Could pick from three, but there's only this one I know inside and out.

Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play

It would probably have to be this, since I only know a little bit and I want to be able to do it right through.

Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty

Since it's about Third World debt, environmental damage and animal testing, it does sort of make me curse the human existance. And this video was banned in America, so if there's anyone who hasn't seen it, please just watch it right through. 0.42- Oh look, it's a seabird covered in oil. Whose fault is that?

Day 29 - A song from your childhood

Going to have to be this one. I remember coming back from Glasgow in the summer and listening to this in the car. Hee.

Day 30 - Your favorite song at this time last year

This one was tricky, because after scouring my diary I honestly can't recall. I'm going to take a wild guess and say it was this, becasue I'd gone to Stirling with my friend around this time last year and we listened to this album in the car.

So there you have it! That is my 30 Day Song Challenge in 1 Day! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off for a nap. That was bloody exhausting.

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Feb 24, 11 3:38am

So I'm sitting on a train into Edinburgh, my iPod up on full, looking forward to seeing my friends, the sun is shining and it's a pretty nice day for February. Until it is spoilt by some ignorant tourists.

Now, Waverly station is nestled right at the bottom of Edinburgh Castle. As the train pulls into the station you go right past the castle. It's hard to miss, really, there's a large wall of rock and the castle sits on top of it. Anyway, as this was happening and the little robotic, slightly creepy Scottish voice announced "We are now approaching Edinburgh Waverly" these tourists, in their strong American accents, belt out




THIS WENT ON FOR FIVE MINUTES! Unfortunately their voices penetrated through "Every Now And Then" by the Noisettes (great song, youtube it) so I had to sit and listen to it for five minutes. I would have said somethig, but of course I didn't really want to start a conversation ABOUT the castle with them (after all, I don't live in Edinburgh and have never even BEEN to Edinburgh Castle).

At last, when they get off the train, I think my ordeal is over. I rush ahead to the ticket barriers, but the very last thing I hear from them is:


Incredulous, I look around me. The manky ceiling has pigeons roosting in the rafters, the ground is speckled with gum and litter, there are about three different tannoys screaming at us to never leave our bags unattended- it's about as far away from cute as a dead sheep!

It's not the first time I've ran into problems at the train station. A couple of weeks ago, I was sat opposite a guy on the train who pulled out a cheese and onion sandwich and began to eat it. He may as well have pulled out a bomb!! At least it would have been less mank and stinking. After about ten minutes of constantly swallowing my own bile, the smell went away.

So, two fundamental rules of rail travel,
1: Don't be an ignorant, loud tourist and
2: Don't eat cheese and onion sandwiches.

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Nov 13, 10 6:42pm

Now, so many times I will update my blog and no doubt say "Oh, not much happened, nothing new."

But yesterday, I can confirm, that SOMETHING HAPPENED!!! :O

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start (8)). It's second period, PE. We have badminton (I loathe badminton). After a few wee warm- ups, we're told to go and practice with a partner. Me and my best friend go to the middle court and begin.

A few minutes into this, she hits the shuttlecock high into the air. I can't *bleep*ing see it as it's camoflaged from the white netting on the roof of the sports hall *rolls eyes* I finally see it, I jump up, hit it, am so happy-

Then I go and screw it up and land on my ankle. There's a crack. And pain. A lot of pain. Ow. My ankle is painful to stand on so I decide to sink to the ground and cry into myself. People hurry over. PE teacher starts asking questions. Can I stand up? Do you feel sick? Is your foot still attatched to your leg? All the while I'm bawling and hyperventilating, and what makes me stop is my PE teacher and another girl in the glass giving me a Queen's Chair to the bench. It was hilarious.

So nothing's broken. It's just a nasty spain, and it'll be fine in a few days. So begins Hopalong's journeys around the school.

My high school, being the posh bastards they are, have no time for wheelchair- bound people. Oh, no, I tell a lie, there is one ramp but you do have to go up a flight of stairs to get it. So, yeah. I come out of PE, I see the stone steps and I want to die/ my leg to be better again. After about ten minutes of hobbling up them (and people stuck behind me getting increasingly annoyed- I am now a tractor, you understand) I arrive at French class.

"Sorry I'm late, it now takes me twice as long to get anywhere."


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Oct 26, 10 10:19pm

Well, I've just got back from my holiday to Peebles a day ago. Yep, that's right, PEEBLES. If you're unfamiliar as to where Peebles is, it's that "middle of nowhere" everyone's talking about. And, um, about a two hour drive from our house. You see, we thought we'd try a "staycation" (God, do I hate that word) this year, so it was off to the Cardrona Hotel for our family.

It was only when we arrived that I discovered that this holiday- might -not be too bad. I was cheered up immensely by the greeting from Jimmy Krankie poorly disguised as the Duty Manager. As she asked us how our room was in the voice of a caffeine- enriched Scottish squirrel, I had to resist the urge to tell her that, "IT WAS FAN-DABI-DOSI, FAN-DABI-DOSI, FAN-DABI-DOSI AND THEY DANCED ALL NIGHT."

More hilarity was provided when we decided to go out for a wee jaunt in the car, flippantly ignoring the rising price of petrol. Somehow, somewhere, we got stuck behind two old biddies in a Honda Jazz Sport, ironically. The car was going about two miles an hour!!! What sport was that car representing?! Tiddleywinks?! Boules?! Certainly wasn't bloody Formula One racing!
The hilarity increased when clever ole observant me spotted a sign stuck to the back windscreen reading, "CAUTION: GRANDPARENTS DRIVING." Aye, cause if they drive any *bleep*ing faster they'll be flying, I'm sure!

The next LOL came from the two clinically obese middle aged ladies who waddled into the pool's "SERIOUS SWIMMER" section- you know, the roped- off bit. As I tried to breast-stroke my way past their marshmallow-y arses, they sat and chatted about the shelf life of a dead dust mite or something else god-awful boring. HOWEVER. As soon as the clock hit twelve, a veritable tsunami was created the the Cardrona Holet Leisure Pool, as their bingo wings slapped agains the water as they desperately clawed their wy out of the pool to make their lunch booking.

So, given the hilarity that Peebles provided, there's a fair chance I'll be returning.

Just to see if those old biddies are still out there on the road ;)


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Oct 21, 10 5:49am

Why helloooooo there ^_^ Abi here, updating her blog for the first time in aaaaaaages. So, what am I up to? Well, I'm in Fourth Year (may confuse English viewers) which is TEHHH BIG SCAAAARY YEAR OF EXAMS AND CARREERS ADVISORS. D:


But I'm officially on half term now, so I can relax for a bit ^^ And that is how I got back into Neoseeker! Having PM-ed all mah friends- *SHOUT OUT WARNING* Neon Rainbow, Samus, Dramon Knight, BB Brona and BJ McDonald19- I decided to start tapping and typing again.

So, what do you need to know about me? Well, I'm a person who gets anxious easily, is very strongly- opinionated, emotional and a bit of a lazy cow tbh :L I love food but am not fat (however, all the calories will catch up with me later in life XD) and I also love animals. I also hate assholes. ;) If you're not an asshole we'll get along juuuust fine.

And what did I do today? Well, em, I got a filling. Painful stuff. The smell was the worst bit, and the couldn't get away from it.

:| I shall stop this memory now, as it's distressing me.

Ooh, and I went shopping in town with my friend. I'll probably get on your tits in that I do go shopping quite a bit. *rhymes* And we got a McDonald's in the afternoon (I had a Filet-O-Fish, it was the only thing I could trust :L) THEN we got in trouble from the Mall Manager for going down an Up escalator.

We were filming it as well. Ruined a bloody good take, that mall manager. :rolls eyes:

Well, I'm blabbing, so I'll stop now. Feel free to drop me a PM. I'm generally very friendly and will back you up in an argument, as long as you dnt tlk lyk dis and overuse, the comma, too much- or the apostrophe for that matter. Gets right on my tits.

So, I may forget this blog after a while. But I hope not :) So, comment, like, do whatever the hell you want ^^ xxxxx


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Dec 05, 09 5:16pm
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