Currently based out of Tucson, Arizona, I work in the Law Enforcement agency. While I would like to discuss that further, due to a want in privacy and concern for safety, I will not go into further.

While I am quite young, I still think I'm doing pretty good in life. People I know consider me to be a Maverick, which is fine, but I do tell everyone I encounter that I am not the type of person to hold back on an opinion, so if you ask, you will get a response. (Although you might not like it, you have to respect someone who voices what they believe in, no matter if you think they are wrong.)

Have been lurking in and about Neoseeker for over 1 year now. I believe that up to this point, I have a thorough understanding of how things work around here.....

Up to now of course.


My all time favorite subjects, besides Video games of course, are eating Food, like In-N-Out Burger, going on long road trips, and seeing to it that Justice is served. Oh wait, that last part
applies to my real job!

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