Artirtico InabyamaCastle Guard
Dec 24, 11 2:29pm

Hiya! Gotta keep up this tradition! Little bit different though this year XD
Uncharted 3 is epic, though the upcoming Warriors Orochi game is looking very promising too =D
Hope you have a great Christmas and cya later!
Artirtico InabyamaCastle Guard
Dec 25, 10 1:50am

HIYA! Long time no speak xD Look look look in the stamp; Deng Ai! Turns out that our 'likely top three' in the hurt/heal have all been made playable (even though Ding Feng is a right creep...) Come pay a visit to the DW7 forum somewhen, it's looking like it should turn out to be far better than that icky DW6 xD

Hope life's treating you well - Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Cheers!
Hey, you're really cool on the Ocarina of Time forums! I don't have a stamp yet, so . . I guess I can't stamp you. Anyway, make sure to save the Hylian Help Desk! From one neofriend to another,
Mishtram InabyamaCastle Guard
Aug 13, 09 10:34pm
Saw you hanging around the Empire Earth forums, I figured I was the only active guy who still did that. Great to see that other fans of the Strategy PC section are still around!

Hope to see you around!

Artirtico InabyamaCastle Guard
Jan 5, 09 3:49pm
Now that the 'technical difficulties' have been sorted, here's another stamp! Better late than never

Oh and now that my first post has gone, I suppose you need reminding that Zilong and Wenyuan overpower your boys just as much as Guan Yu would overpower Xiao Qiao in a longest beard contest!

Raising a glass to you my noble lord, to our old thread(s) and to future conversations (banter basically )
Artirtico InabyamaCastle Guard
Sep 3, 08 12:50pm
Hiya! Well, I've finally made a stamp so since you didn't get one last time, here you go!

All of the BEST DW characters there of course

To our thread and the great times we had
Sleva InabyamaCastle Guard
Jan 29, 08 12:51am
I'll sign your guestbook now!

And it seems like Saint Someone has done it too I half-way know that guy

Your name is very exclusive! Do you play Samurai games???
yamacha24 InabyamaCastle Guard
May 31, 06 1:35am
Hey,I was interested in signing your guestbook and could you sign my guestbook.See you around in the forums.
I hope you like my stamp.[URL=][/URL]
Shadow Rue InabyamaCastle Guard
Aug 31, 05 1:15am
Whoa... thought there'd be more people to sign your book, chief.

"... Jacques, that had DAMN WELL better be your handgun!"

looks like im the first one to sign your guestbook.Hope your good,take care and cya around.