killer iPod In Motion
Jan 16, 09 3:58am
Heres to a great a Feud! Good luck in the match aswell, your pretty cool aswell


I don't have a stamp yet
GabboUK In Motion
Dec 30, 08 9:54am
Just read your Neo biog about Roberto and lasting in Futurama mafia...

Before I killed you. Remember bbz? I got you lynched and you shouted at me.

I'll make a stamp one day and stamp you.

So just a message to one of the sexiest 14 year old's I know... and I know LOADS.

The Rock 13 In Motion
Dec 24, 07 4:25pm
So here it is,
Merry Christmas,
Everybody’s having fun,
Look to the future now
It’s only just begun.

Zhou Tai Rocks In Motion
Dec 18, 07 4:30am
Thanks for signing man. I sort of like you too, in the most non-gay way possible.

westy_1990 In Motion
Dec 18, 07 3:59am
Hey mate,

Thanks for the awesome signing. Thanks for being a great mate over the last, must be approaching a year! wow. Its been great, although we haven't spoken much, hehe.

Well, thanks for the signing and have a great Christmas mate.

Speak Soon.
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Dec 18, 07 12:45am
Happy Holidays
& a Merry Christmas

Mr Prez


Jaw Knee In Motion
Sep 25, 07 4:48am
Thanks for rading, reviewing and liking my story. It truly means a lot. I hope you'll be looking forward to my next chapters and the conclusion which may or may not be so soon.
westy_1990 In Motion
Sep 5, 07 2:43am
Hey mate, how are ya?

Just thought I'd sign your with my new stamp!

Please return the favour and

Talk to ya soon!
Lighting In Motion
Aug 19, 07 12:19am
I just thought I would sign your guestbook cause you're a really cool guy. Prepare to make contact with royalty.

Zhou Tai Rocks In Motion
Jun 14, 07 1:51am
Thanks for signing my guestbook, I'm here to return the favor with a super cool stamp.

See'ya Round.