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Jan 18, 16 3:48pm
Hang in there, Neo!
Aug 7, 13 6:00am
For the nostalgia's sake, what the *bleep* is up, everyone??
Feb 2, 13 8:42am
starts a new chapter in her life with her little man, Rex!
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Silent Hill : OriginsorSilent Hill : ZERO (Japaneese version name)This is a unbiased &...

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formerly known as Memory of Eileen :3
Sep 6, 11 6:15pm
36th Weeks of the Pregnancy! :3
Aug 31, 11 6:00pm
35th Weeks of Pregnancy! :3
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34th Weeks of Pregnancy! :3
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used to be Memory of Eileen ^.^
Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 11, 10 3:45am

The Narrator: Ded Valve again. Here we go, d00d x looks at him grumpily as he finds out that the snuff he used is the last one.

d00d x: [feels irritated] What?

Chief: Give me one of your donuts!!!

d00d x: Really?!

Chief: Yeah REALLY!!!!

[d00d x looks at him amazingly while Chief gives him a sexy smile.]

The Narrator: And begin the love moment music!!

The Narrator 2: Ajax's here! Here's the violin!

[The love theme song starts as d00d x holds Chief's hands.]

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [notices them] What the hell are you guys doing? Seriously.

[The love theme song becomes loud as Chief's still smiling at d00d x and tightening their hands, making Imprisoned_Butterfly jealous.]

Everyone except them: Ok.... This is awkward.

d00d x: OK!!! [takes a donut out of his pocket] Here ya go!

The Narrator 2: The shrill, chalkboard screech cries of the song is heard in the background as it stops. Then it yelps! Oh that was Vero's cat. Wtf, I thought that was the violin.

Chief: [receives the donut] Thanks dude! Rebel rules!

d00d x: Shit I agree!

[David and Chief give each other a rebel handshake]

James: NO FAIR! I wanna some donut! I haven't eat at all!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [still glares at David and Chief] WHY the hell---?

The Narrator: Whoa there, kitty! Take it easy, Butterfree!

An Asian Chick: [interrupts] Ok! Paps, you got the electromagnetic spectrometer? And the atmospheric pressure gauge?

Paper Fox: [quickly replies Dora’s question in order to change the subject] Yeah, but I have to return it by tomorrow morning.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [already forgets about the boys as she turns to Paper Fox] Why so soon? This is gonna take all night you know. Plus, there's no portal or an exit outside of the, there's no way to return it by tomorrow. I mean, we are lost after all.

Paper Fox: Let's just say, I borrowed them under "special circumstances".

Prowl: Sweet!

An Asian Chick: What do you mean? You didn't....oh great.

Paper Fox: No worries, let's just get this done.

An Asian Chick: >.>

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [grabs the list from Paper Fox] Last on the list, Chelskiman, cell phones and digital camera?

Chelskiman: Check, let's all get together and take a pic of this great team!!!!

The Narrator: The sons of bitches all stand together, looking scared, hyper and excited. Not quite sure why they're here, but happy!!!

Some Emo Guy: [interrupts] Hey, what about me?

[They look at him and give him an apology. Again, they, includes Hassan, all stand together... This time, they're looking disgusted, scared and moaned as the maggot comes out of his ear. With the reeks of his death. Then the camera takes a couple of snapshots.]

Paper Fox: [to Hassan] Feeling better? No hard feeling right?

Some Emo Guy: Yeah... [obsesses of them getting disgusted at him] I guess... Forgive me for the maggots. [Then he looks at lycan2000 with filled of hatreds] DAMN YOU, HAYDEN!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

lycan2000: [switches from the sub-machine gun to flamethrower and cocks his flamethrower gun] You're welcome! Want to be toasted? You will become a fire ghost like Jasper Gein.

d00d x: Now, you guys...NEED TO CUT IT OUT!

Some Emo Guy and lycan2000: [look at him annoyed] Yeah, you better cut it out with the sugar rush!!! Damn ADHD KING!

d00d x: SSSssshhh!!! Keep it down! I'm too hot to be one.

Prowl: Hot? You're more of a wankster.

d00d x:

[End of Chapter!]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 11, 10 3:25am

d00d x: *BEEP*IN' A! EVERYONE DUCKS! [drops the popcorn bag and grabs Vero's hand and ducks together with her as everyone ducks]

lycan2000: [stops shooting] WAIT! I HAVE A KNIFE! [drops the gun and takes a Rambo knife] I'm gonna take your dirty hands outta my beautiful yet greasy hair! [points his knife at his head as if he is committing suicide]

Chelskiman: Lycan, noooooo!!!! [runs dramatically towards him in a slow motion style and stops him from almost stabbing himself in the head]

Prowl: The *beep* is this shit?

lycan2000: [fights back as he grunts] But there was a ghost trying to invade my precious hair!

Ditnopota: [unducks and cracks his neck] Your hair isn't precious, sir! It is made of fresh grease and oil spills that can cause fire easily if I just throw a lighter on you, sir!!!

Chelskiman: [to lycan2000] Also it isn't a ghost! [takes the knife away from him successfully] It's the stupid maggot from the Muslim fool!

Some Emo Guy: [hisses at Chelskiman] It's Hassan Wahid, I have a name, thank you very much!

lycan2000: And since when do you care for me?

Chelskiman: Since when I became a moderator so my job is to keep everyone safe and happy!

lycan2000: Wtf, that's like the bodyguard or something, not a moderator.

Chelskiman: Just hush! I always want to be a hero. [grins as he shows his shiny white teeth with a sparkling light that resembles a star]

lycan2000: Oh. Good thing, I didn't stab myself in the head...

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Yeah, you don't wanna be like Hassan... [looks at Some Emo Guy] Trust me. He is all gray and unalive.

Prowl: [corrects Vero] Dead. Unalive isn't a real word.

Ditnopota: He's right, sir!!!!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Shut up.

Some Emo Guy: [turns to Imprisoned_Butterfly] Vero, you hurt my feeling...

Prowl: [notices Hassan and turns to him and blunts] I thought you don't have any feeling while you're dead?

Chief: That's what I said earlier! Ghosts don't have feelings!

Some Emo Guy: [bawls] I HATE BEING A GHOST!!!

d00d x: [observes Hassan's physical appearance] Actually, you look more like a floating zombie...

An Asian Chick: [glares at Prowl, Chief and d00d x] YOU GUYS! That isn't very nice of you to say that to poor Hassan!

Some Emo Guy: Bless Allah! Someone knows my name!

Prowl: [to Dora] I'm just saying the truth!

An Asian Chick: He IS a ghost who have a feeling!

Chief: Then how come...[takes out Hassan's ear]

Some Emo Guy: HEY!!! Watch my piercing, would ya!?

Chief: [continues] ...his ear comes off easily?

d00d x: Yeah! [chews a snuff then splits it] I mean...just look at him!

[David points his finger at Hassan as Hassan glares at him. Dora gives a sigh and ignores them.]

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Wow, blunt guys.

James: Chief, that man creeps me out. I get the funny feeling from him.

Chief: It's ok... [grins as Hassan grabs his ear back with a hmph] Hassan is a good ghost. He won't hurt us.

James: No, I mean... [points his finger at Ditnopota] Why in the world is he dressing like Pyramid Head? He's a fan of him or something? Because he's still wearing a conical-helmet. Not to mention a ballet skirt. And come on, he's wearing a white wife beater tank top... and a pair of army boots? They're black Plain Toe Combat boots! [keeps his eyes on Ditnopota and Ditnopota notices James looking at him, Ditno gives him a big grin] WTF is he giving me that scary look?

Chief: [hiccups] I don't know, man. Ask him, I'm not Dead Eddie... [stops and grins stupidly] Heeey! Think about it. Dead Ed plus Eddie equals Dead Eddie! Get it? It's HILARIOUS!!! Hey, DAVID!

[To Be Continue!]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 11, 10 2:47am

The Narrator: At the second floor of the building, everyone is blabbing about nonsense that I don't give a rat's ass about. David's still hyper as usual and now there is the scene of Chief and James talking about James' dead wife, Mary.

The Narrator 2: [interrupts] Whoop-e-*beep*in'-doo! Hello there, everyone! It's the Famous Moderator Ajax! I'm going to join the fun!

The Narrator: Son of a bitch! The show is belonging to a handsome guy like Ded Valve! GTFO!

The Narrator 2: Never! D: I'm here for everyone since everyone loves me! I'm a popular guy as you see-

The Narrator: [interrupts] Meanwhile!

Chief: So, your wife, like, is hot?

James: Yeah, my poor Mary was ill for 3 years...her face became bloat as hell and the disease disfigured her physically. :/

Chief: No, I don't mean that kind of hot. I was asking if your wife is hot when I mean she's phat. Like she have nice tits that are bouncy or something.

James: [stops walking and glares at him] Don't you dare talk about my Mary!! [reveals a wooden plank to Chief] I'll smash you with it then smother you to death with my shoe!

Chief: Sorry. You're fun to pick on.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Be nice to James, Chief. [turns to James] Also, don't feed the troll. He just likes to piss you off.

James: Well, if I know he is a stupid troll then I'll not feed him as much as he want. No wonder why he is banned from the website.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: I know. [turns to Chief] I actually wish you don't have to flame the moderators. You're fun to be around.

Chief: Whatever, you're not my mama

Imprisoned_Butterfly: I'm not saying you're my son, I don't ever wanna think of you as my son! [shudders violently] Since you're really a quick temper guy.

Deception: I think I know what you're mean, Vero. [looks at the face of Chief] And not to mention he's a ginger too.

Chief: [to Deception and rubs his knuckles] Got a *beep*in' problem with it, Miss?

Deception: Miss? Oh no you didn't! I may have a long hair but it don't mean I'm gay!

Chief: You have an issue so *bleep* off and go get help.

Deception: Yes, I do! Ginger bitch! That's what you get for calling me a noob earlier!

Chief: You're lucky, woman, I don't hit pussies like you. ["I'm a guy, for *bleep*'S SAKE!" - Deception] Maybe I can use this guy to beat the shit outta him...

[Chief spots Some Emo Guy the ghost and beats the shit outta him with his fists as Deception gasps]

Some Emo Guy: [getting punched by Chief] Damn it! *BEEP* YOU AND YOUR LIFE!

Chief: I'm sorry, dude, I need some satisfaction! Since you're dead and all so I figure you can't feel a thing! This fat bitch pisses me off!

Chelskiman: Uh oh! :o

Deception: Fat bitch? Oh no you didn't! [punches Chief in the face and Chief cries as his lower lip rips apart and starts to bleed] *Beep*in' men think they can say shit to my face just because I look like a skinny woman!

d00d x: Oh snap! Quick, someone pass me a bag of popcorn!!!

[Ditnopota passes d00d x a bag of popcorn and eats it with him together as he shoves his AK 47 gun down in his pants' crotch]

Chelskiman: [to Ditnopota] Dude, you're happy to see me? Get it? Get it???? [points his finger at Ditnopota's private part]


Paper Fox: [pats Deception's back] There,'re not a pussy. You are so cute to us, girls, like a kid! You make me want to pinch your cheeks, little lover boy! [pinches Deception's cheeks then gives him a kiss to each cheek]

An Asian Chick: She's right! You're so cute! [pets Deception's head]

Deception: Jeez, thanks, I guess. [rubs his cheek]

Some Emo Guy: [to Chief] I can feel it you dumb*beep*! [rubs his face and grumbles loudly] Another maggot coming out of my nose! Pathetic!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Oh well, Chief had it coming as usual. And what are you doing, Hassy? Picking your booger?

Some Emo Guy: I'm trying to get this stupid maggot out of my nose! [flicks a large maggot from his nose and the maggot falls and lands on lycan2000's hair] OH SHI- SORRY!

lycan2000: [alarms] What was that?! [feels his hair being invaded] It's the ghost!! [loads his sub-machine gun]

Chief: [covers his bleeding lip] Did someone say shi-?

James: [overthinks and mutters to himself] Please, go away voices, go away! I'm innocent...I'm innocent...I know I'm a good boy.

Everyone: [interrupts Chief and James as they see what they think lycan2000 is doing] Hay noooo!!!

lycan2000: TAKE THAT!!!!!! [shooting the hell out of the pitched black hallway in the second floor from behind him]

[To Be Continue!]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 8, 10 11:30am

The Narrator: d00d x acts like an idiot. [reads the script] Paper Fox have a fetish for abusing Prowl. An Asian Chick (whom was called as Dora) hid d00d x's pistol, not trusting him with it. Everyone found Chief and James Sunderland who was from the game called Silent Hill 2. Imprisoned_Butterfly checked James out, d00d x pissed off and blah blah, what ya know? Meanwhile!

Paper Fox: Aaawkward.

James: [confuses for a minute as he stares at them] Who are you people?

Chief: [joins James as he pokes his head outta the dumpster] They're the Texan people. They're also the Facebook users.

Deception: Actually...most of us are from Australia.

Chief: Shut up!

James: And what the hell is the "Facebook"? Some face in the book or on the book?

Chief: Just...Facebook. A site where everyone can meet or talk or keep in touch with each other. [James stares at him as he blinks.] Um...we're the humans who controls you to attack the monsters in the game. [James still don't get him] Get it...we are the players. You are the "character" from the game called Silent Hill 2. It sorta like...a film called "The Ring" where we got drag into the game suddenly and met you in the building....I think.

James: [suddenly getting it] Sweet!

Prowl: I don't get any of this shit he's saying.

Paper Fox: Same here. :/

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [remembers something] Jesus Christ!!!

Ditnopota: [hides his weapons] Jesus is here?

Everyone looks at Vero: What?

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Whatever happens to Some Emo Guy?

An Asian Chick: [snaps her fingers] Oh yeah! Muslim guy who hates his life with a passion... I wonder where he went...?

lycan2000: Eh...

Ditnopota: [notices] Hay, do you have something to say?

The Narrator: Everyone, except James who was observing the pictures for the clues of his dead wife, is looking at lycan2000. Way to go, noobs!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Hayden? Lycan?

lycan2000: Uh....

Everyone: HAY???

lycan2000: [bawls] I'M SORRY!!!! I had to give that emo guy to my pal Walter! I really hate Muslim people! [drops his sub-machine gun and covers his face with his hands ashamedly] He's asking for it! Walter told me that he wanna kill the Muslim guy for calling him a Mama-mother*beep*er and for opposing the God! He decided to murder him as his victim #0!!!!!!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: What's an zero stand for?

lycan2000: [sniffs] A loser.

Ditnopota: [strokes his long beard] That's quite interesting...

Some Emo Guy: Hey everyone!!!!

[Everyone, include Ditnopota as he rips his beard off by accident with a "ouch!", looks at him in horror as Some Emo Guy comes out of nowhere all of a sudden.]

Paper Fox: Holy crap, Hayden...or Lycan or whatever tells us a story about what happened to you and why are you down here?

Some Emo Guy: I wandered in here a while ago. I just couldn't find my way out without a flashlight. I don't even know how long it's been, but now you guys can help me. Where's Lycan?

lycan2000: I'm here... Do you need something?

Some Emo Guy: Yeah, to kill you for revenge.


d00d x: [splits the tobacco chew] SUCK TO BE YOU, LULZ!

Chief: LULZ? Like I said, you're a noob!

d00d x: Why don't you just go *beep* yourself?

Chief: Noob noob noob

[An Asian Chick holds up her light to take a better look at Some Emo Guy, his skin is a slate gray and the bones of his face are jutting out. There is a distinct smell of death about him, and several of his teeth are missing.]

An Asian Chick: Uuhh, Hassan? How do you feel?

[Everyone looks at him in silence. Some Emo Guy decides to break it.]

Some Emo Guy: Great! Well at first it was hard. I had to fight with Walter in that building and he stabbed me in the stomach with a knife. He also carved five numbers into me as well. Then he left me alone in the building as I was really hungry and had nothing to drink. But after a while, I just didn't feel anything. Now, I feel fine. [flicks a maggot from his nose] UUuugghh!! I hate those!!!

[d00d x, Prowl, Deception, Ditnopota and lycan2000 laugh at him and stop as soon as Some Emo Guy shots them a hatred look. Paper Fox and the rest of the female Fear Hunters feel sorry for Hassan the emo guy while James finally stops staring at the pictures, looks at Hassan, he reacts violently, jumping back from him.]

Chief: Oh sorry, James...This is Some Emo Guy named Hassan. He just shows up all of a sudden and he's a little...

Ditnopota: ...dead.

An Asian Chick: [takes a note and writes something down] Oh well that explains everything...

Prowl: You guys are twisted man, but this is fun!!!!

d00d x: *BEEP* YEAHHH!!!!!

Paper Fox: Well, the bottom line is we gotta find our fears and attack them! So let's stop yakking and get going!!!

Everyone: AMEN!!!

[End of Chapter!]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 8, 10 10:57am

The Narrator: I am too lazy to even introduce myself as Ded Valve...oh damn! Anyway!

An Asian Chick: Ok! Voice, tell us...who are you? [whispers] Aye, I am not using the Ouija board if you readers are wondering about it.

[Everyone got shut up as lycan2000 and Ditnopota held d00d x down tightly to relax him.]

An Asian Chick: I know you can hear me, voice.


Imprisoned_Butterfly: ..... [taps her foot impatiently as she waits for the voice to reply to Dora]


Imprisoned_Butterfly: [finally lost it] YO STUPID VOICE!!!!! [her loud-mouth is echoing/screeching in the building, starling her friends]

Chelskiman: [cowers] Jesus Christ. [scratch inside his ear with a finger]

The voice: [snaps out of it] Oh me?

Everyone: Yeah, you!

The voice: Sorry, I was talkin' to--

lycan2000: [interrupts] Well! Who the *beep* are you? [points his sub-machine gun at the ceiling]

Ditnopota: [breathes under his nose] About bloody time that Lycan forgot to kill me. [glares at lycan2000 and his sub-machine gun then looks up to the ceiling and says] You don't mind if I join you?! [points his AK-47 rifle at the ceiling too]

d00d x: [to lycan2000 and Ditnopota] I'm with you, man!!!!! [raises his hand and reaches for his beloved pistol...until he feels nothing behind him] WTF?! [notices that his pistol is missing] NO!!! MY BELOVED PISTOL IS GONE! [looks at the ceiling with the hatred in his eyes] *BEEP* YOU VOICE! I'M GONNA KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS FOR STEALING MY PISTOL! YOU IS GOING DOWN!

Imprisoned_Butterfly:, what a temper.

An Asian Chick: [hides d00d x's pistol in her backpack carefully] Heh!

Prowl: [snaps his fingers] I GOT IT!!!

Paper Fox: More donuts?

Prowl: No. I am thinking that this voice could be belong to Ernest Baldwin!

[Everyone except d00d x gasps]

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [claps her hand on her forehead] That's right! I forgot about him!

lycan2000: [loads his sub-machine gun and turns to Prowl] Ernest? You mean that guy from Silent Hill 2? A doctor? A ghost Maria met in the Mansion?

Prowl: I don't know! ["d-oh!"- Ditnopota] All I see in this building is the picture of a man...right there! [points his finger at the picture frame in the empty room where d00d x was screaming at, earlier, with the name in it]

Paper Fox: Yes! That's him! [nods and turns to Prowl] Nice findin' Andy!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [to Prowl] Yeah! Soon, you will be a Silent Hill freak too! >:3


The voice: LOL

d00d x: [mumbles] Now what?

The voice: Well, sorry noobs, y'all got it so wrong!

d00d x: Oh *BEEP* YOURSELF!

Deception: [to the voice] Me...a noob? You BITCH!

An Asian Chick: Jeez, noob is just a word. I don't find it so offensive.

Paper Fox: And I'm an awesome noob!

The voice: Whatever, noobs. Hey Vero! Would you please get me the hell outta here? This thing stinks! Can you tell me where the *beep* is the little prick? He *beep*ed up my whole Facebook page and I *beep*in' swore I would make him *beep*in' pay! So please hurry up lass!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: That voice! I know it, Chief!

Everyone: Chief?

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Yeah, David Burk. He's my neo-friend from the video game website named Neoseeker. He got perm. banned. It's a long story. [turns to the voice] Say, where are you?

Deception: Oh!!!!! A Scooby-Doo moment! XD! [starts to giggle madly] I love Scooby-Doo! SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU?!

An Asian Chick: No, you moron. It's Chief.

Prowl: Oh, I'm not a moron, anymore?

Paper Fox: [to Prowl] You stay out of it. >:( [hits him in the stomach]

Prowl: [groans] Aaaw, baby! I was only kidding!

Paper Fox: I know. I just feel like hitting you.

An Asian Chick: God, you guys are weird.

The voice: [interrupts] Vero, I am stuck in the dumpster. [lycan2000 and Ditnopota change from pointing their weapons at the ceiling to the dumpster.] Now, help me to get the *beep* outta this stupid garbage! And it smells like shit!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Now, why in the world...?

The voice: Don't ask!

Paper Fox: Hey! If you don't wanna tell us what's going on then I damn sure won't let Vero to help you to get out of there! You will die in there....all alone.

The voice: Oh *beep* you!

Prowl: I do not approve it.

Paper Fox: Say it one more time and you will find out.

The voice: Fine! Jesus Christ! Ok, this is really embarrassing! Well, you see...when I got lost in Fort Worth's downtown and spotted I followed his ass into this stupid garbage!

The voice next to him: Who's this? [pauses and then:] Wow, sure is dark in here!

Chief's voice: Hey James.

James' voice: Who said my name? Ew and it smells like garbage! This apartment sucks.

Everyone: .....

Chief's voice: [sounds confused] Apartment? I thought we're in the dumpster?

James' voice: [mutters to himself crazily] I'm telling you, James... I am starting to hear the my head...and this reek reminds me of my dead wife...

Chelskiman: That's because you went into that dumpster!

Chief's voice: Oh thought so.

James' voice: Oh I did? [pokes his head out of the dumpster, causing Ditnopota yelps and jumps onto lycan2000's arms] Oh lookie it that!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [gasps] It's James Sunderland! A main character from Silent Hill 2!!!!!!!

An Asian Chick: Yeah! How cool is that?! =D He's definitely hot in person than in game!

Deception: Oh here we go.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Nice bum.... [checks James' butt out] not bad...almost like Walter's... [realizes An Asian Chick coughs "What about your boyfriend Decok?"] Don't worry! I'm still with him! He's my man!

d00d x: [wanting to kill James from the sight of his girlfriend checking him out] That's right, baby! I'm all yours! [grabs Vero and holds her tightly] Don't you dare look at his butt!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Sorry, baby! [stomps her foot on David's right foot and David lets go a "ouch!" and frees her] I love you. :3

d00d x: [mutters, rubbing his foot] I love you too baby.

[To Be Continue]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 8, 10 9:17am

The Narrator: Howdy people! It's Ded Valve! 1 hour later, the fools entered the separated building by climbing onto the gate from the back of the building to get to the first floor and followed the voice as lycan2000 kept complaining about his black eye made by Ditnopota! d00d x finally comes to it. Just now.


What? Ain't my fault.

lycan2000: [still holds his grudge against Ditnopota] I will murder you one day! [still pointing his sub-machine gun at Ditnopota]

Ditnopota: [encourages him] Cool! You're starting to sound like Walter for real! [two thumps up]

An Asian Chick: Um, I forgot who is Walter...

d00d x: [rubs Imprisoned_Butterfly's homemade ice pack against his head] Walter is a serial killer in Silent Hill 4 game. He's truly ugly and old...I still don't *beep*in’ get what Vero see in him. Even though, she still digs the child killer, Gordon Northcott. He's ugly too.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [being defensive] Hey! They're not that ugly! They are *bleep*ing hot! I mean - did you see Walter when he runs like a pro?! He-I mean...he's sooo sizzling hot! With the long golden sexy blond hair...and his soft lips... and as for Gordon...he's real and already dead which it is too bad since I wouldn't mind to do him...and his round firm buttocks... :o Maybe I should find Gordon's grave and dig his body out and do some voo doo shit on him to come back to life....ooooh!

d00d x: Yeah yeah, in your dream, baby. Besides that, you know you love me, baby, I have a good body. And I'm 100% pure, unlike those killers.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [pretends to scold] PFFFFTT!!!

d00d x: It's true! Don't lie!

Paper Fox: [ahems] Hey Prowl, I thought I told you not to bring the *beep*in’ drugs, didn't I?

Prowl: [feeling lost] What drugs?

d00d x: Oh it was me, actually... God, my head still hurts!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: What? You're using the voice to fool us?

d00d x: [aims his goal to piss Vero off] No baby, I mean the drugs...

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [raises eyebrows] Yeah right.

Chelskiman: Oh shit, why did you have to tell her, man? I need some cocaine.

d00d x: Sshhhhh! [puts his finger against Chelskiman's lips and whispers to his left ear] Don't even think about it! I won't allow my woman to cop a feel.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [to d00d x] You want me to give you more headache? Or maybe I'll just... [shows her hunting rifle] shove that up to your asshole. You will lose your manhood forever. I want to be a future cop and having a criminal in my life will damage my reputation.

Chelskiman: Ouch.

d00d x: [to Imprisoned_Butterfly] Ooh, you turn me on baby!

Paper Fox: [shakes her head, sighing at David] wonder why people always call you "Cokey". Ok. Moving on...David, MAP!

d00d x: [fumbling with a mess of papers crumpled in his pocket, then pulls out a half-torn, somewhat folded map, with strange white powdery stuff covering it] HERE YOU GO!!! [sticks his tongue out at Vero like a little kid]

Chelskiman: Holy shit, it's for real? I was just joking about the cocaine, man...but I didn't expect that!

Deception: [coughs]BS[coughs]

Chelskiman: Honestly, dude. Don't make me ban you.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: WTF? [looks at the powdery stuff d00d x's holding] WHY THE HELL DID YOU BRING THE COCAINE?! [grabs dood x's shirt and starts to shake him] YOU PROMISED ME YOU WON'T---

Paper Fox: What the hell is this stuff? It smells like... [sniffs the map] ...donut.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: DONUTS?! [drops d00d x] You're lucky! You know what will happen with my rifle! Yet I'm sorry baby...didn't mean to hurt you... still...I'll keep an eye on you... again, sorry.

d00d x: It's okay, baby! [holds up a box of crispy white donuts] SURPRISE!!!! I THOUGHT WE COULD USE A LITTLE ENERGY TO KEEP THE EXCITEMENT UP!!!!

An Asian Chick: [notices with alarm that the hand d00d x is using to hold up the white donuts is trembling and his eyes are wide and unblinking] ...soooo, how many have you had already, Decok?

d00d x: [shakes with uncontrollable sugar rush] FIVE!!! I ONLY HAD FIVE!!!! I'M READY! ANYONE ELSE WANT SOME?! [His hands are shaking as hell.] ALSO I AM REBEL GODDAMN IT I AM NOT DECOK!!!!

An Asian Chick: .... [comes closer to d00d x and when d00d x isn't paying attention, she takes out his pistol and places it in her big backpack, just to be safe] Aye!

lycan2000: Dude! Take it easy, man! [watches d00d x in amusement as d00d x is jumping wildly like a jackrabbit]

Ditnopota: [looks at white donuts with the passion in his eyes] I wouldn't mind one...

Paper Fox: [notices Ditnopota] No! Anyone but you!!! No white donuts to the guy with the weapons!!!!

Prowl: Damn straight!

Deception: Amen, too young to die.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Jeez! [cocks her rifle once again] Boys are so weird sometimes!

The boys: Hey!

[To Be Continue]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Dec 8, 10 8:35am

The Narrator: You know what happened in the previous part of Chapter 1, if not, then too bad for you! This is Ded Valve and I'm hungry.

Prowl: Since when did Paps become a "sir"?

Paper Fox: [to Ditnopota] Stop calling me sir!!!! Just don't friggin' get too nervous, ok? [sees Ditnopota's AK-47 gun] And put that away!

[At this point, everyone has inched away from Ditnopota.]

An Asian Chick: This is ridiculous! Can y'all shut up for a minute and let me listen to the voice?!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: What voice?

The voice: Perhaps...this is who we are insane...both of us...hopelessly insane...

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [taps her hearing aids] Oh never mind, I heard it.

An Asian Chick: I am sure this voice sounds is coming from the basement of this building. I wonder who he is talking to. It got to be some homeless guy who lived there, right Prowl? [blinks as she stares at Prowl]

Prowl: Uh...

Chelskiman: < Lol hobo

lycan2000: [interrupts] It's gotta be Leonard Wolf!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Or Stanley the stalker!

Ditnopota: [loads AK-47 gun] Or the announcer of "Trick or Treat" in Silent Hill 2!

Prowl: What or who the *beep* are you guys talking about?

Paper Fox: [mutters] They're such Silent Hill freaks.

d00d x: Or Nemesis!!!!!

[Everyone looks at d00d x in silence.]

d00d x: [splits a booger] What? You never know that Nemesis might visit Pyramid Head or Valtiel from his break in Raccoon City...right? Like Freddy and Jason...

An Asian Chick: You watch too much movies, Decok.

d00d x: REBEL! I am a proud REDNECK! Not some Japanese WANNABE! [pats his belly] Hah! Look who's talking! You are a movie geek too!

An Asian Chick: Shh. [turns to Vero and whispers] And I still wonder why you're dating that hick!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Dora!

An Asian Chick: Just kidding! Just kidding!

The voice: Are you satisfied? Would you leave me alone?

d00d x: For *beep*in’ Pete's Sake! Yeah! I will leave you alone you son of a bitch! [screams at an empty room in the basement] Why don't you just show up and fight with me like a man?!

The Narrator: And he takes out his Hiyusa sword and points it at nowhere in front of him!

[A sword appears in d00d x's hands]

The Narrator: Son of a bitch!

d00d x: [looks at the sword] What the *beep* is this?

Deception: A sword, fool!

d00d x: [annoys] I KNOW THAT IS A SWORD! But I didn't ASK FOR IT! [looks up in the ceiling] *Beep*in' A! I am a redneck! Not some kinda samurai! It starts to piss me off! I want a damn pistol!

[d00d x starts to complain about the weapon he received until a pistol that is being thrown from nowhere and hits him in the head to knock him out.]

The Narrator: *bleep*ing crybaby! Meanwhile!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: It drives me crazy! [mumbles as she's still holding a rifle] I wonder who the hell is this voice belonging to?

[Deception kneels down next to unconscious d00d x and pats his back]

Deception: And I still like to know where the hell the pistol come from! Poor redneck!

An Asian Chick: That hick asked for it.

Some Emo Guy: [whispers to himself] Oh *bleep* me baby...*bleep* me harder...*bleep* the world, I'm going to jump off the building and die already.

Chelskiman: Someone got some chips?

lycan2000: [interrupts] There is only one solution for it... [starts to shoot the hell outta the building with the sub-machine gun, making more noises] Now, who the *BEEP* are YOU?! SPEAK TO ME! [shouts at the basement, cussing] ARE YOU THE DEMON OR WHAT?

An Asian Chick: [flinches] Shut it, you guys! Y'all being too loud!

Ditnopota: Hay...HAY!!! [hits lycan2000 in the face with the gun's butt] Cool down man!

[End of Chapter 1!]

Imprisoned_Butterfly blogged
Oct 25, 10 6:13am

The Narrator: Hello, this is Ded Valve! I'm going to simplify it. The group got lost in the middle of the downtown, got bored and decided to get in the old building with the 8 stories for the hell of it.

An Asian Chick: [turns to Paper Fox and Imprisoned_Butterfly] Great, now that...we're definitely trapped in that creepy yet dark and dank building...with these idiots. :T This whole downtown is an insanity!

The voice: HOW can you think this town is an insanity?

[lycan2000 hears the voice by using his powerful ears since his display name is Lycan...of course, he's a were wolf! He stops throttling Ditnopota as...]

lycan2000: [grabs his unlimited sub-machine gun quickly] Who's there?! [snarls as he shows his fangs]

Deception: WTF dude, are you for real?

d00d x: [interrupts as he looks at lycan2000's weapon] Holy shit! Where in God's name did you get that from? Shit! I want one! :<

Imprisoned_Butterfly: [interrupts as she takes out her sexy rifle and holds it in her right arm] That voice sounds so familiar... [loads her rifle] It echoes in the whole section of this first floor...

d00d x: HOLY SHIT! [his nose starts to bleed] My baby had a weapon! O.O o.o O.O o.o O.O So the whole "Imma hunt down the rednecks" thing isn't a JOKE?!

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Duh, I told you. Not my fault you don't believe me as usual!

Paper Fox: sis...where the hell did you get that?

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Oh! >:3 One of the monsters gave it to me after I stomped the life outta the remainders, your Majesty!

An Asian Chick: Eh?! What remainders?

Chelskiman: Remainders...she meant to say that she killed humans especially rednecks...just to take the weapon.

An Asian Chick:

d00d x: [slaps Chelskiman in the back of his head hard] That isn't so *beep*in’ funny, *bleep*.

Chelskiman: Jeez, you have no sense of humor. [rubs his head]

Paper Fox: Hah, so you're saying you killed monsters who tried to attack you?

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Yeap, my cat-eyed queenie! They deserved death.

d00d x: You're scaring them out, baby.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: But it's the truth!

d00d x: I know baby but you're giving the others the wrong idea...

Chelskiman: Wait are you telling me she really did kill somebody?

Imprisoned_Butterfly: Duh.

Paper Fox: :O

d00d x: Damn gullible Aussies! Actually, it is her stupid code, I'm going to translate what she's just saying. She said "I got it from Seeker X".

Some Emo Guy: Allah! (he tries to say "Christ" but he's a Muslim so he says "Allah" instead) You should have just say it, Vero. You gave me a heart attack.

[Paper Fox and the others look at each other and shake their heads sadly]

Paper Fox: [concerns as she turns to Imprisoned_Butterfly] You more Silent Hill games for you.

Imprisoned_Butterfly: WTF? You guys SUCK. 3:

Paper Fox: Hah, all right! [turns to Ditnopota] And Ditno, you get the flashlights and night vision goggles?

Ditnopota: [knocks his boots together and salutes] Yes sir!! I even took the liberty of getting us a spanky AK 47! Couple hundred rounds of ammo, Rambo knife, ground to air missile launcher, a rocket launcher, unlimited sub-machine guns, handguns, ropes...


Paper Fox: Holy shit, Ditno, we're just investigating our ghosts, not Osama Bin Laden... Take it easy.

Ditnopota: Just in case, sir! You never know what can happen in an abandoned building!

Deception: XD!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, *bleep*?!

[To Be Continue]


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