Blue Star Imagination
Feb 4, 06 12:48am
.:;laughs;:. @ your profile
Omg you're -1 years old? And you're interested in "interesting" things? O.O
Anywayz I find this picture kind of weird, so I'll "contaminate" your guestbook with it.

Cya around the Asia forum

alecko91 Imagination
Feb 2, 06 5:29pm
Hey, this is just one of those random signings. I think I need a new stamp... this one is getting pretty old.

Cya around.
Mnmfan Imagination
Jan 30, 06 12:17pm
Yep it is indeed Halle Berry.
You got it with no hints.

Banner Used

RKOed Imagination
Jan 28, 06 2:44pm
My Beautiful Kind Goddess Kali who has very precious time would like me to sign in her honour about how wonderful it was for her to receive a Great signing from you.

From the Loving Goddess Kali and her servant RKOed
Blue Star Imagination
Jan 27, 06 2:18am
Thanks for the signing I guess >.>
Tell your master I'm offended by that last comment x[

*~ Two Worlds, One Destiny ~*

Glitzville Imagination
Jan 27, 06 1:23am

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
Thors_Hammer Imagination
Jan 21, 06 9:42am
Hi, I saw you around the Battlefront II forum, so I guess I'll sign your GB.

XxDeePhantomXx Imagination
Jan 20, 06 6:30am
Im signing everyone's guestbook in the liberty city storie's PS2 forum.

don't forget to sign mine XxDeePhantomXx

I can't wait for LCS ps2
Chaos Seraph Imagination
Dec 30, 05 11:42pm
For signing, you get stamped back you lucky guy. ^_~

Mnmfan Imagination
Dec 1, 05 2:34pm
Well done on getting both questions correct. Somebody else got it correct too just a minute after your PM! It is indeed Britney and Christina combined. You got it with no hints.

sagemaster Imagination
Nov 18, 05 1:05pm
So sorry for not signing back
Please forgive me ^__^

*meh sorry this image's too small @.@*

Well cya in Asia forums ^__^
Winged Dragon of Ra Imagination
Nov 10, 05 9:50am
The entry to my Guestbook is as meaningful to me as if you didn't even bother to sign it. I personally thing that GB entries should have more of a thought to it rather than a picture and saying "hi". I guess the infrastructure of the Guestbook is as flawed as the Constitution created in the 1700's. Here's a stamp and go think about the things that I've mentioned, although most of it doesn't concern you:

-Winged Dragon of Ra