MMMMMMERRRPP> Me and Shadick are going to Unicornlandia! (I'm and FBI agent there) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~
OMG I'm kind of inactive ATM but can go on sometimes soon to be better.
I'm back and I can't think anymore. I swear. My brain is fried from the heat.

It doesn't have to necessarily be like a Gamefreak game or like an already existing one. Please have as much details as y

Yay! I'm going to Italy! I'll still be able to go on neoseeker, so no worries!
I really don't give that much of a *bleep* if Fennekin is a fire/ fighting, I wanted a fire/dark type evolution. Frickin Trollfreak.
Minecraft. I made my own umbreon skin. Minecraft.
Dunno what to post.....oh, I know! Wall: Posted.
Man. I hate waiting. And that's what I have tho do so much.
I think I'd use the Slowpoke one, maybe the Beldum one.

In addition to the unlockable legendary Pokémon that can be obtained by inserting a Gen. IV Pokémon game, one is also able to unlock three extra extensions.These extensions, Special Extensions A, B, and C, unlock Beldum, Slowpoke, and Hoothoot, re...

I made this new avatar myself I'm pretty proud of it! :)
First day back to school!
It's no longer my birthday! :(
It's mah BIRTHDAY! (August 19th!)

Banner will come shortly! :3 Trainer name: Paige _Gen5 FC: 4127 3845 6877_ *Trade fair! *Be nice! *I have th

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