Fae Doll Ikary
Nov 26, 08 9:17pm
Happy Birthday!

You get a giant happy cake because I love you lots.

Hope you have a very, very wonderful day. =D

And if I was there I'd even share my oreos with you. ._.

Love you.

Willow Ikary
Dec 16, 07 11:41pm
Merry Christmas, may your plantpots be filled with Christmas rhino joy

Tsubaki Risa Ikary
Dec 16, 07 10:25pm

Yes, yes, I agree about the character limit.

Uselessness. =(

Death Kitten Ikary
Apr 16, 07 3:06am
Hiya, Ikary ~

I'll sign your guestbook too while I'm at it. I'm annoying. =x

Talk to you...eh, some time. =D

Stuy Ikary
Jan 26, 07 10:36pm
Hey Ikary, visto usted alrededor, y usted consiguio mi respecto. [=

Tome cuidado! ;]
The Hero Hartmut Ikary
Jan 14, 07 7:47am
Since you're a member of the RE4 forum, my mistress, Memory of Eileen (a lovely thing she is, too) has commanded me to sign your guestbook! Aren't you lucky?

The above is what my super-special-awesome-sexy mistress has done to you. If you're lucky, she might even talk to you, and then you shall know my joy.

Have a nice day.
Matt J Ikary
Dec 22, 06 7:10pm
Hey Ikary, just wanted to wish you a happy Crimbo and new year;).

Willow Ikary
Dec 19, 06 1:09am
I've not forgotten about you

Willow xxx

Punk100 Ikary
Dec 14, 06 1:58am
hi time to spam ahahahhahah
Death Kitten Ikary
Nov 26, 06 9:56pm
Yay for me remembering birthdays. >_>

Well, I remembered yours, deary. So this is to wish you a happy birthday.

Hope you have a great day!

Talk to you later ~

Subtle Demise Ikary
Oct 25, 06 8:59pm
Yeah, don't know what to put for a title, but anyway, it's nice talking to you in the thread you made. That was a fantastic idea for a thread. Anyway, I was signing guestbooks, and I decided to sign yours. See you around the forums!

Vicarious Ikary
Oct 19, 06 7:41am

I love my stamp. I hope you do to!!!!!!!!!!
Gussimotto Ikary
Jul 17, 06 4:17am
well, i think i've come back to neoseeker, if you remember me :]. well i see that you're still a *huge* clocktower fan.. i've never gotten to playing the series. well, cya around i guess
Jay_Z Ikary
Jul 08, 06 11:21am
Hey, just thought I should sign your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

Sign back!
Vapour Snake Ikary
Jun 15, 06 12:40pm
Man you really gotta love the Socceroos!

Demon Shuzi Ikary
May 25, 06 3:55am
80% spam?

This is 100% spam, it's a random Shuzi stompple.

Give a big yay for shoujo ai!

Sign back if you wish.
Willow Ikary
Apr 18, 06 3:51pm
A new stamp for my neo-boy

Saint someone Ikary
Apr 15, 06 4:30am

Tarja Turunen, ehe. Ex-cantante de Nightwish. Super bonita no!?. Debes bajar msn, podiamos chatear alot. La lirica es de Cradle of Filth's "Gabrielle".
chocobeth Ikary
Apr 13, 06 9:02am
Hey there! I've seen you around in some of the forums, and I'm glad that you like my art. Anyways, you deserve a stamp.
Memory of Eileen Ikary
Mar 17, 06 8:09pm
Aw, thanks for signing my guestbook...You're right! It had been a long time! I'm sooo sorry that I haven't talk to you for ages. I'm busy in Silent Hill 3 forum and Resident Evil 4 to support my other older brother who happens to be a moderator now!

And there is the stamp!

sin_auxiliary Ikary
Mar 09, 06 6:03am
Wassup dude... I got a new stamp

Feel free to sign back
l7eceptive_9987 Ikary
Mar 05, 06 8:52pm
Hey if you need help on graphics join one of my like 6 forums lol

w w w . s t e w i e 0 0 7 . p r o b o a r d s 5 2 . c o m

or see some of my graphics I made last year


Sorry I wrote my forum like that or it will snip it.
skittles07 Ikary
Mar 04, 06 7:50am
Dang you get a lot of guestbook signatures. I thought i would join and sign yours too.

Sign Back,
Shin Ra Ikary
Mar 03, 06 3:34am
Hey Ikary...just stamping your ass. Be honoured by Britain.

Mouldy Cheese Ikary
Feb 24, 06 2:41pm
This is verrrry late for valentines day! But i wanted to show off my cool stampie that i didn't get to use then! Plus we been talking a fair bit and you deserve it for putting up with my banter!

And here's a chicken for good luck;)