Excellent game, one of the bests of PS2. Excellent Soundtrack. CastlevaniaLamentOfInnocence PS2
Best (or one of the bests) fighting game, the gameplay is pretty hard first but this game is excellent for fighting tacticians. VirtuaFighter4Evolution PS2
I do not care about cars, but this game is great. GranTurismo4 PS2
Liked it quite much (quite scary), but lost the Clock Tower feeling. ClockTower3 PS2
Bought it because everyone said it was great. Have not played it much. GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PS2
I love soccer, the best game in the market by far. ProEvolutionSoccer4 PS2
Excellent game. It is very fast and fun. Highly recommended. NarutoUltimateNinja2 PS2
I liked it pretty much. BrothersInArms
I do not think it is the best fighting game at all, but it is quite fun. Tekken5 PS2
The best game ever made. ClockTower PSX
Fair, but I prefer Silent Hills and Clock Towers. ResidentEvilCodeVeronicaX PS2
Quite good, have not played it much yet. RidgeRacer5 PS2
Very good game. The best Resident Evil by far. ResidentEvil4 PS2
Great game (as all Clock Towers). ClockTower2TheStruggleWithin PSX
Great RPG game, buyers must be patient with videos. XenosagaEpisode1DerWilleZurMacht PS2
Gets boring easily and has some slow-downs. TurokEvolution PS2
Great game, with lots of action. SoulCalibur2 PS2
Good game, but I prefer House of the Deads. VampireNight PS2


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