I'm a senior undergraduate Computer Science & Engineering Technology major with a minor in Japanese Culture Study at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, USA. I'm an active member of the Toledo Chapter of Triangle Fraternity as well as a member of Tau Alpha Phi Honors Society. I work as a Software Technician for UT's Division of Information Technology Main Campus Client Services department, and at the age of 24 I've been working in the Information Technology field for over a decade. I've so far worked as a Network Engineer, Web Developer, Server Administrator, and Desktop Support Specialist, for the most part.

Upon graduation I hope to find work which would make use of my intense interest, four years of collegiate language study, and two summers spent in Japan. My dream job would be as a Japanese/English technical translator/interpreter for a computer-centric or video game company such as Sony or Square-Enix.


I enjoy all forms of gaming, watching anime, reading manga, cooking, meandering about with my girlfriend and a camera (I usually settle for my LG Voyager), computers, graphic design, MySQL database-driven web design/development, programming in PHP/Ruby/Perl/C++, AJAX, electronics, technology, astronomy, anthropology, history, folklore, and gardening.

As for game genres, my absolute favorite are RPG's, though I also enjoy puzzle games, strategy & RTS, simulation, action/adventure, street racing, fighting, and the occasional FPS. Honestly, I like just about everything (though I'm usually a hard sell for sports games).

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