Jul 27, 10 1:14pm
currently listening to david bowie songs from labyrinth
Jul 27, 10 12:34am
was doin school stuff cause i'm moving to a new school... yay and :( I love my friends but i love the new house too!
Jul 26, 10 3:39pm
I did nothing to this account till 20 minutes ago for a year to find i had 41 page views!?!?! that makes no sense lol.
Jul 26, 10 2:51pm
lol... i just remembered i had this acount... (it's 2:51 AM) DERP
Jul 26, 10 8:15am
i have these and most other books
Jul 26, 10 8:13am
I won't go through all disney movies i have or want. too many!
Jul 26, 10 8:08am
It's my favorite! It's Jim Henson and George Lucas plus David Bowie does music and is the villain! Labyrinth
Jul 26, 10 7:31am
This game was a lot better than you'd think! You don't take are of dogs in this one. You go on an adventure which involves a cool evil... Dogz2
Jul 26, 10 7:29am
I also have GH1, but couldn't find it. GuitarHero2

that is classified information no!!!!!!! i wont tell!!!!

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