Now that Swampert and Sceptile's mega evolutions have been released, (check

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It has been discussed that Nintendo lost a great deal of money immediately before the announcement of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sa

After completion of the game, occasionally the TV would show special events happening around the region. Sometimes the Master

Would you rather see the bases make a return in trees and bushes as inn R/S/E, or would you rather see the Underground bases

I personally liked Shoal Cave, with the changing tides and the elusive Snorunt. What do you think they'll do with the tid

The original Hoenn featured a 24 hour clock, but no changes between day and night. Umbreon/Espeon could not be obtained in Ho

I'm curious to see which criminal team everyone prefers. Is it Aqua or Magma, or do you miss one of the others such as Ro

Everyone remembers using Dive in the field in Hoenn. This hasn't been seen yet on the 3ds. How great do you guys think di

Remember Battle Hill, located north of Mauville? It was new to Emerald. Think it may be included? What about all the contest

Anyone remember racing to get the record time on cycling road with your Mach Bike? I personally thought it was entertaining f

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