Can't wait til this game comes out. MassEffect2 X360
This game looks freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahh!!!!!! TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
I ony have a full demo with another game called JSRF: Jet Set Raio Future SegaGT2002 Xbox
This game is good, but not as good as Splinter cell: Chaos Theory TomClancysSplinterCellDoubleAgent X360
Awesome, but CNANOT do that swat turn TomClancysSplinterCell Xbox
Combat's better than morrownd, but like morrowind G.O.T.Y. better, but when bored i play Fable: The Lost Chapters, until i'm bored of... FableTheLostChapters PC
Better than, COD4, knda like both though, morrowind alot though. TomClancysRainbowSixVegas2 PS3
Morrowind is the best ame, could play it for an Eternity TheElderScrolls3MorrowindGOTY Xbox
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