_Description of Pokémon Shiny Values (SV) _ Every save on a Gen VI Pokémon game is assigned a value called t

What's your favourite pokéball and why? Which pokéball do you use to catch Pokemon? Mine has to be the D

http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/9/98/JohtoSinnoh_BF.png/100px-JohtoSinnoh_BF.png http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/th

Which Pokemon do you sometimes forget even exist? Which Pokemon do you think you've ignored the most throughout your Poke

We've all been born and raised in one of the best Pokemon communities on the internet. We've poked our heads here and

(Inspired by a similar thread in Loungin') _1) Are you a Rookie (first year), Ace trainer (been a member a couple year

If you were a Pokemon... What would you look like? What type would you be? What kind of Pokemon would your Neoseeke

Which items in the Pokemon RPGs do you find the most use for on your journey (not including key items)? Which items do you en

Open a trading shop or browse through others!

Hi, I had some Japanese Scrap codes which I registered and received _6 Shaymin serial codes_. I'm looking for someone wit

EspurrSakura: "Skarmory is a boy Pokemon." Sounds legit.

I don't think I've seen a general thread to discuss Pokémon memes (games/anime/manga) so let's all post so

--Quote-- You picked quite a fine nickname. But I think we could give it something even better. What do you say? --End Quote-

This has approval from the forum moderators. The thread is for people who are unsure about what Pokemon games are worth bu

Looking for an uncloned Christmas Jirachi with sound proof. These are hard to come but I'd be happy to offer something fr

--Quote Serebii-- The next Battle Competition has been announced. This competition is called the Dragon Cup and is only for _

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