CRS takes too much time.

Here are my events. And my shi

Germany, let's take the Cup home. <3
Can't wait for ORAS! xD
New York City, here I come!

Welcome to the X & Y Safari Hurt n Heal! Much similar to every other Hurt n Heal, the game is rather simple. I have categ

Safari Of The Month! _I__ntroduction_The X & Y Safari Forum prides itself in having lots of "MySafari" threa

Come visit the Safari Camp todayyy: The Safari Camp _For everyone in the community!_ _What is this about?_ This thread is for yo The Safari Camp For every Pokemon everyone in the community! _What is this about?_ Thi

I'm looking for these: _6 IV males_ * Fletchling w/ Quick Guard, Snatch and Tailwind (Gale Wings) * Litleo w/ Entrai

I am looking for someone who can redeem a few GAME Spring 2014 codes for me. It doesn't matter which language the Electab _TABLE OF CONTENTS_ ] | ] | ] |

_The "PowerSaves Event" Thread_ _➦ Purpose of Thread_ This thread advocates awareness of hacks for eve

]_I__ntroduction_This giveaway aims to provide every member of the community a chance to claim a 5 IV TSV-checked egg for the

Here are my events. I am onl

Your background is scary. Reminds me of children chanting in a forest.

--Quote Serebii-- Every year in Italy, Germany & the Netherlands, there is a special event held called Pokémon Day

_I__ntroduction_This list aims to provide every trader on the forum verification against claims of "legitimate shiny&

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