yellow random signer but a friend of rs is a friend of mine stamp. bum bum bum.

Plz sign mine or gaara will eat u!


Hey, I See ya around the RS Forum a bit, Keep it up!

Sign Back!

how ya been? Haven't seen much of you. well I'm signing GB's for a change, and when I get a stamp know you'll get it. Why do they put that wretched 125 character limit on these entries

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need to spam for the character limit
Hey wats up. I always see u around on the rs forums so here have a stamp.

I saw your posts in GS:TLA and I recentlt noticed that there are guestbooks on Neoseeker. I got sidetracked , anyways as with all the posts I enjoy them, and yours (especially the long posts) are very very good. Well I not big on words so, Take care and keep up with the good work.
Shinigami is back from Hell~! >=3 And you've been stamped by Shinigami, The God Of Death~!!!!!! Mwahahahah~!

I've seen you around the GS boards! I also like adventure books they're the best and I also think Ivan is cool! Seeya on the fourms!!
Ya I aint o wappa. i b da only rappa in de parts son. Check it. Big thirty in da house. You ain't got nothing.

Sorry about that. I just thought I would sign. It's Hexagram from the AD if your recollection is just a tinse off today. My neo sn is Sunblazer. Check it.
Rainmaker297: im singing your guestbook
Ivan9 2003: ok
Rainmaker297: yay!
Ivan9 2003: sure

I've known you for a while, and it has been really fun talking to you!!! I hope that we can keep in touch!!! There are many reasons I like talking to you. (To many to name!!!) I'll talk to you around... see ya later;)!!!
Hey, you signed my guest book umpteen months ago, so I decided to return the favor. Kudos on controlling the storyline in the RP. I really enjoy seeing what you have to contribute to it!
After getting all the PM's back-in-forth I figured I should sign your guestbook. It has been real fun talking to you, and I hope we keep in touch. I'll talk to you later...

im signing cuz...i dunno, just seen you around i guess....BTW...Jupiter is way better than venus just like ivan is better than issac
stopped by to sign your book. Your character in GS:TNA is cool too. I don't know what's been going on lately though (cuz i been grounded for a week).
It's also cool to be the first to sign ur guestbook, and I really need to get the hang of the GS:TNA, also I'm trying right now to somehow get into the fight with the King, of course I'm right by Gaia Rock right now, but who care!?! Good Luck with the same forum!

See ya!