ok, i couldn't remember if i'd signed your guestbook...so just incase i thought i better do it again!!! Keep on playin'

Hello!I'm ZCGleader.In Monster Hunter Portable 2nd,I'm currently at the 5* elder quests,being stuck on "Ultimate Crab dinner" & "The Poison Siege".I want to progress to the urgent elder quests,so will Anvil Hammer do the trick?By the way,I'm also stuck on the Blangonga HR2 urgent quest.Will Anvil Hammer do the trick?If not,will Shotgun(Blood) do?
you are an amazing guide writer keep it up! you should do a guide for EVERY single elder dragon (because your lao guide helped me out BIG)

thanks again

Just because you ask so nicely

Remember that? hope it gives some good laughs