Apr 20, 09 4:14am
I am glad that you love your little rave pal!

Hopefully, he brightens up neo for you. I think that neo looks much happier with the rainbow pokemon in my mind.
DragonPirateZolo ILUVCITY
Apr 14, 09 11:02am
Hi. My name is Angus. I am such a N00B. Sort of like some guy I know called Alex... He lives in England... Oh well. I signed your Guest Book.
DeadAssassin ILUVCITY
Mar 6, 09 4:31am
dont worry, I no hack you. come up with good payment, and fast.

I'll see what i can do to dragonpirate, till then, see you around.
Feb 1, 09 5:44am
Thanks for signing my GB! i might be posting in the 09 forum, so keep an eye out for me. I added you as a friend too, so see you around!
wuppertal ILUVCITY
Jan 26, 09 1:29am
You cheat Bad

Other than that you are a very cool Alex

I am not good at signing guestbooks though

Btw get Lukas Podolski and Aaron Hunt you'll never regret it!