Im a ex-insomniac. I left High School and went into College so I could re-take my GCSE's. I usually don't turn up because I either sleep in, forget what day it is or find my teachers annoying.

Im lazy minded, and find most things troublesome. I usually do before I think, and pay the price after I actually figured out everything that happened.
I'm humourous at times, laid back and usually sleepy 78% of the time. I like watching anime and reading manga magz, it's easy to watch/read and the drawings are sweet.

Music, I listen to a lot of different kinds, favorite music genre is aimed towards c/k/j-rock/pop/punk/rap/funk.

I enjoy strategy games, nothing like beating who your playing and enjoying letting your ego grow. =p


Music, anime, manga, reading japanese tales/myths, drawing, graphic design, basketball, real-time-strategy games, r'n'b/hip hop clubs, FFXI
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