I'm a kind person, I'm approchable, I see things from other people's points of view. I do not ever judge people from one line, it takes a while for someone to leave an impression on me. I know when to be serious, and I know when to have a laugh, and sometimes I can mix them both into one situation.

Honesty is key when it comes to me. I would rather let someone know I am lost and clueless than stumble around in difficulty hoping that I will get past the obstacle.


I am interested in things like Visual Basic Scripting and MMORPGs when it comes to computers. I do also have a social life, you can't just judge someone by their interests.

I play sports quite a bit, I find actions movies entertaining, and I cannot live without my iPod. I devote quite a large amount of time to girls I like, and I find that the best way to deal with stress is talking to someone you love.


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