Hmm...I think Nintendo should've kept those emoticons from B/W/2 when trading, as well as that 'drag-to-show' feature. :/

Europe Release PetitionFirst of all, I would like to apologize to anyone who was notified and didn't want to be, but I would like to ask that you either just accept that you lost a minute of your time to see that this notification was not of importan...

Is English your first language?
may i ask your gender?

Well, I've sort of gotten stuck at the battle with Feirsome's doppleganger, and was wondering if anyone had some tric

"...""...Hey.""Go away.""Get up, lazy. Today's the Ceremony.""Uwah! Ceremony! That's right- when Lady Wyss announces the birth of a new world!"****...Welcome. This is the world of Celestial, where chaos is but a foreign word, spoken among myths and l...

"..." "...Hey." "Go away." "Get up, lazy. Today's the Ceremony." "Uwah!

Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon and's perfect.
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