Feb 23, 14 10:11am
Hmm...I think Nintendo should've kept those emoticons from B/W/2 when trading, as well as that 'drag-to-show' feature. :/
Hyrulian shared a forum thread (@megageeklizzy)
Jan 27, 14 10:27am

Europe Release PetitionFirst of all, I would like to apologize to anyone who was notified and didn't want to be, but I would like to ask that you either just accept that you lost a minute of your time to see that this notification was not of importan...

Dio Hyrulian
Dec 30, 13 9:23pm
Is English your first language?
Guildarts Hyrulian
Nov 25, 13 12:24am
may i ask your gender?
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Nov 22, 13 5:30am

Well, I've sort of gotten stuck at the battle with Feirsome's doppleganger, and was wondering if anyone had some tric

Hyrulian shared a forum thread
Nov 14, 13 2:40am

"...""...Hey.""Go away.""Get up, lazy. Today's the Ceremony.""Uwah! Ceremony! That's right- when Lady Wyss announces the birth of a new world!"****...Welcome. This is the world of Celestial, where chaos is but a foreign word, spoken among myths and l...

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Nov 14, 13 2:14am

"..." "...Hey." "Go away." "Get up, lazy. Today's the Ceremony." "Uwah!

Nov 14, 13 12:00am
Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon and RF4...it's perfect.
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