Hello everybody, I'm looking to get into competitive breeding and am looking for a 6iv ditto to make the process a little

Hey everyone, quick question: I just streetpassed someone, and it said their secret base is at the secret islet? Could someon

I'm not sure if this goes in this forum, but I just got a shiny ALAMOS Darkrai event, and I'm feeling a little skepti

I'm looking for someone who has a friend safari with Charmeleon. I can't quite remember what pokemon my safari has, b

Hello everyone! Me and my friend @SkyBrisingr decided to open a little mini shop. He can't post as much, so his pokes wil

As the message says, I am looking for 1-2 shiny mewtwo's. Not worried about iv's or natures, just as long as it's

As the title says, I'm looking for a regigigas. I am willing to offer my TRU Shaymin, Gamestop Deoxys, Or a shiny riolu a

Hello everybody I am sooo close to finishing my national dex. I'm not looking to keep any of the needed pokemon, if you w

Hello everyone, I'm looking for all of the Y exclusive mega stones excluding aggronite. If anyone has any to trade, let m

Hello everybody, I'm looking to finish my national dex and could use some help. Below is the list of pokemon I need. I ca

I am looking for a s/f zubat to add to my new team, and am offering a s/f Totodile or other shinies from my shop. Any help wo

Hello! Welcome to Hyrule1 and DCobalion's mini-shop! Here, you can trade for shinies, legendaries, dex fillers, events, o

Hello everybody! To advertise my shop, I've decided that i will sponsor a once a month raffle! The prize will be any of t

Ughh... It's so depressing not having anyone to care about in this world.

I'm looking for the event mewtwo from the Japanese extreme speed Genesect movie. I am willing to offer anything from my s

Hello, I'm trying to recreate my original team I used in white 2 only in shiny form. I need a shiny zubat, Druddigon, and

Hello. I'm looking for a shiny barbican for a friend of mine. I can offer anything in my shop:http://www.neoseeker.com/fo

Hello, i am looking for a japanes ditto for a friend of mine who's looking to do some masuda methoding. I just found out

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a safe way to clone my pokemon without any downloads or action replay for my shop I&am

Hello everybody! Welcome to me and @SkyBrisingr 's mini-shop! Here, we will trade normal pokemon, shinies, and even event

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