I was born, brought up with a loving family, went to school in my hometown, went to an Primary school again in my hometown and now I'm nearly leaving my secondary school. I've got about six close friends theses are: Ashley,
Adam (Wilko),
Ross (Toss),
Micheal N (Newman),
Michael M (Mayns),
& Simon (Kingy).


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Interest are:

& Psychology.

Ratchet & Clank,
Final Fantasy,
Legend of Zelda,
& Sonic.

I'm looking for a career in computers in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) area. I spend a lot of my free time on my computer. I play World of Warcraft but not as much as my friends do.

The books I read are Horror/Fantasy books mostly. I like the Stephen King books but his early work. Although my friend has got me reading these manga style graphic novels which I like. I've read some pretty good graphic novels which I would recommend such as Arkham Asylum & The Dark Knight (Both Batman).

I got interested in chemistry by my science teacher earlier this year. I get average on my GCSE and my teacher thought I could do better. He taught my in after school sections and I found chemistry could be really fascinating.

I got interested into psychology by just watching certain films (The Dark Knight) and TV programmes and it got me wondering how can ones mind think so differently from mine. I researched for a bit and I found it extremely fascinating and hard to understand. Now I still don't know much about it but it still interests me.


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