Assassin's Creed 2 Feathers are a NIGHTMARE (Must Find Them All)
Pre-Order Thats like Half My Birthday Money But SOOO Worth It :D AssassinsCreedBrotherhood PC
4 words. Lasso, Civilian, Train Track >:D Grate Game RedDeadRedemption PS3
Made out to look like an old Bruce Lee REALY fun to play WET PS3
Can't wait to strt Assassin's Creed 2 >:3
LOVE This Game. Defiantly One Of My Favourite Zelda Games ;) And The Last GameCube Game I Got :( TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess GC
AMASSING!!! I think i have a crush on Leonardo Da Vinci AND EVEN MORE DESMOND! AssassinsCreed2 PC
Fun Multiplayer :D but Gets Old Kind of Fast :( VivaPinataPartyAnimals X360
I Go Back To It Every Now And Then :) VivaPinata X360
I'm Not Normally Very Good With This Kind Of Game Play, Which Puts Me Off A Little But I Love The Art Of It SO Much I'm Always Pulled... MirrorsEdge X360
I Loved The Storyline. The Fact you'r Following 2 Plots At Once Really Keeps You Fixed To The Screen. (Plus Who Doesn't Love Fighting... AssassinsCreed X360
Always Makes Me Laugh Fable2 X360
I Don't Think This Multiplayer Ever Gets Old ;) Halo3 X360
I Love How It Differs From Halo 3. Played Multiplayer The Whole Way Through And Had A Grate Time. Halo3ODST X360
AMASSING Game! :D :D :D :D :D This Is One Of My Favourite Games And I'm Only Praying For A Number 2 I Highly Recommend It Alex Mercer...
Signed Up On Friday 13th Hmm...I Like It!
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