Welcome to my boring Neohome! I've basically got nothing here... Enjoy nonetheless:P.

Game ideas: Send me game ideas and I'll put them on my Neohome. I've got some ideas myself, too. This includes already made games, to be released games, and never going to exist games:P.

Paper Mario:

HydroKirby: I've had ideas for a sequel. I'll consider it a ROM hack game, since it would seem a lot easier for someone to make it that way. It doesn't exist, ok? Anyways, the intro is replaced by a scene where Mario is going back everywhere and putting his treasures back. That means, his hammers and boots (not his own). He also returns all Hammer related badges, that is all of them that he didn't buy. Mario and his partners split up and return to thier homes, visiting each other every few days w/the warp pipes. Enough of the intro, on with the (un-named) story. Something odd happens (don't ask me. give me ideas:P) that destroys the Mario Bros.' home. Mario and Luigi decide to re-build the house w/money. They can't do they job themselves:P. After that said, Mario leaves (saying nothing as usual) to get his partners. Luigi is left alone in the wreckage of the house. He leaves Toad Town and begins to explore. Much later in the game, the Star Spirits realize that the Star Rod looks diferent. Fact is, the Star Rod that belongs in Kirby's world was switched with the Star Spirit's Star Rod! This gave Popstar people odd dreams. Luigi got to Popstar and tried to switch them, but Kirby got suspicious of Luigi's actions. This is were I stop:P. I dunno how the story will change much, but I have other ideas for this game.

Goombario won't join Luigi. Instead, Goomabaria will! She does a headbonk just like Goombario. She has a few diferences, though. Her down-C ability won't have as much logic as Goombario puts in it:P. She is a jump-type attacker like Goombario.

-Regular Rank - Attack 1 - 2 Hits

Headbonk - 0 FP - same as Goombario's Heabonk.

Charge - 1 FP - increases attack power by 2 for 1 turn.

-Super Rank - Attack 2 - 2 Hits

Multibonk - 3 FP - same as Goombario's attack, again:P.

-Ultra Rank - Attack 3 - 2 Hits

Omnibonk - 5 FP - Goombario will hit all enemies if the action is timed right. It's similar to Multibounce, except Goombaria will go back through the enemies. She can hit them all more than once, in otherwords.

To replace Bow, I think (don't laugh) Minh T. fits it well. I'll have to make something up for what she does as a down-C effect. She attacks the same way Bow does, but she only hits foes on the ground.

-Regular Rank - Attack 1 - 4 Hits

Smack - 0 FP - Same as Bow's Smack, but can vary to Bow's when Minh T. is Ultra Rank. See her attack power?

Flower Seed - 3 FP - Minh T. plants a fast growing Fire Flower seed. Press the joystick to the left as fast as possible to make a plant that attacks strong. Of course, it is a fire attack. 100% filled guage makes 6 damage at Regular, 10 damage at Super, and 14 damage at Ultra Rank. Ignores defence.

-Super Rank - Attack 1 - Hits 5

Minh T.'s Touch - 5 FP - Minh T.'s calm aura heals Mario! Press the A button as fast as you can to heal more. 100% heals 25 HP at Super and 40 HP at Ultra Rank. A tad hard to get to max, though.

-Ultra Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 3

Minh T.'s Rage - 9 FP - Minh T. goes near a ground foe and charges up a strong attack. Press left on the joystick as fast as you can. She'll hit the enemy 2 times with (at max) 4 attack power. Ignores defence.

Bruce replaces Bombette. His down-C attack will be the same, except he'll explode faster w/less range. Very similar to Bombette. I guess he'll join you in hopse of impressing Bombette:P. Hold A, then release for Bodyslam, just like Bombette.

-Regular Rank - Attack 1 - Hits 1

Bodyslam - 0 FP - Same as always. Does +1 damage if timed right.

Bomb - 4 FP - Same again. Keep tapping A. Hit's ground foes.

-Super Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 1

Bruce Blast - 7 FP - Same as Powerbomb, but it will ht foes in air. Tap A-type attack, again.

-Ultra Rank - Attack 4 - Hits 1

D-Down Slam - 10 FP - Bruce uses Bodyslam w/4 more attack power! It ignores defence and make tha ble crush thingy, as it does with D-Down attacks:P!

Lakilulu replaces Lakilester. She lets you ride her. She can go over water, unlike Lakilester. She also goes 2x the speed of Lakilester! Hold Z to slow her down to Lakilester's speed. She attacks just like Lakilester in battle, except she can throw more than one Spiny after Regular Rank.

-Regular Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 1

Spiny Toss - 0 FP - Same ol' attack.

Spiny Fall - 4 FP - Lakilulu goes into the sky, and out of view. A series of buttons appear like when you use Tidal Wave. After they are over, Lakilulu attacks the enemies with Spinys from above. They do more damage than Spiny Surge.

-Super Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 2

Cloud Five - 5 FP - Same thing as Cloud Nine.

-Ultra Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 3

Spiny Wave - 9 FP - Like Spiny Toss, but you have 5 seconds to toss as many Spinys as you can at wherever the target is put. She can toss them rapidly, so you can push A as fast as you can.

A Yoshi kid will join Luigi. His down-C ability is undecided, so he doesn't replace anyone, currently. His normal attack acts like Spiny Toss. Oh, and he can use the item command.

-Regular Rank - Attack 1 - Hits 1

Shell Toss - 0 FP - Same as Spiny Toss.

Build-up - 5 FP - Press left on the joystick as fast as you can. This makes the Yoshi kid make tons of eggs. In the next turn, Build-up is replaced w/Shell Battalion.

Shell Battalion - 4 FP - Same thing as Spiny Wave, except these shells ignore defence! Empties the Build-up after 1 turn.

-Super Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 2

Shell Shield - 6 FP - The Yoshi kid swallows an enemy of any size. He'll make a giant broken egg half in front of Mario when he is done. It reduces damage by 1. You can time it.

-Ultra Rank - Attack 2 - Hits 3

Spit Crash - 8 FP - The Yoshi kid swallows the front enemy. Press left on the joystick as fast as possible. He'll shoot the enemy at the other enemies. It aims at ground foes, but if their is only airborne enemys left, he'll shoot them. Does equal damage to all foes, but doesn't ignore defence. 100% makes 10 damage to all foes.

Obi1kenobi: His (the Yoshi kid's) down-C ability could be grabbing things with his tongue. He could replace Kooper.

Also, a Blooper member could maybe replace Sushie and a Shy Guy could replace somebody.

HydroKirby: That's smart! The tounge legnth should extend a bit shorter thanKooper's attack. If the Yoshi kid hits an enemy with his tounge, he'll enter the battle w/a first strike. He'll put the foe in his mouth and make an egg of the foe. The Yoshi kid will throw the egg into the enemy territory, giving double the Yoshi kid's normal damage to one foe.

Luigi should jump up higher than Mario. He'll throw his hammer down slower, but he decsends from the air slower, too. This might screw up the Action Command for people used to Mario and Goombario. With Luigi's jump, he can leap farther than Parakarry could take Mario! When Luigi gets the Ultra Boots, he'll get another technique other than that drill stomp! Press Z while Luigi is airborn to make Luigi spin. This will make him slowly go upward, alow him to alter his jump path, and use the spinn attack against airborne enemies! It might remind you of DK's spin move in Super Smash Bros., since it gives Luigi very little upage, yet high air time. New puzzles will need to be made to make it difficulter for Luigi to get treasures. In the end, I want this game to be harder than Paper Mario, and be mostly used by people who played Paper Mario before.

I want "Paper Luigi" to have much stronger enemies, so I'll have Mario join Luigi later on. 3 people will take thier turn: Luigi, Mario, and the chosen partner. Mario will only be able to use Jump attacks. You can take those turns in any order. Mario can use items, do nothing, switch partners, Jump, and use Star Spirits. Luigi can do all that plus use the Hammer and the run command. Mario will have 1 attack power, but he can use certain Badge attacks. Mario will be at max level, nonetheless. Luigi can level up, but not Mario. stats can now go up to 999.