I'm kind natured, non-agressive, open-minded, and extremly opinionated. Unfortunately, I've become a tad mean on Neoseeker. Don't flame me, unless you really want a brutal fight, cause I've got a response to everything. At least I can be funny from time to time!

I'm always yearning to learn more science. I know a bit as it is. With my creativity, I've even made my own hypothesis' on life! At least... the minor things in life... but it's good to have a lot of imagination. Here's an example: I remember when AznLiquid had the custom sig saying "Neostalker". What came to my mind? A liquid metal puddle materializes behind you. It slowly takes shape into the form of Ark from Terrinamga. Then he... STABS YOU WITH HIS LANCE!!! Ok, so I've gone insane. Leave me be.


I like RPGs, puzzle/strategy, and action/adventure games. Battle games with ATB are my favorite. I'm not the kind of person to like fighting games like Mortal Kombat. I hate sports. I'm a very thorough person. I always want to complete a game as much as I possibaly can.
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Review: Golden Sun - HydroKirby's Golden Sun review

Jan 10, 2003

Great game. You can access the "Send" option and give your Golden Sun data to Golden Sun: The Lost Ages. The "DP Effect" is also a fun thing to use. I won't say anymore spoilers, though.

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