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Jul 5, 06 1:32am
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  • "while although it seemed that everything ended well in half life 2, this game brings up a brand a new evil plan by the combine! HalfLife2EpisodeOne"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:45pm
  • "This game was cool. I don't like the Episodic thing though. In comparison, I think Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were better, because they... HalfLife2EpisodeOne"
    MrGrimm Aug 19, 09 11:23am
  • "very awesome game in the hl2 series.. a little short though.. HalfLife2EpisodeOne"
    doomsday440 May 31, 09 10:46pm
  • "Expansion on Half Life 2 with continued narrative of greatness. HalfLife2EpisodeOne"
    Twin_Master May 8, 09 7:34pm
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