Artirtico Hurricarno
Dec 24, 11 7:19pm
Artirtico Hurricarno
Dec 25, 10 6:58am

I suppose I should sign here too...meh...last person on the list! xD The Killers and Flynn suck big time!

Happy Christmas oh brother dearest...
Samkuro Hurricarno
Dec 24, 10 7:46am

Happy Holidays
Hope you have an awesome day, and a Happy New Year

from samkuro
Samkuro Hurricarno
Feb 14, 10 9:25am

Happy Valentines Day, whether you are a friend or something more, this is just to let you know that you're a good friend, and I am just spreading the love to all my awesome friends xD
from SammyBoy
Boo Hurricarno
Jan 18, 10 4:19am

You've been stamped, aren't you a lucky girl. =]
FourthBeat Hurricarno
Dec 24, 09 7:21pm

~ All the best,
Samkuro Hurricarno
Jul 25, 09 4:27am

Thankies for being a great neo friend
And look forward to many more fun times on Little Big Planet
FourthBeat Hurricarno
Apr 28, 09 1:23pm
King Chaz Hurricarno
Apr 28, 09 4:12am
Hey Hurri, Happy Birthday I hope you have a great one. =D

Need to chat to you more. =]

And my stamp.... ^^

Continue with the awesome TC's. =]

Boo Hurricarno
Dec 25, 08 5:51am

Merry Christmas and have a great new year!
Lots of loves, hugs and chistmas glomps from Boo. x

P.S ~ Don't get too drunk. (:
Artirtico Hurricarno
Dec 25, 08 4:28am
Woops! I just sent this to you by PM...clicked on the wrong button...Seems kinda pointless signing you but since you insist on me replying...

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

FourthBeat Hurricarno
Dec 25, 08 4:21am
Hey Hurricarno!
It's been a blast getting to know you [sorta!] in the team round and I look forward to working with you again in the future [:
Best of luck in the new year, from your biggest fan

Samkuro Hurricarno
Dec 23, 08 6:49am

From Samkuro
Samkuro Hurricarno
Dec 22, 08 7:33pm

Laterzz xD

Boo Hurricarno
Nov 25, 08 4:24am

Well you get a stamp back. I love your cute Vulpix banner, very cute.
You can make stamps in the same way you have with your Banner.

HilaryDuffGta Hurricarno
Oct 5, 08 5:23pm
hey man i saw you on the gta forum and i just thought i would sign ur guest book and say whats up and hit me up sometime if u want to chat via pm
Samkuro Hurricarno
Sep 5, 08 2:27am

I thought I would give you yet another stamp its my new one

Its amazing isn't it?? LOL


Samkuro Hurricarno
Sep 1, 08 11:15pm

Its ure first Guestbook entry
Have Fun At School Tomorrow