New Laptop for my Birthday! Just getting used to windows 8.... but I quite like it actually.... so far anyway.
What are you afraid of? and what are you made of? FLESH AND BONE!
.:I’m not sure how this natural selection picked me out to be a dark horse running in a fantasy:.
I'm not gonna let you Runaway!
I'll be there as soon as I can
Free from WB offer. So fun and so challenging. Smooth, clear and fast paced gameplay, with loads of content. Got the Platinum as well! WipeoutHD PS3
Such a great driving game. Massive variety because of Shift. Fun all round, and the Multiplayer is excellent. DriverSanFrancisco PC
Adds great new modes, tracks, and another campaign, so more to get into. WipeoutHDFury PS3
Free from WB offer. So fun and so challenging. Smooth, clear and fast paced gameplay, with loads of content. Multiplayer's great too. WipeoutHD PS3
Played after UC2. Again great story, environments, graphics. Less replay value without Multiplayer, but a very solid game. UnchartedDrakesFortune PS3
Epic game. Fantastic story, graphics, environments, characters, multiplayer. Must be my most played PS3 game. Multiplayer's too addicting. Uncharted2AmongThieves PS3
Similar to previous TR's really. Great looking environments. good gameplay, however pretty short, and story didn't draw me in much. TombRaiderUnderworld PC
Loads of new options, with addicting challenges and wishes. Shame there's no story as it just gets a bit boring at times. TheSims3 PC
Really immersive world, with 1000's of hours playtime to be had. great looking as well. A bit too daunting at times to know where to go next TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
Massive environments, with good looking graphics, and great thunderstorms! Awful voice acting and characters, but pretty good overall. TestDriveUnlimited2 PC
Great nostalgia after playing on Dreamcast years ago. Fun, and challenging to complete fully. Bad voice acting, but epic at the same time. SonicAdventure X360
Free from WB offer. Very short, but a good filler. Great gameplay, and nice looking areas. not great replay value however. RatchetandClankFutureQuestForBooty PS3
An enjoyable racing take on LBP. Easy controls and simple to play. Great track creator. Can't seem to get back into it though. ModNationRacers PS3


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