Apr 27, 13 7:39pm
New Laptop for my Birthday! Just getting used to windows 8.... but I quite like it actually.... so far anyway.
Sep 26, 12 3:05pm
What are you afraid of? and what are you made of? FLESH AND BONE!
Sep 26, 12 3:04pm
.:I’m not sure how this natural selection picked me out to be a dark horse running in a fantasy:.
Jul 11, 12 2:21pm
I'm not gonna let you Runaway!
Jun 30, 12 5:06pm
Mar 22, 12 3:32pm
I'll be there as soon as I can
Oct 3, 11 1:36pm
Free from WB offer. So fun and so challenging. Smooth, clear and fast paced gameplay, with loads of content. Got the Platinum as well! WipeoutHD
Sep 10, 11 1:54pm
Such a great driving game. Massive variety because of Shift. Fun all round, and the Multiplayer is excellent. DriverSanFrancisco
Aug 22, 11 4:30pm
Best R RatchetandClankFutureACrackInTime
Aug 22, 11 4:28pm
Adds great new modes, tracks, and another campaign, so more to get into. WipeoutHDFury
Aug 22, 11 4:27pm
Free from WB offer. So fun and so challenging. Smooth, clear and fast paced gameplay, with loads of content. Multiplayer's great too. WipeoutHD
Aug 22, 11 4:25pm
Played after UC2. Again great story, environments, graphics. Less replay value without Multiplayer, but a very solid game. UnchartedDrakesFortune
Aug 22, 11 4:24pm
Epic game. Fantastic story, graphics, environments, characters, multiplayer. Must be my most played PS3 game. Multiplayer's too addicting. Uncharted2AmongThieves
Aug 22, 11 4:23pm
Similar to previous TR's really. Great looking environments. good gameplay, however pretty short, and story didn't draw me in much. TombRaiderUnderworld
Aug 22, 11 4:22pm
Loads of new options, with addicting challenges and wishes. Shame there's no story as it just gets a bit boring at times. TheSims3
Aug 22, 11 4:21pm
Really immersive world, with 1000's of hours playtime to be had. great looking as well. A bit too daunting at times to know where to go next TheElderScrolls4Oblivion
Aug 22, 11 4:19pm
Massive environments, with good looking graphics, and great thunderstorms! Awful voice acting and characters, but pretty good overall. TestDriveUnlimited2
Aug 22, 11 4:18pm
Great nostalgia after playing on Dreamcast years ago. Fun, and challenging to complete fully. Bad voice acting, but epic at the same time. SonicAdventureDXDirectorsCut
Aug 22, 11 4:17pm
Free from WB offer. Very short, but a good filler. Great gameplay, and nice looking areas. not great replay value however. RatchetandClankFutureQuestForBooty
Aug 22, 11 4:14pm
An enjoyable racing take on LBP. Easy controls and simple to play. Great track creator. Can't seem to get back into it though. ModNationRacers
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