Hello! My name is Huntereb, at least on this website it says that.

The only platforms I currently use for gaming are PC, Wii U and 3DS. I have an XBox all plugged in and ready, but XBox's suck. I'm on Wii U and 3DS for the same reason anyone else is at the moment, for the exclusive first-party games. I'm also a part of the first homebrew being available on the 3DS, and I'm waiting for RAM editing to come into play (For cheating, obviously).

I prefer PC over any home console everyday. I am currently holding onto a nice little laptop with an "OK" dedicated graphics card, it may not be the best, but it plays most new games at low-medium graphics very well. I also have a beefed-up home computer that I tend to play a lot more, because it can play anything I throw at it at "Better than Next-Gen" graphics.

That's it I guess.