quote dragonseeker
The real question is "why would I spend 70 dollars on a ps4 or xbox one game...
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quote XxSkelterXx
Why would i get a game for the Wii u when my Ps4/Xbox one/Ps3/or 360 play it...
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quote ted2643
Have you not heard sony saying this is probably the last console generation as we...
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quote bluexy
Huntereb Nintendo had a lot of confidence in their game and decided to let...
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quote Lukas
because they're too stupid to know what really appeals to them.
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quote DXD
Games are all about fun and functionality, and you don't need to be murdering prostitutes...
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quote DXD
That never seemed to be a problem for Activision or Disney. The consumers eat this kind...
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I guess they changed the Art Style back, I remember this game looking like it was going to be much... read more

quote bluexy
Huntereb Yar, I'll bet it comes to PC after a bit of exclusivity.
Perhaps it isn't as... read more

Wow, this is a surprise. This actually makes me want to buy an XBone!

And I can start using my 360 again! read more

quote Pokemonmaster_Blaze
I suddenly feel like I need an Xbox One...
Suddenly I don't. read more

Finally some video, thanks guys!

Also, this shit is so alpha looking (With the no sound and all).... read more

Ew, no thanks. More kiddie shit to make the console look like a baby toy. read more