Just a little more and it will be worth buying.

No, never mind. I still don't want it. read more

quote bluexy
DedValve I am so utterly terrified of playing scary games on the Rift. I'll make sure...
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added Squiggly as a friend

Too expensive for me, even though I want to try these so hella-bad.

Also, not enough game support,... read more

This game is a total fail, who the hell actually wanted to purchase this crap? read more

quote jpjventer
I am So disappointed in you Microsoft so, so disappointed
I've been saying already... read more

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Derp, sorry. I meant multiple GPUs, not multi-core CPUs. Not sure how that slipped...
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As for this game, I've never played it. A ton of people at... read more

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What do you f's expect? Really?
Good gameplay to counter it's hideous artwork and graphics. read more

quote Eiche
But it's not even out yet...

And just because it's a light-hearted game makes it...
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quote Huntereb
This game looks boring, I won't be getting it.
I played through the first 4 levels of... read more

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Did they? I'm just going off of what our article says.
I might be thinking of DX 11.2... read more

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true legit Tripple buffering, and don't restrict it to Win 8/9 please.
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Get mad scammers, I'm welcoming this motion with open arms. read more