Man, this is terrible... We'll have to wait 10 days... read more

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No one used it, so it's no wonder they pulled the plug on it. Good riddance. read more

quote PikaPower
Can someone explain this to me? I own Animal Crossing: New Leaf. But I already own...
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quote Creation
"Free download"
Even if I didn't have a copy of the game, I'd still pass on this....
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quote Tommy Vercetti
Wouldn't the 1 make the command useless, since the Xbox One wouldn't recognize...
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"Move out of the way XBoxTurnOff1!!"

"Oh noooo! Stop listening! Stop listening!!" read more

quote Petzrule
Shame it's a digital download copy of Titanfall, not a physical copy though. That...
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quote Tommy Vercetti
quote DedValve
No titanfall controller?
It was either the controller or the...
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I wonder if this is any hint to what the actual price of the console is, if they're willing to put... read more

quote KrystalDark
So Diddy has finger nails now.
Better graphics lets Nintendo experiment with what used to be boxy stubs! read more

Did we get a report on Neoseeker of Little Mac being a character? He fits the genre perfectly, but... read more

Amazingly, this is the kind of game I'd be willing to play. Too bad I have no money at the moment,... read more

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Of course they included a doll. Why is she even holding that thing?
To make the... read more

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This is sexist and I do not approve. Elitism at it's worst.
Yeah, why can't a man... read more

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that's why we all try to live a long and healthy life mate. to kick some sense into...
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quote S-I-E
hold on there! PC's used to be that kind of joke too. a glorified telefax with a single...
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Well at least Nintendo has sold a good amount.
I was joking, of course. read more

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Console gaming was the most recent victim of the death prediction thanks to it...
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