If you guys re-watch the Pokemon trailer, one stage hasn't been announced yet. It was the Elite... read more

quote GameOver
Hopefully, he is terrible in the air.
I know, but powerful ground moves and... read more

I remember asking why they didn't replace Lucario with someone like Greninja a little while ago,... read more

quote bbb7002004
They just had a massive blowout of MK8 info hit the web yesterday, tons of new...
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Moar news on MK8 pls. SSB can wait in my book.

Would love somore character announcements for SSB, though. read more

added MONACO (PC) to his own list

Looks like a clone of Roku, except more expensive. *bleep* this shit, it'll never take off. read more

quote Aurigae
Hmmm... I am still a bit iffy about this game. I am not 100% keen on the Mario series...
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quote Enth
Having said all that though, when I do eventually buy a Wii U (once MK8 is out) I may...
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quote Enth
Not to mention the Wii U virtual console is getting DS games soon too...
Which is another... read more

quote Enth
It's still annoying that they're only doing this to gain some popularity for the Wii U...
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I thought this was just going to be some generically bad game, but I've been proven wrong by that trailer! read more

quote DedValve
This is pretty awful, people will give you negative rep just for beating them in...
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quote bbb7002004
Lots of people don't like the idea of stealing stuff, probably.
Good point. The... read more

I still don't see why you would buy a Gameboy Advance game for the Wii U when you can play them on... read more

quote bluexy
Hopefully it's straight forward enough and no one ends up without a game that wanted...
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