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You do know that Steam takes a cut of share just like Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo,Apple,...
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quote Gamesta100
PC gets more exclusives than all consoles combined. So by your logic you must just...
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quote ashantiqua
Something about this game and its hype is insulting.

Might be that dynasty warriors...
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quote Rendan
Ah exclusives.....the perfect way to alienate gamers everywhere
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quote surfer1020
I'm tempted to get those Delivery Pikachu items but then I found out that they...
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Why are the screenshots way bigger than the actual resolution of a 3DS screen? read more

added SpaceChem (PC) to his own list
added Dino D-Day (PC) to his own list

quote Heartlesswithaheart
As much as I'd love Persona 3 and Etrian Odyssey to be one, I'm passing...
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I would go if I didn't live on the other side of the United States, and if I had money. read more

Patents are the reason technology advances at the incredibly slow rate it does. We were supposed... read more

"Hey guys, wanna go play with me on my Wii U?"

"What? No way, that things a child's toy."

This would... read more

quote Captain Nerditude
How the heck to they come up with this stuff?! It's freakin' hilarious! XD
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quote DedValve
How time consuming & expensive is it to make an animation of this quality in Source...
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This is cool, I already have a Shiny one so I'll be sure to port him over. read more