*bleep*! God damn baby characters!


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quote Stitch
I notice Stitch, and a possible Mark Hamill as Modok? :3
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quote Symphonic Abyss
For the record, I still want to see Nabbit.
Even though I really hope he isn't... read more

quote Akira_EX
What if the new data isn't ready to go yet when they print the cartridges?
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quote Akira_EX
Of course, none of us knows exactly what will happen because the game hasn't...
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quote Fortitudo
And the Day 1 DLC that they could of just added onto the disc instead of asked us...
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*bleep* this shit, who cares? Why would someone pay 6 bucks to play as a golden statue of Mario? read more

quote DedValve
Elite 4 stage, dianthas room. FINALLY we get an Elite 4 Champeon stage (although to...
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If you guys re-watch the Pokemon trailer, one stage hasn't been announced yet. It was the Elite... read more

quote GameOver
Hopefully, he is terrible in the air.
I know, but powerful ground moves and... read more

I remember asking why they didn't replace Lucario with someone like Greninja a little while ago,... read more