I got 4 codes in my Email. Sold 3 on another forum for TF2 items, what a steal. read more

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quote DarkBlade725
Is there any information of the PS4 release?
PS4 and the console's ain't gettin'... read more

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Actually, The Sims 4 isn't available for Mac anywhere right now, with no immediate...
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An exclusive port is bullshit. I could download and play it on my Wii right now if I wanted to. read more


EDIT: A few of the screenshots show off some of the tracks. Some notable one's appear to be... read more

There are 5 slots left on that grid. Who might they be? read more

This has to be real, too much work was put into the videos made of it. read more

quote Xperious
What makes you say the graphics look mediocre? They look like the best graphics in...
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Still not a fan of the mediocre graphics, but the games themselves are fantastic so that doesn't matter. read more

They may make a lot of these games, but it's clear that they try really hard when they do. This... read more

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Ah exclusives.....the perfect way to alienate gamers everywhere
"Damn PC exclusives! Ruining gaming!" read more

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...OR are self righteous for no other reason than to be self righteousness.

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You do know that Steam takes a cut of share just like Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo,Apple,...
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PC gets more exclusives than all consoles combined. So by your logic you must just...
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Something about this game and its hype is insulting.

Might be that dynasty warriors...
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