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because Xbox one is boosting it's pixels and by god it's better then porn.
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quote ashantiqua
I don't get this whole GPU / resolution dick waving contest. why doesn't everyone...
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This is *bleep*ing stupid. I mean, I guess it's okay since it's free, but why? read more

quote dragonseeker
The real question is "why would I spend 70 dollars on a ps4 or xbox one game...
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quote XxSkelterXx
Why would i get a game for the Wii u when my Ps4/Xbox one/Ps3/or 360 play it...
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quote ted2643
Have you not heard sony saying this is probably the last console generation as we...
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Huntereb Nintendo had a lot of confidence in their game and decided to let...
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quote Lukas
because they're too stupid to know what really appeals to them.
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